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Name: Download [PF] Principal Focus
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   simo_900
Version: 25-Oct-2013
TMX id: 5674784
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 38,925
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Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 3m Diffic.: Beginner
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2:59.96   batshuayi+ 0:09.0126,615
2:59.96   Undertaker GT+ 0:09.0126,615
2:59.96   Michaelangelo+ 0:09.0126,615
2:59.97   Sky.esu+ 0:09.0226,602
2:59.98   inkertus+ 0:09.0326,588
2:59.99   Quat+ 0:09.0426,574
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Author Comments


Today is one of my most happy days in tm - after 11 months, I can finally release this endless project...

PF | Principal Focus

It was the first of december 2012, i saw principium finis, a nice 32³ pf after very long time. I was happy to see that all people hadn't given up with 32³ pfs yet. That map inspired me to try to build a pf by myself also.
11 months of building, but many breaks. Few ones were even half month long, and i anyways built really slow. I wanted to be original, not build a normal mainstream pf map. Bm had a big role, (sorry bm haters) and the key was sculptures & other not so regular blocks. I'm sure theres over 20 of those big sculptures.
128³ pfs are nice too, but i'm getting fed up with these "stunts" what seem to be top fashion atm. Jump and million crashes to other blocks and then landing. They may feel cool and yeah, always original, but they aren't just nice in my mind. All other landings, not only the last one, should also be smooth and not too random. Getting headache from them

I'm going to a long pf break, since i lost all patience of building pfs while making this one ^^
About the map, orginiality is the most noticable thing here imo, to be honest speed and smoothness aren't so amazing here, and scenery is what it is. Not so big scenery so the track weights only 14k c. It won't at least lag much

Lenght: 3:00.00 heh, people lost their minds when i told them this map will be only 2 mins long x) They kinda made me to do this at least 3 mins long. I ain't even mad, 3 mins is much better than 2.
Lenght in meters: 29588 m
Weight: It was 14141 cc, but something happened so its 14213 cc
Building time: 11 months

Special thanks:

ChadoX, for that incredible intro Totally worth of watching, so please do not skip it ^^

worm.apX', for the screen! Big version

and all betatesters!

Over 900 try by   ChadoX

[128³] - Proxima centauri. ibc by   worm.apx

My video
Have fun!
and please stop trying to get the most annoying user UCA award -.-

User Comments
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  Dule 06-Dec-2017
Waiting for Keby's random comment is killing me
  simo_900 18-Jan-2018
the suspense is real
  MoonShadow 20-Feb-2018
Everyone is talking about this, as a track!!?? - Hey GUYS!!!....KIDS!!!....CHILDREN!!....this is NOT a track!!...this is a FILM, a MOVIE, a can NOT drive does NOT belong here, but somewhere deep in the forum, with a link to YouTube and you can go there and praise it, or spit on it, or shit on it as much as you want.....besides, you look one and you saw them all - they all look the same( xeqzion ?).....
......these 'right wing' users totally destroyed this game. Instead of going to the 'racing' side of this game, they went to 'arcade' sad.... more thing: you all know how ppl on this earth, imagine how the 'aliens' look like( advanced civilizations) ? - enormous heads with big eyes and stunted limbs and body. They do nothing - only watch!!

  Loe 08-May-2018
o shit waddup
  simo_900 10-May-2018
lmao how did I not see that before
new copypasta inc
  Loe 24-May-2018
another random comment flies by
  Nawk 29-Oct-2018
Why has no one cut this yet?
It's been 5 years since the release
low 1:4x poss
maybe 1:3x poss with some further optimizations
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User Award   sokko 25-Dec-2015
User Award   TM Tube 25-Dec-2015
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 06-Dec-2017
User Award   yuukoru 20-Feb-2018
User Award   JFF - Drpzor FST 10-Oct-2018
Wonder why would I not award sooner
User Award   Michaelangelo 11-Oct-2018
User Award   jakub972 20-Apr-2019
good job
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