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Name: Download EMPYREUM [Trial]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   simo_900
Version: 07-May-2020
Released: 07-May-2020
TMX id: 5687568
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,936
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Trial
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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14:13.47   simo_900+ 0:00.001,936
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37:50.02   Lain.+ 23:36.550
147:27.56   deus.esu+ 133:14.090
168:36.87   unNamed31s+ 154:23.400
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Author Comments


Mankind has achieved immortality.
Fifty years after the last human death by natural causes, Earth gets hit by a series of natural disasters of unprecedented proportions. When known science fails at explaining what's happening, people start suspecting that what they are dealing with is something bigger than them.
As decades pass by, a rising number of people who have gone through near-death experiences have been reported to having seen visions during their time of unconsicousness that share a lot of similarities between each other. A group of people sees this as a connection between postmortality and the apocalyptic events. An organization is founded to research the possibility of an afterlife and whether the theories of this connection are true. Their main project involves putting people into a dead state temporarily by stopping their heart and then bringing them back to life. The first tests turn out to be a success. The Visitor Project begins sending more people into the afterlife and gathering information about their experiences.
Every Visitor reports soaring on an island floating in a dark red sky. They tell about four of these islands, levitating in a formation around a tall structure that has seemingly no access into it. This structure gets named ”Empyreum” after a place in the highest heaven in ancient cosmologies. Even though the world seems highly technologically advanced, no one has seen any lifeforms wandering on the islands.
Most visits only last for a few minutes as a way to guarantee the comeback. As time goes by, the test durations get extended gradually. The first few extended expeditions are really promising, but eventually the project sees its first major setback, as the 30th Visitor doesn’t wake from his dead state. The project continues and that incident remains as the only permanent death that has occured during the program.




First player to finish with Ending III wins a gold tag.
Congrats unNamed!

User Comments
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  Loe 08-May-2020
one of the best thumbnails I've ever seen. does it get much better than this?
  simo_900 08-May-2020
Ending III spoilers
  Dule 08-May-2020
Sometimes I wonder if Simo is so impossibly autistic and visionary or just a straightup genius...
  simo_900 08-May-2020
  Vønix!« 09-May-2020
that secret ending is monkaW, holy

goo job though, sick idea!
  csafs 11-May-2020
The story should be set like this (I guess)
After the immortality of mankind. In order to balance the number of souls in the universe,'they' created disasters on earth to reduce too many human souls. xD
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User Awards
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User Award   deus.esu 12-May-2020
low speed jumps are infuriating but you make up for it
User Award   Wallaby 12-May-2020
In general I never award a track by just watching a video, but I wouldn't probably even make the first 30 seconds. The video is a pleasure to watch. You got obviously the mind of a genious to create those monsters. It's always fascinating to see what can be done with this game. I can't tell why, but the look of the map wants to make me play Quake 3 again.

User Award   Vadidas 13-May-2020
User Award   xxlr8 14-May-2020
User Award   .nixx 14-May-2020
just insane
User Award   igntuL 17-May-2020
i wanted to award after finishing but now i'm not sure when i will and i dont wanna forget
User Award   ikvat 06-Jun-2020
just WOW
User Award   matto 17-Jul-2020
It's so beatiful it's scary
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