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Name: Download Lost. [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   BuLL||DoZer
Version: 06-Oct-2013
Released: 27-Sep-2013
TMX id: 5646837
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,271
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
22:21.56   thom+ 0:00.001,271
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
27:54.42   BuLL||DoZer+ 5:32.860
39:56.65   Reahx+ 17:35.090
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Author Comments


Hi TMX-Players.
Here is a new RPG.
--> Lost.

Building Style: Open environment, that means no rooms! And overmixed.

Mod: The Dark Natura Paradise (now autoloading )

Easter Egg: no....sry

AuthorTime: 27:54.42
-My Best try but thom said 1x mins is possible

GoldTime: 30:00.00
-Just for a good looking

SilverTime: 33:33.33
-Same as GoldTime.

BronzeTime: 44:44.44
-In my opinien is that not really Bronze.

First run is for:
-------Pro player: 45mins - 1h 10mins
----Good player: 1h - 1h 45mins
-Normal player: 1h 30mins - 2h 10mins
-----Bad player: 2h - 3h or not finished

-about 23523Copper hmmm... looks like a nice number, but it was random

-about 5100Blocks

-CPs: 44

-RingCPs: 0

BeTa-Tester :

Thx for Thom , Xerox, moi57 & jochem445 who gave my many tips.

Thank you guys:
1st: Reahx
2nd: BigKingg
3rd: *Loe'<3
4th: thom
5th: TAF_Ziza
6th: RPG||| Poly!
7th: Xerox!
8th: jochem445
9th: MisterT

Thank you guys:

release: 27/9/2013 9:35 am - UT + 1h
update: 6/10/2013 2:07 pm - UT + 1h

User Comments
Showing 17 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  »RtA«wally 27-Sep-2013
How long is it ?
  thom 28-Sep-2013
FUUUCK I missed cps again >.< ...
  scavfan 28-Sep-2013
Damnit too long 4 me
Anyways good track.
  thom 29-Sep-2013
Yes I finally found the last cp I couldn't find - and it wasn't on the way ... but anyway
Made a first 37mn, but I had forgotten a lot of it, will go for a good time soon !

edit: uhm made a 27mn ... do you think a 1x:xx is possible ?
  BuLL||DoZer 29-Sep-2013
i don't think a 1x mins is possible o.o
  thom 29-Sep-2013
At least a low 2x ... feels like I lost more than 5mn ^^'

Edit: I think a 1x:xx is in with a fast respawnless run, got a 23:xx without too much efforts, and many fails

Edit: Ok, after improving - just a little - I definitely think 1x:xx is in
Btw, you should check my replay, cause I'm not sure some ways are real ways !
  666moi57 30-Sep-2013
u miss the locator
  thom 30-Sep-2013
Ouch, don't update for the locator of the mod ...
  BuLL||DoZer 30-Sep-2013
Why nobody else said that. o.o
Thx moi57... I don't know if i should update it because of thom...
  thom 30-Sep-2013
Meh, my rec will still be here as invalid ...
And I'll probably try to improve it anyway :3 !!

Edit: Wait before updating, I found 2/3 cuts I need to show you so that you can block them ! (I didn't use them)

Edit: Here are the cuts screens:
First cut is like 20 secs, so it definitely needs to be blocked !
Next time I'll check for cuts during beta :3 ...
  BuLL||DoZer 01-Oct-2013
thom. You spent a lot of time for something where you don't get anything ... You are Great. :3
And thank you so much. ;D
  thom 01-Oct-2013
Well I'm glad to help when I like something, and I really like this track
  jochem445 03-Oct-2013
there is a cut on cp 5
greetz prime
  BuLL||DoZer 05-Oct-2013
  thom 06-Oct-2013
Lol I beat my old time on first try of this new version ... I failed quite a lot on the new cp 39 replacing old 39 + 40 as I had never seen it !
Btw new 39+40 is much better this way ! Pretty impressive job you've done here, replacing a cp in the middle of a complete track and still making it nice !

edit: when I'll release a track I'll definitely have to showcase this one !
  BuLL||DoZer 07-Oct-2013
Thank you thom and nice time but still 2x mins...
  Xerox. 01-Feb-2018
GPS: 22:21.56 by Thom.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 10 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Reahx 27-Sep-2013
awesome map and 1st
gonne try tomorrow
I love this kind of maps !
edit : oki I finished this map in 59 minutes
its funny map not to long and short cps but its much of fun to drive and some cool new tricks for me

User Award   BigKingg 28-Sep-2013
very nice map
i like that style
User Award   Loe 28-Sep-2013
awesome one bro
User Award   thom 28-Sep-2013
There are some overmixed tracks I dislike, but I definitely like this one

Edit: ok now that I've found all cps that's a bit better to make a constructive comment ...
I really like some parts of it !! Don't know the cp numbers yet - except for one*
The mt is quite annoying on some places ... those blurry effects don't help aiming !! But that's part of the atmosphere
*Cp40 sucks ! It's too lucky imo (edit: cp40 was changed and is as awesome as the rest now)

Love it <3

My favorite track of yours, before Past.
User Award   Pulse.Ziza 29-Sep-2013
User Award   Poly! 03-Oct-2013
Really nice work, your best track

User Award   Xerox. 03-Oct-2013
Great and enjoyable map, really fun to play.
Struggled on few CPs, but overall nice work.
User Award   jochem445 03-Oct-2013
Really nice track!

User Award   MisterT 05-Nov-2013
I rlly like such tracks, even if im bad at them
This was a stunning ride man!
Here's your well deserved
User Award   Konde 06-Sep-2017
buh, really
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