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Name: Download Quality & Quantity
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   mr.hubby
Version: 12-May-2013
TMX id: 5490887
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 25,031
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:48.03   Elite.Air+ 0:00.0025,031
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0:48.14   Quat+ 0:00.1124,687
0:48.14   vladi+ 0:00.1124,687
0:48.20   MR+ 0:00.1724,499
0:48.76   Energy-Sonic+ 0:00.7322,748
0:50.67   vsp.Maxou+ 0:02.6416,776
0:51.43   Lovva+ 0:03.4014,399
0:51.75   candidatus+ 0:03.7213,399
0:52.16   Agidd+ 0:04.1312,117
0:52.18   Varkensrollade+ 0:04.1512,054
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Author Comments


Hello Trackmania-world,
it has almost been 4 months since I have released a new tmx-track (tournament tracks do not count as that). I have actually built a lot in those 4 months but I've never had the power to complete them with scenery and/or mt to make them releaseable. So, why was I able to finish this one? I was able because it is a special track - a dedication. It is a tribute, as you might have already guessed by its name, to Quat. The reason why I dedicate a track to him is actually explained in its ttile: Quality & Quantity. His tracks have always been very inspirational and extraordinary much fun to hunt. He is able to combine blocks in such a fresh way that it's almost true creativity. Don get me wrong, it is creativity but not the creativity (like new transitions) that most on here want to see. I barely remember a track of him which havent had at least 2 slides or ideas that just stunned me by the simplycity and by the fact that I've never thought of them even though I've always enjoyed the classy combinations more. And after driving Mind Heist and millenium of him, I decided to build a track for him simply because he is along with wally and cranberries the last tech genius on this site. Besides, I admire that he is able to remain this ability throughout all of his tracks (I mainly talk about those from 2011 on though) and I can barely remember a week or two where I look at the botw and there was no new Quat tech. Thus, thank you mate for being such an inspiration, addictive trackbuilder and also I very friendly guy. I know we havent spoken that much but you've always been helpful and created some very nice screens for me. It is kinda sad though, that we just werent able to finish our duo :-). Anyway, after explaining why I built this track, I want to say a few words about the track itself. I really tried to find combinations which I havent used in my tracks or seen in your tracks, yet the track ended up a bit to hard (i just love it that way) than a usual Quat track would be. The track is about 47-49 seconds long with rather much speed - Yes, I wanted to try a slower speedtech track to challenge my building skills. To finish the track you need an intermidiate driving skill but when you drive closer to the edge you might need expert skills. It has a light scenery in which I tried to include some eye-catching combination in order to make the driver forget about the light scenery. Apart from that, I also tried to only use a few scenery pieces and combine them in many nice ways to create an unique atmosphere. After all, Im very very satisfied with it and Im very satisfied about the mt too. I hadnt done any mediatracker work in a long time and I wasnt really sure how it would turn out but I tried a second time to include ghost and three slow cams and I really like it. The GPS is made in Quat style to connect his track to mine, hihihi. Last but not least, I have to thank Ornaiim. for creating this amazing screen which should be a mix between the overview Quat screen style and a special touch by ornaiim. After this long and boring text I hope you excited to try this track and leave some helpful feedback for me, submit a replay or even award the track and of course I especially hope that you, Quat, enjoy the track.


User Comments
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  mr.hubby 12-May-2013
have fun
  Benbe.xT 12-May-2013
  jkl' 12-May-2013
What programms do you use to make those screenshots:D
  .dreamy 12-May-2013
wow ornaiim!
it's photoshop.
  vneck 12-May-2013
not more like .... quatity?
  mr.hubby 12-May-2013
I thought about it but after all i find quatity as boring as quatilicious.. :-)
  Quat 12-May-2013
  vneck 12-May-2013
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Quat 12-May-2013

wow, thanks so much for this great track. i´m happy to hear that my tracks were kinda "inspiring" and "unique", because that´s what i want to achieve with my tracks. especially today, since most of the techbuilders are gone, it´s important for me to keep this "oldschool-style" alive. but well, i don´t want to talk too much about myself ..
i really like the track; the mix between the tight first half and the flowy second one feels nice. as you already mentioned in the ac, you´ve created some unusual stuff, i haven´t seen in your tracks before. two other things i really appreciate, are the the grass-part and the roof-top towards the end. that´s something which was quite normal, earlier in tm-days, but it seems to be underestimated these days. since there isn´t any remarkable bug-part, the track is very nice and enjoyable to hunt.
all in all, i want to thank you another time, i feel very honoured to receive this tribute and maybe we will finish another duo one day

User Award 12-May-2013
yea hubby
rare to see such a great techy these days since many techbuilders left and plenty of fullspeeders remained. in addition i want to attach that quat totally deserves this tribute. title fits perfectly
hugs and kisses
User Award   MR 12-May-2013
Quantity tricky parts and a high quality track
User Award   DisGo.esu 12-May-2013
this is truely awesome. x)
so flowy, so fresh, so great!
User Award   vneck 12-May-2013
perfectly calculated and ultra-well folwy, def. a fun ride
User Award   Pi malun 14-May-2013
Very nice flowy Track!
I made a video here!
User Award   "Dawe. 15-May-2013
well, this is great stuff
User Award   Energy-Sonic 19-May-2013
n1 well deserved
User Award   Elite.Air 22-May-2013
good one
User Award   vladi 29-May-2013
Finally, a good tech map here in PlayPal. I do not mind this oldschool style, everything is well calculated. Nice job!
User Award   candidatus 11-Jun-2013
Like it Nice
User Award   wormi 11-Jun-2013

Nothing special in mind to say. Just worth of an award
User Award   trackracer11 13-Jun-2013
Fun speedtech track that's also quite addictive. The turns were well-calculated, and the map was diverse and fun.

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