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Name: Download Earthshine
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SapphiroN
Version: 28-Jun-2013
TMX id: 5543083
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 68,002
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
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0:57.28   nevermind+ 0:00.1367,074
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0:57.68   pascow.esu+ 0:00.5364,218
0:57.78   xxlr8+ 0:00.6363,504
0:57.82   Joost»LT+ 0:00.6763,218
0:57.84   Sky.esu+ 0:00.6963,075
0:57.85   'Twister+ 0:00.7063,004
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Author Comments

Earthshine - The Land of Diversion

Guys it's time to get excited: I proudly present my first modern full track project in a long time.

What style is it? You tell me. I have mixed all the major normal track styles - dirt, fullspeed and platformer - while having the mechanics of a high velocity speedtech. The result is an extraordinary driving experience which is at the same time very huntable yet heavily focused on design.

Earthshine takes a full minute to drive through, making it the longest drivable track of mine in Nations Forever. The length was a natural result of me wanting to make the track look as complete as possible, filling the entire stadium.

The design is what really makes this track: having the idea to create an extremely varied track in a dirt valley was a vision I've had for a longer while, and with this track I finally fulfilled it. The height changes constantly as does the surface. It's action packed to say the least.

The outfit of this track was an old concept of mine, mixing the most vibrant colors of the game, green and orange. You couldn't ask for a more colorful scenery, it feels quite urban while having the organic feel from the surrounding dirt. 4554 coppers should not cause you too much trouble as it is spread to a large area.

This track was heavily inspired by an ambient music duo called Carbon Based Lifeforms. I recommend you put this song in the background as you breeze through the track. Catches the atmosphere I tried to create.

Thank you Sàmµel for this amazing screenie. Thank you Joost and Zogger for beta-testing.

Have a good one.

User Comments
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  SapphiroN 28-Jun-2013
This track is not a fullspeed hunter.
  alchemY 28-Jun-2013
god, this screen is epic
  'Twister 28-Jun-2013
  pascow.esu 28-Jun-2013
This looks promising We've been waiting long enough for another sapph-track
  ZoggeR 28-Jun-2013
feq u wy dunt i git ai link 2 mai account paeg
  .nixx 28-Jun-2013
Quote ...
This track is not a fullspeed hunter

related to my series or in general?
  SapphiroN 28-Jun-2013
In general. No personal attack.
  wormi 28-Jun-2013
Quote ...
feq u wy dunt i git ai link 2 mai account paeg

u suk zog

sapph u y no MX
  .nixx 28-Jun-2013
ah kk was just scare because you say the name of my series
  SapphiroN 28-Jun-2013
Quote ...
sapph u y no MX

Just wait you slimy earthling.
  Hitchy 28-Jun-2013
start is random rest is kinda good
  wormi 29-Jun-2013
My award may sound harsh, but I just mean that there is not real dirt or fs included. Everything important is about speed-tech here, even though it truly has influences from offroad and fullspeed maps ^^
  SapphiroN 29-Jun-2013
To be precise I never claimed it was truly any of those genres. The emphasis has always been on the speed-tech, I even worded my first version of AC like "it has elements from these genres". Don't make it a big hazzle, I know very well it's actually not all of the genres at the same time.
  wormi 30-Jun-2013
Good, because from you AC it looks a bit different at first ^^ Nothing wrong with it though, it's a great map.
  candidatus 19-Dec-2013
The most confusing track I have ever tried
  SapphiroN 19-Dec-2013
In that case you haven't seen a lot of tracks.
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User Awards
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User Award   uetzer|R4a 02-Jul-2013
WoW! oO

User Award   ZoggeR 02-Jul-2013
I actually don't know what to say in my award here since I betatested this track and you already know my opinion;
but I guess you deserve some more words, so...
The Scenery: ofc, it's brilliant in its combination of different colors and variation of blocks. What bugged me a bit was that you added hardly anything at those wide road parts which makes it look a bit empty imo, but that's my personal opinion
The track: an extremely fun and sophisticated mixture of styles; ok maybe not mixture but you catch my drift. I totally love that road bump jump where you need airbrake btw , it has such an amazing dynamic which is emphasized by being lifted to dirt which is built higher, it just feels great!
The rest: I like! I even watched the Intro, looking cool etc. Oh and that Screenshot is beautiful, good job with picking samuel there

So. fak u and

User Award   .nixx 03-Jul-2013
I really like the atmosphere here
User Award 03-Jul-2013
i would love to drive this one but unfortunately it's too big for my laptop to handle, though i watched a replay several times and i feel able to assess this.
i think it's really invigorating. and as already mentioned you used many different tracks which makes it very varied. good job
User Award   Dule 03-Jul-2013
I don't even know what to write. Just... take it: .
User Award   Kumpelblase 03-Jul-2013
really nice although some slides are a bit weird and unusual ^^
User Award   nevermind 05-Jul-2013
At first I really disliked it, since the transitions are quite annoying, but with a bit of practice(1-2 hours) you get the hang of it.
Map itself is quite cool, some nice combos and a good looking scenery. My biggest frustration was hunting it honestly, since there are some less calculated parts, like that drop into road before last platform part, I almost fly over the piece of road, since the turn before can be sometimes done fs. Anyway, all in all is a good map.
User Award   sj@tmn 09-Jul-2013
Not 100% sure about the slides on the trackparts, but your combinations between dirt and platform are brilliant.

User Award   Didi|R4a 27-Jul-2013
amazing track with great creativity. keep that going
User Award   - ziE @ RIP TM <3 05-Sep-2013
I'm not really sure of what to think about this.

It's highly experimental, and has a very distinct SapphiroN-feel to it. The start is excellent, though it takes some getting used to and the transitions from dirt to platform and vice versa are without a doubt flawless. The usage of colour and clear differentiation between the various parts of the track make for a flow which is far beyond what I've seen around TMX right now. Of course, you were always a master of the editor but your product stands out even more in dire times, such as this one.

While I must say that I had a really hard time finding the "flow" of the map, by this I am referring to when to slide, where to slide and how to slide, given the very many open curves that you can easily take in fullspeed followed by curves of the same structure needing a slide, you have done an excellent job at showing where the car is meant to go in terms of signs. This is also something that is rarely seen around anymore, and on the hours I have spent in game recently most of them have been trying to make my way to the next part of the track, only to have to restart due to the lack of clear directives.

All in all, it's a track worth its award for it's experimental style and it's a push in the right direction. I just wish there was a clearer way of figuring out how to drive it from the first run.
User Award   scale 22-Oct-2013
User Award   JakeRay 25-Nov-2013

This shit right here. This is the pinnacle of all good.
The mediatracker may not be amazing, and the scenery isn't plenty; but the track - damn.
The track itself is one golden bag of delicious treats. Creative, original and well placed transitions, and just the perfect selection of scenery to make the perfect atmosphere for a long hunt.
The amazing part is, I never get bored. I could literally play this one for days. Even though I've made an okay record, it is not justified for the amount of pleasure I get from driving this. It's definitely going on my most favourite list of tracks, you can count on that! Now you've got 2 tracks placed in my heart, Sphere and this one.

Yep, I'm out - or ingame racing this track.

User Award   .Henk« 28-Nov-2013
...nothing more to say
User Award   "Dawe. 03-Jan-2014
no words, just incredible
User Award   Etidu 14-Jul-2014
Splendid track. Great stuff everywhere, nice re-use, beautiful scenery (I especially like how you make obstacles with scenery). The airbreak thing and the very end are cleverly made.
User Award   xxlr8 17-Jan-2020
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