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Name: Download [PL] Leviathan
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   _firestorrm
Version: 28-Oct-2013
Released: 28-Oct-2013
TMX id: 5678237
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 51,469
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:38.34   batshuayi+ 0:00.0051,469
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:38.37   Switch+ 0:00.0351,374
1:38.37   canje+ 0:00.0351,374
1:38.38   Kuchar+ 0:00.0451,343
1:38.39   Sky.esu+ 0:00.0551,312
1:38.39   Undertaker GT+ 0:00.0551,312
1:38.44   Maineye+ 0:00.1051,155
1:38.45   _firestorrm+ 0:00.1151,123
1:38.45   j-a-m+ 0:00.1151,123
1:38.45   Kumpelblase+ 0:00.1151,123
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Author Comments

Crashtestdummy told me to upload this here too. So yeah, I did it. I didn't really used tmnfx much before, but that can change!

Originally posted by me, on tmufx ...

You might have noticed that there are many PL/PR Tracks out there. But none of them really fully satisfied me. When I see all these poles-evading-endless-left/right turn I think to myself: "Is this all what a PL/PR Track offers?". And well, it's not. I've build myself a pretty stunty and kind of fast PL track with a quite decent length (1:38:45). It's only that short because of the huge amount of stunts which takes a lot of time to get them working. This took most of my Summer-holidays & Autumn-holidays time. So yeah, I'm actually quite happy with it. I hope you have as much fun driving it, as I had building it! :3
btw I would be happy If someone could replace my shitty temporary Screenshot with a real cool one!
Have Fun [& Good Luck]!

_firestorrm // enjoy! »Firestorrm


1. Crashtestdummy Thx btw, I suck at scenery
2. Switch ok.
3. *Loe'<3 <3
4. »Demon.vrg
5. XX EDGE XX We had this already ^^, but thx again!
6. SF - Dule Not as sexy as you :3
7. simo_900 ooy, thx!
8. 'Twister
9. wormi see my reply on at tmux
10. Deville well I tried my best to keep it as fast & smooth as possible ^^
| 1 0 |
11. Ad!key
12. »RtA«wally Thx
13. NitroGuY! wait, what?
14. funnybear
Originally posted by R4a»nic on tmufx ...
my only words are that i have no words to describe this
This is the case here, isn't it?
15. ChadoX
16. Sky.'
17. gadoweldosd Thx
18. ! Shockerul ! Boy, I'd like to know what's #1 for you :3 & thx
19. scale
20. »Jan' Yeah, I worked on it pretty long :3 thx!
| 2 0 |
21. j-a-m
22. xxlr8 « yaay!
23. Kadzio
24. Aenhim ™
25. VomAdminEditiert Thanks!
26. wantedboii osom*
27. 5ant9
28. Bat ! really? I just built that ending to have a spin in it too
29. canje
30. Lovva Thx!
| 3 0 |
31. kimbro Thanks! I'll try to make a longer one next time. It's just taking way too much time.
32. nQer
33. worm.apX' That was my goal!
34. WARRIORFAST Euh, I used TmUnlimiter only for the beginning. The Rest is blockmix-free
35. Trian ^^
36. Gorjat. Thanks!
37. »Cbrebibaet. k.
38. XdaC
39. keby idk lol
40. Ravenwest thx
4 0 |
41. Drew.
42. aiden.KraL' thanks ^^

You guys are awesome!

User Comments
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  ZachD 28-Oct-2013
Haven't played a PL like this in a while.
  _firestorrm 29-Oct-2013
I have probably found the most epic PR stunt-chain which is not continue-able. ._. o.o
And no, I'm not working on a PR-Track because you guys are totally fantastic and it was so much fun building Leviathan.
  ! Shockerul ! 29-Oct-2013
Originally posted by _firestorm ...
! Shockerul ! Boy, I'd like to know what's #1 for you :3 & thx

[PL]Play, by Nop

Edit :
YouTube video by me !
  ZachD 29-Oct-2013
firestorrm, that's epic. I could never do combos like that with my pfs
  _firestorrm 30-Oct-2013
Quote ...
[PL]Play, by Nop


Quote ...
YouTube video by me !

Luv ya. Thanks for the epic video! (btw why are you slow motioning that spot? Is that special? (same goes with BlackdeviL's Video(thx too!), also, correct that trackname in the video-description xP))

Quote ...
firestorrm, that's epic. I could never do combos like that with my pfs

It's all random. Trust me Just don't build a smooth landing after the first stunt
  kimbro 03-Nov-2013
Too short, really a shame.
  oskarlaak 04-Nov-2013
Press Left - I´ts Nascar
  _firestorrm 09-Nov-2013
Quote ...
Too short, really a shame.

I'm sorry!
  batshuayi 12-Nov-2013
nice track, but I think you should make a sequel and make it longer, but that's only my opinion.
  _firestorrm 17-Nov-2013
well, I'm working on a second one (PR).
Got one min. already.
My Goal is probably about ~2min30s.
  Crashtestdummy 19-Nov-2013
great to hear you'll make a second one
Screenshots are loading
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User Award   Drew. 21-May-2014
User Award   aiden.KraL' 26-Feb-2015
Incredible work!
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