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Name: Download ESL - NutCracker
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Phyter
Version: 23-Jun-2013
TMX id: 5536969
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 25,598
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
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0:58.43   dignitas/Carl ...+ 0:00.0025,598
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0:58.58   KarjeN+ 0:00.1525,203
0:58.60   GooX+ 0:00.1725,151
0:58.66   alexlemia13+ 0:00.2324,993
0:58.70   pacman08+ 0:00.2724,888
0:58.78   »RtA«wally+ 0:00.3524,678
0:58.90   racehans+ 0:00.4724,362
0:58.91   bleck+ 0:00.4824,336
0:58.91   /// Tomsen.xT+ 0:00.4824,336
0:58.96   Fragius+ 0:00.5324,204
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Author Comments

Map chosen for CPS11 Finals.

gl & hf

Thanks to my buddy Shortz for this genius screen
Bigger Screen !

User Comments
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  Phyter 24-Jun-2013
Couldn't get out these white holes nevermind Tried to make a real expert track with that rest of blocks
  »RtA«wally 24-Jun-2013
You can get rid of the white holes by placing a simple road block (2-1-1) under it, before doing the blockmix
  Phyter 24-Jun-2013
Thx wally
  paiN 24-Jun-2013
I don't get why you had to place so many blockmixed poles and stuff in the map, it's already awesome without all the "scenery" (if you wanna call it that)
  MnM|nevermind' 24-Jun-2013
what wally said, or a dirt tile
works for any block that is not higher than the bm-ed block
  paxmower_ 24-Jun-2013
soo..lets try to stay calm:
in general i used to like your maps. addictive speed-tech...
but i just can't believe this one.
first i discovered there are some blockmix-ring cp's.... in my oppinion they are pretty bad, since the black lil parts are still on the road and if you get too close to it, you just flip out of the map. alright...avoid those things. no problem
after some runs i tried to have a nice finish... its possible, yes. but dafuq...that slowdown ain't funny anymore. fine.. so its a hard map just then. (it's fine to have some hard maps in the final mappack these days. so i guess we consider this as "hard and tricky" )

but lets make those things worse:
what could be worse? ... maybe something you cant even see? bingo
there is a fucking invisible blockmix thing right after a turn, where you try to get speed out of it...

its its hard to find that thing for you as a mapper. but the hell...this is a map for the final pack. at least the esl-admins should test this shit, even more when there is a black part of the cp right next to it...
whatever.. all of those little things bring me to a point where the map makes no fun anymore.
  MnM | Revii 24-Jun-2013
+1 pax
  Phyter 24-Jun-2013
jup thats a hard spot pax but it's an esl map the pros drive here so i guess it's ok to have some tricky spots for final in it <3
  NrjZ 25-Jun-2013
So ESL is only for pros? Are you kidding? What about noobs...
  Phyter 25-Jun-2013
Hehe not only but it doesn't hurt to build a hard compact track for it, that's all.
  Curto.xT 25-Jun-2013
Have to agree with all these blockmixing comments, there's just no need for most of it as far as I can see. Decent map tho
  Phyter 25-Jun-2013
nice Run alex
  Erizel (brutal) 27-Jun-2013
Really nooby and idiotic use of blockmix. Map's great but the bm destroys it. Way to go (:
  matto 27-Jun-2013
This must be a joke, really. The track isn't particularly hard, at all. I know ESL tracks have been easier and easier over the years, but this is perfectly fine. Anyway, most of ESWC tracks are harder than this. And now all this mess for some ugly blockmix, when all I've seen for 3 years or so is a massive tsunami of messed up BMed tracks, but apparently nobody has ever felt the urge to cry about that, I wonder why.
Phyter, my opinion is: the track is cool. Not your best, not my favourite, but it's good.
  maks92rus 30-Jun-2013
your map is nice .
but i cant understand why it has so stupid FS finich
  niklas_2011 12-Jul-2013
Uber sick Carl
  legigantesqueelephant 02-Jun-2014
its my favorite esl map, i want do dedi one day on this map and do a replay in the top 10 tmx of this map.
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User Awards
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User Award   Railag 23-Jun-2013
User Award   Ruva 24-Jun-2013
Nice ideas
User Award   MnM|nevermind' 24-Jun-2013
way too much and ugly BM, but map is cool and addictive
User Award   JohN.pbj 24-Jun-2013
User Award   paiN 24-Jun-2013
This map is awesome and very addictive! tho the blockmix is really unnecessary

Good job
User Award   th0r 24-Jun-2013
very good
User Award   BX3 beat 24-Jun-2013
no bugparts.. already enough to deserve my award this season
good flow and some challenging corners
User Award   wormi 24-Jun-2013
Ugliest CPS map ever. But partly very entertaining what becomes to driving it.
User Award   Fragius 24-Jun-2013
User Award   Lundstrm 25-Jun-2013
User Award   EpiK :) 25-Jun-2013
Love it, despite all those wtf blockmixes ^^
User Award   Bat ! 25-Jun-2013
Fast and original, I'm not a fan of BM but it's still ok here.
User Award   acorn.bart 25-Jun-2013
User Award   »RtA«wally 27-Jun-2013
Good one <3
...only BM
User Award   tomczan 29-Jun-2013
User Award   maks92rus 30-Jun-2013
exept finish part
User Award   KarjeN 30-Jun-2013
hidden behind many bugs is a great flow
User Award   LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°) 01-Jan-2014
awesome to know my best autor in tmnf still makeing maps...
this one is such a phyter style...big big
User Award   legigantesqueelephant 04-Jul-2016
nice map.
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