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Name: Download D4 short Lawn
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Dartz4
Version: 04-Nov-2008
Released: 04-Nov-2008
TMX id: 548905
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 32,190
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:33.87   fury90+ 0:00.0032,190
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0:33.94   TimeBreaker+ 0:00.0731,790
0:34.05   ANE.Gman+ 0:00.1831,163
0:34.19   GueLLe|is out 4ever!+ 0:00.3230,365
0:34.46   Quat+ 0:00.5928,825
0:35.01   Cocktail.afc+ 0:01.1425,689
0:35.26   ultimo+ 0:01.3924,263
0:35.26   BluEjAck+ 0:01.3924,263
0:35.46   Natzke+ 0:01.5923,123
0:36.22   »Flo.F®+ 0:02.3518,789
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Author Comments

-- short Lawn --

Hey folks,
welcome to my scond track of the short-series. It's called as i intended it: I wanted to make a compact and easy track for easy server with some gras-parts and slides after. It should be flowy without making it too difficult to reach for the finish. Everybody should be able to finish it after the first run.

I hope you will enjoy this mini. Please give it a try!

Some pieces of information about the track:

- easy and compact mini-tech
- drop and slides
- reusal
- 80% street, 20% gras
- Intro
- Outro
- GPS-race
- AntiCut - not necessary
- Authormedal: 34.89
- good for rec-hunt and online

Bigger Screen: 1280x1024
Wallpaper (no fent): 1280x1024


Win coppers:
1st: 1000 C.
2nd: 666 C.
3rd: 333 C.
Competitions end: november 11th 08

Have fun and good luck


I hope you will enjoy and pls leave a replay behind. I am looking forward to your comments, replays and maybe awards

- Dartz4

also try:

D4 shortTech by   Dartz4

User Comments
Showing 9 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Dartz4 04-Nov-2008
Please leave a replay behind

Thanks guys for nice awards and nice replays. I will write some lines tomorrow to you, that's great support here
Another good lap from you womble.
  ANE.Gman 05-Nov-2008
i can find another .20 but last death corner catches me out...
if im beaten il go forthe 33
  GueLLe|is out 4ever! 05-Nov-2008
i hope ill beat u xD
  ANE.Gman 05-Nov-2008
oh its.. oooon

EDIT: ive got a feeling GULLE has beaten my time but isnt uploading it till tomoz xD

EDIT: do i win
or does the comp end tonight ???
  Dartz4 15-Nov-2008
Yeah, you win. Just tell me your login
  ANE.Gman 16-Nov-2008
  Dartz4 18-Nov-2008
Hehe, nice ingame

I can't even express it
  TimeBreaker 21-Mar-2009
Theres like 3/10 more in, I didn't want to risk too much at the end, so I lost some time there as well

powned, wombie ;D
  Dartz4 21-Mar-2009
WooooW, wtf replay
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User Awards
Showing 13 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   ultimo 04-Nov-2008
Difficult to handle, but very nice
User Award   Quat 04-Nov-2008
great shorty
good flow
great drifts ´n slides

User Award   Tim 04-Nov-2008
Nice nice nice nice...fife hours later...nice nice nice xD
for ou Dartz
User Award   INSAnE_NL 04-Nov-2008
good tech
nice flow
User Award   BluEjAck 04-Nov-2008
wow this is a pretty nice tech track
for tech noob like me
i like it
great job m8

User Award   GueLLe|is out 4ever! 04-Nov-2008
very very nice dartz
so great flow
deserves Much more awards

User Award   ANE.Gman 04-Nov-2008
Nice track
Good rec hunter
my wrist hurts
nice flow and very challeging turns
The last turn is a killer...

Good work
User Award   Mr.Brow 04-Nov-2008
Awesome Tech
Awesome Offroad
Awesome Jumps And Drops
Awesome Track
Big from me

User Award   matto 05-Nov-2008
I don't love mini tracks, though this one is really cute. It's full of challenging corners, but is easy and funny to drive too. The layout is just brilliant and the MT-work nice, good work.
User Award   Natzke 20-Nov-2008
Cool track m8
Smashing curves
Marvelous flow
Amazing drops
Awesome transitions

User Award   TimeBreaker 21-Mar-2009
This track is not as good as the others I think, it is really cool for sure, but it is not as perfect, "just" a very good track xD. Sounds weird, and I don't really know why. Start is cool, the first slide rocks, the one is really weird at first but after some time I really loved it. The drop is very weird and the upcoming turn can be really hard and frustrating (I guess this is the reason why I didnt LOVE the track as the others), but still fun of course. The grasspart is fine, maybe a bit too easy, the turn right after was nice, though the green stuff made me hit the bend several times, it was weird. The last turn was just great, cool finishjump. So yes, a really cool track anyways, I just expect insanely much from great authors like you, and the track is still awesome and didnt disappoint me, so well done !! - oh yeah, the outro was cool btw.

User Award   fury90 15-Aug-2009
nice track
User Award   Cocktail.afc 08-Sep-2012
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