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Name: Download IBC| Reversed Horizon
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   kill.evil
Version: 07-Aug-2013
TMX id: 5590305
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,509
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:58.79   kill.evil+ 0:00.009,509
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1:56.59   cranberries+ 0:57.800
1:00.24   shortz.esu+ 0:01.45-
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Author Comments


About the screen, if someone can do another one for me, it could be nice, I start a screen compo for this track, with 1 000 cc + showcase of one of your track

I'm proudly showing nox my lastest track, built for Individual Building Challenge

This contest is about a challenge/person. I was really interessed by this new kind of contest, so I decided to participe at it. This is the first time I build a track for a competition which isn't about rpg , and it's my first track which isn't rpg/trial or long stunt^^
So, it is totaly new for me to build a track like this, and I hope this entry isn't so bad :>

Some facts:

Style: Not really fs but maybe FS/Stunt
Lenght: My AT is about 1:09 (used 1 resp way *shame*), best time possible is arround 50sec
Difficult: First time it's hard to get Forward to Backward and Backward to Forward, but after some train the track is'nt so hard, so difficult is about Intermediate/Expert
Coppers: 4510
Mood: Sunset
Respawn way: Yes
MT: Little intro with few effect, GPS + ghosts showing respawn way
Building time: ~60hours

About the name of the track: As my challenge meant, I had to use 3* 3sections to do in backward, so I finnaly found the name "Reversed Horizon", hope isn't too bad

Originally posted by Sky.' ...

1. Reversed Technology

Free to choose, but not RPG or Trial.

Length: more than 45 seconds, not more than 1:15
BM is allowed
256³ is not allowed
Mods aren't allowed

The Challenge:
Build a track with at least three sections where the builder has to drive backwards. These sections have to be at least 3 seconds long each.


After I received this challenge I thought " Yeah, easy challenge ", after ~10 hours of work on it I thought "AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGG impossible challenge!" so, I worked, worked and worked much more to find tricks to go forward to backward and bacward to forward. And I read the challenge one time more "the builder has to drive backwards." I wanted to troll Sky with validating my map with 3*3sctions bw , but I didn't do it^^.
This was really hard because I had to do it enought fast without using CP resp as in RPG. So, the only one kind of track in which one I can use Forward and Backward is stunt, so I built my first FS Stunt track

I saw many Stunt map replay to see what kind of stunts builders used, but I never saw any backward trick in these tracks, so I think this track is the first one which use forward and backward

I hope you will try it, and maybe have fun (or not )
Ofc awards replays and comments are welcome


EDIT: Because of shortz's cut I had to update the track :/

User Comments
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  kill.evil 07-Aug-2013
Big Thanks for
1 Keule
2 SF-Dule
3 Iceman31
4 simo_900
5 MR
6 ChadoX
7 Didi|R4a
8 kopstoot
9 moe!
10 !nFernOxid
11 uetzer|R4a
12 GoW|R4a
13 *Loe'<3
14 Maverick
15 Flyps
16 Ad!key
17 VomAdminEditiert
18 Pika.
19 Golo
20 DirtyMike
21 Enryx <3
22 .Wiinty
23 Reahx
24 FluX.
25 Zenit
26 Deville
27 eSU.eXon
28 wohnungsnomade
29 Sàmµel.
30 nick_555
31 TAF_Ziza
32 »RtA«wally
  Dule 07-Aug-2013
Hard, but very creative
  worm.apx 07-Aug-2013
oh god you have so easy theme..
looks nice
  moe - offline! 07-Aug-2013
gogogo someone make the WR!
not me.
  kill.evil 07-Aug-2013
Thx all for all these nice awards
To answer one of biggest question about this track : Why did I chose this challenge?
Because it was the hardest one of two, and I really wanted to proof to myself and everybody my skills about building something totaly crazy
  shortz.esu 07-Aug-2013
k here u got the WR, just my 3rd run tho.
  kill.evil 07-Aug-2013
cut go edit this !
  Flyps 07-Aug-2013
hard theme - and well done
though it's not the first FS/stunt-map with backward parts. i think i saw some maps before, which used backward-driving; don't know all their names - i just can say it of "freedom of thought", where the same turning-technique has been used. the backward-part wasn't 3 secs long, though ^.^

so - without doubt: very well carried out and worth an award =)
  kill.evil 07-Aug-2013
Thx Flyps
I didn't thought this is the really first map with backward, I saw many maps with just a loop with bw before a flip to get bak fw, never saw more than 1sec long bw part. But it doesn't mind nobody did it yet, will continu to search on tmx
  Vixen.« 07-Aug-2013
i'm just almost shocked, i was 30 mins busy to say this!
  kill.evil 07-Aug-2013
  Vorty 08-Aug-2013
i cant even do the beginning. I cant reach 6 seconds!! xd
  .Wiinty 09-Aug-2013
well, I think first jump is kinda easy if you know how to drive it <- available for the rest of the map too - but unbelievable how nice and frequently it works.
  kill.evil 09-Aug-2013
if you know all tricks, this map isn't soo hard ^^
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User Awards
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User Award   Enryx <3 09-Aug-2013
User Award   .Wiinty 09-Aug-2013
.. the hell dude.. this is simply breathtaking |: not the smoothest route, nor the nicest scenery, but creativity reaches an amazing lvl in here cg
User Award   Reahx 10-Aug-2013
So sick
User Award   FluX. 10-Aug-2013
- -
User Award   Zenit 10-Aug-2013
i can say i saw soo many things in trackmania but this one is for sure reaaallly new

haha awesome

but your map is horrible @55sec ... you destroyed the awesomeness in the map <3
User Award   Deville 10-Aug-2013
Really awesome
User Award   eXon 11-Aug-2013
hahah so funny track
User Award   wohnungsnomade 11-Aug-2013
really nice track
User Award   Sàmµel. 11-Aug-2013
great work
User Award   SimplyNick 12-Aug-2013
Nice One !
User Award   Pulse.Ziza 14-Aug-2013
User Award   »RtA«wally 15-Aug-2013
sick mate
User Award   Sky.esu 25-Sep-2013
Sick map!
User Award   scale 04-Nov-2013
And tha screen amazing!
User Award   Mathway 23-Nov-2019
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