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Name: Download CCP#18 - my december.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sky.esu
Version: 18-Dec-2013
TMX id: 5737488
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:41.61   Sky.esu+ 0:00.73-
0:41.78   waldfee+ 0:00.90-
0:41.83   Joost»LT+ 0:00.95-
0:41.85   byrOn.° [inact...+ 0:00.97-
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Author Comments

18th december 2013

Hey ,

six more days until christmas, six more tracks until the 24th of december. I'm happy that I had the possibility to participate in the Christmas Calendar Project 2013 once again this year. Last year I took the 12th december, this year I decided to take the 18th december, since I turned 18 this year.

The project was organized by   pascow.esu this year - a big thank you from my side for organizing this amazing project. I really like the idea and the tracks every year.
I always have the feeling that I have to build something special for this project, since I see this track as a little gift for the community in the christmas time and I think a special project deserves a nice track.
Therefore I decided to build another SpeedTech-Track instead of a Fullspeeder. It is 41-42 seconds long and gets faster and faster towards the end. I managed to find a mix of left- and right-turns, moreover I implemented a few transitions and more or less uncommon parts for a standard-techmap, as I tried once again to get a nice diversity into the track. I hope I was able to create a small christmas atmosphere, since the track is build in night mood and I added christmas trees and fx-colors which should give you the feeling of a cold winter night.
Ingame you find a GPS and an Intro, which was originally one minute long, but TM crashed before I saved it, so I had to redo it completly and I hate doing MediaTracker-Work..
The screenshot is made by myself, just as last year, because from time to time I enjoy creating screens though I'm not really good at it.
  Infector.bro was so kind to do the text on the screenshot, thank you!

Last but not least I wish everyone a merry christmas, a good start into the next year and happiness all the time. May your big wishes become more realistic and the realistic wishes become true.
I hope you enjoy this map.


User Comments
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  Sky.esu 18-Dec-2013

  Sharx ! - Thanks a lot for your nice award, I'm happy that you like the variation.
  Infector.bro - Wow, like art. That's such a nice compliment! Thanks again for the screen help, I really like the result.
  // Flow - Thank you, I'm glad to hear these words!
  pascow.esu - Thanks mate, it was fun to build this track for the project!
  jeanpaul - Just as your award, thanks!
  Dule - Thanks, I wanna see a decent time from you ;-) It's a bit challenging though, that's true.
  5teasy.esu - Thank you Jacob! Nice to see that you like it.
  Joost»LT - Thanks a lot, man! I was trying to build a "complete" track this time, I'm happy that you noticed and like it.
  Pesca - That's so damn nice to hear, Pesca!
  devo. - Hehe, thank you, I'm happy to get such a nice compliment.
  .Sniper - Thanks a lot, Sniper!
  JakeRay - Nice time, JakeRay! Awesome that you had fun hunting this, even though the last curve is a challenge and I'm happy that you like the MT-work & the scenery.
  'Twister - Thanks for your award, Twister. So cool to here all the nice things!
  worm.apx - Thanks, I'm always aiming for a bit uniqueness, though I tried to combine it with a nice flow in this map. Nice to see, that it worked, worm!
  Ad!key - The game is to diverse and offers to many possibility to just build fullspeed, Adikey. I like to try out everything. Thank you!
  link` - Thank you, link! I'm sorry that you don't like to hunt it, it is always hard to combine creativity, uniqueness, flow and hunting feeling.
  DisGo.esu - DisGo <3 I'm happy to see an award from your side for my map, which is maybe the best from my side, yes.
  RaµL - Thank you! I had to redo so many parts to put them all together in a way I like it. Great to hear that you like it aswell.
  der-bozz.esu - Such thanks, much great, very text, so lovely. thanks shadow!
  »RtA«wally - Thanks a lot wally! Nice to hear such words from a prodriver and great mapper. Oh and a nice time!
  Kukker - Thanks for trying the map out and for the nice award!
  ZoggeR - Thank you! Maybe more will follow one day in this style - with a little bit more finetuning.
  Calum_:( - A tired award by Calum! Thanks, mate! Happy to see that you like the track.
  vneck - Well, maybe I should continue building tech tracks. Thanks for this awesome award, such nice words!
  gorjat / writenamehere - Thanks a lot, Gorjat!
  Kadzio - Still improvement possible to reach a perfect track, maybe I will build one, one day.
  Psymax - Now I have the melody of thrift shop in my mind, because of your award! Thanks a lot anyway.
  Bat ! - Thank you, Bat!
  byrOn.° [inactive] - Thanks for the replay and the award byron!
  xxlr8 - I like that number of awards, thank you, awesome!
  Flyps - Thank you Flyps!
  Sharx ! 18-Dec-2013
I will hunt it later Sky, don't have much time right now
  link` 18-Dec-2013
same for me.
  Kumpelblase 18-Dec-2013
very interesting gonna test later for sure
  Hitchy 18-Dec-2013
not my cup of track sry ^^
  Sky.esu 18-Dec-2013
No problem Something specific or just the kind of drifts in general?
  Switch 18-Dec-2013
Well it's a nice one, but the last slide is quite horrible, and I think some slides/transitions don't feel right :/ Will try again tomorrow
  Therese Johaug 18-Dec-2013
i love the scenery and the atmosphere in this track
but i am not a fan of transitional tech and with this speed here the track doesnt fit me
the transition at 30sec down to the platform makes me mad because i crash there nearly every run when turning the car to the left before the jump
  Sky.esu 18-Dec-2013
Don't turn left before, start turning left once you landed

I hope you enjoy it tomorrow more, Switch
  »RtA«wally 18-Dec-2013
That end o.o
  Hitchy 18-Dec-2013
might try some more and maybe I will change my mind. the last drift is messing with me, that's the only annoying part for me.
  link` 18-Dec-2013
@ sky's comment : I know don't worry, I rather was talking about the last drift, which is pretty hard.. still a great map
  Erizel (brutal) 19-Dec-2013
whoa wally o: dat end indeed.
  SapphiroN 19-Dec-2013
A bit late.
  Sky.esu 19-Dec-2013
thanks a lot!
  wormi 20-Dec-2013
I hate those bowl top turns >.< otherwise awesome track still though!
  Ravenwest 23-Dec-2013
DeFacer alive?
  JakeRay 23-Dec-2013
Ravenwest: We can almost guess what that means! Yeah!

*edit* my prediction was correct - it was a new track from him! Even a duo with NLpwf! That's amazing.
  waldfee 26-Apr-2014
i just spend 1 hour and 7 minutes on this track for this top 10 rec....i HATE the last turn
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User Awards
Showing 39 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Kukker 19-Dec-2013
This is in indeed an unique map - I tried it some more offline and I most say this is an awesome map.
I am not big fan of speedtech - so I probably won't put a good time on map, but really some great job.
You have managed to differentiate from everything ever seen, and you really deserve to get hundreds of awards

User Award   ZoggeR 19-Dec-2013
Lovely track
I feel like some parts could have used a little fine tuning, but after all it's not a big deal. I love the atmosphere and these "hectic slides", as pascow called them. Easily one of the best CCPs this year, great work!

Please keep this kind of tech tracks coming!
User Award   Calum_:( 19-Dec-2013
really awesome track, though it's pretty difficult I must admit
All of these transitions, these tight but nice drifts make it reaaaally hard. It's also surprisingly long! (And I'm not talking about the track)
No really, great speedtech, it feels creative although you said it wasn't that much, and is really flowy. I'd like to use better words but I'm pretty tired and they aren't coming atm ^^
User Award   vneck 20-Dec-2013
Well, this track def. surprised me. In a good way that is.

To be honest I hardly remember any tracks you've built but suddenly I now see you as one of the top tech bulders around here. If I didn't know I'd say this is either a sapp track or a pascow track with better scenery ( )

Regardless, to the track - Just like most of the CCP tracks this year I only could watch the video, but since I watched it like 10 times or so I've seen more than enough to award it. So first of all you managed to catch the christmas theme very nicely, which I value very high. The scenery looks very smooth, yet somewhat interesting. Together this is probably the best combo there is IMO. Also you made the mixed trees look good. Putting them cleverly as you did is def. not common, as most people just mashe them in their tracks without thinking whatsoever. Now there are 2 mixes that look a bit iffy IMO, ( the one at the beginning somewhere and the other one at the downhill)... they kinda take a away a big chunk of amazingness since the rest looks so damn beautiful, buut whatever, can't turn back time ^^

Anyway the track itself - is just sick. I'm not the best tech-builder so I dunno really what to say about it, but I love the swiftness of the turns, the diversity of transitions and the simple atmosphere you get (esp. the finish line )

Without a doubt the best CCP track in this year thus far. Congratz for this and I hope to see more tracks from you like this one
User Award   gorjat / writenamehere 20-Dec-2013
great track

User Award   Kadzio 20-Dec-2013
User Award   Psymax 21-Dec-2013
This is just fucking awesome!
Really great track here!
User Award   Bat ! 21-Dec-2013
Great one
User Award   byrOn.° [inactive] 21-Dec-2013

perfect work
... except dat last drift, which is always killin me ...

User Award   xxlr8 21-Dec-2013
30 th
User Award   Flyps 21-Dec-2013
User Award   DeFacer 23-Dec-2013
I'm glad to see trackbuilding still moving forward. I enjoyed these block combinations and flow very much in this track. Brings nostalgia though..
just awesome!

User Award   Loe 24-Dec-2013
intresting map with nice Ideas and Transitions
well done
User Award   Natzke 25-Dec-2013
Yup, quite easily one of the best tracks of this years CCP
User Award   waldfee 26-Apr-2014
User Award   Skopje14 31-May-2015
User Award   "Dawe. 04-Jul-2015
totally amazing
User Award   TM Tube 20-Dec-2015
the funny Sky
User Award   marlon 26-Feb-2019
Great track
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