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Name: Download Happy Brolidays xxx
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   RaµL
Version: 25-Dec-2013
TMX id: 5743350
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 17,063
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:34.98   sav3lo.thc+ 0:00.1916,504
0:35.08   RaµL+ 0:00.2916,209
0:35.21   Joost»LT+ 0:00.4215,827
0:35.40   hydro>>Adi+ 0:00.6115,267
0:36.20   waldfee+ 0:01.4112,913
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Author Comments

Happy Holidays to all of you!!

at first
there has been a shift of gravity in the core of my tracks and i'll explain to you just why i'm ready to say this
first of all, the tracks that i made when i just started trackbuilding, where just my own interpretations of fun tracks other people build
well, with following other people's lead and still doing my own thing, experience came
and with experience came the ability to produce tracks that everybody liked.. they weren't innovation at it's prime, but i still tried to do something different everytime - but they were fun and mainstream.. and so well, with getting alot of awards from everyone i felt very satisfied and stopped building tracks, but something inside me kept saying "no, no you can do more, it's not about getting attention, it's about making the best track the whole world has ever seen.. even if you were able to leave while your name was sort of known, it's about being bigger than just getting attention, you can do it" ... so well, i started giving myself building challenges as of making the most from shitty situations (for example, 2 tiles wide, 3 tiles wide, 4 tiles wide, letter shaping and now the recent 5x5 box for MTC) and most of all having more fun while building - so i cared less about awards and more about fun at the time, which i still do btw.. but my newest tracks are all about trying to get other people to do innovative things by showing them new and weird ways to use blocks and still being able to smile while building everything! (for example: the duck_hunt series and my other recent tracks)
i once read a sentence that would describe my journey perfectly: "only the light that one has ignited for oneself, can shine for others too"
which ment that there are 2 sorts of people, people that follow others (like i used to be), and people that let others follow them (which i'm trying to be).. sorry for the wall of text here, but i felt the urge to tell you all something more this time

about this track in particular
it's made to be released the 25th of december, which is Christmas (you'll see the MT)
and it's a follow up for another track i (and someone else) made for the DTC3 project
which also started with a rather unusual transition..
i realise you won't like it sort of, because of the plausability that you'll crash and won't find the flow here, but keep trying

WHATTTTT???? it's not compact??? are you sure i made it?? well, sorry, but this is the first time the classic feeling of 'MOAR COMPACTNESS' kept his cool, so well.. awkward - and well it's the first time i ever made a track in nighttime mode, because i wanted to try something different with the atmosphere, so any feedback there could help too

part 2?
yes, the first track for DTC was "DTC3 - Lynn's latest tale"

  - ziE @ RIP TM <3
  THC'Oscar.(Got a life)

made by   Infector.bro

something else?
yes ofcourse, you should have fun and be awesome, but most of all just don't die
happy holidays to everyone

User Comments
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  Infector.bro 25-Dec-2013
Quote ...
and well it's the first time i ever made a track in nighttime mode

finally, I was starting to think u were racist, afraid of black..
  RaµL 31-Dec-2013
fear of the dark is what i have
no i'm kidding.. nice time mariou
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User Awards
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User Award   Infector.bro 25-Dec-2013
Brociety <3
User Award   sav3lo.thc 25-Dec-2013
User Award   Calum_:( 27-Dec-2013
izgood, although the finish can be slightly annoying
User Award   sloidiot.Qm 30-Dec-2013
great one
User Award   Mariou 31-Dec-2013
I was not at home at christmas, but anyway here's my replay and award.
User Award   Joost»LT 06-Jan-2014
S W E E T T R A C K <3
Really cool stuff. And very interesting words in your AC, I do recognise some things from myself in there. Guess we both have the same mindset

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm happy this track isn't called Happy Bronydays

User Award   dan!el 11-Nov-2014
cool :3
User Award   hydro>>Adi 18-Apr-2017
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