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Name: Download DTC3 - NamasTê
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   v.neck feat. devo
Version: 03-Jan-2014
TMX id: 5759656
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 59,257
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:41.36   Switch+ 0:00.0059,257
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0:41.38   SR.noobi>inact...+ 0:00.0259,085
0:41.44   Addi.esu+ 0:00.0858,569
0:41.45   Kumpelblase+ 0:00.0958,483
0:41.54   Erizel (brutal)+ 0:00.1857,709
0:41.58   devo.+ 0:00.2257,366
0:41.59   JakeRay+ 0:00.2357,280
0:41.67   One.+ 0:00.3156,592
0:41.75   Ad!key+ 0:00.3955,904
0:41.77   Dose+ 0:00.4155,732
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Author Comments

03.01.2014 - Duo Track Contest 3

Hello TMX, today we present you our entry for the Duo Tracks Contest, but first we would like to say thank you to   dan!el for organizing and making this project possible.

Words by v.neck:
Namastê and welcome to a new art of scenery. 2014 has just begun and so does the era of this particular scenery style. As of right now I don't have a name for it just yet, but I'd refer to it as oriental styled or egypt maybe. The trademarks that dictate this style are 1) the road-and-glass circles you can see on top of everything, 2) the platform slopes and last but not least 3) the sunset mood as well as the dirt plus palms. Everything put together then suggest a orange-blue contrast which is really common, but it quite smoothy underlines everything and rounds it up.
Another thing you might have noticed is the fact I didn't use any bm. Basically the main reason for that were the restrictions of the Contest, but to be honest it quite fits with that scenery. You have to be much more thoughtful when placing blocks and it sorta helps to prevent sloppy looking mixes. Now I'm not a noob and my mixes rarely look bad, but I will try to keep this scenery mix-free... for the most part that it. Obviously I will use unlimiter to add things that are just not possible with the game itself but we'll that as time progresses.
So, that's about everything about the scenery, the track is def. great in it's own right too but i don't know what to really tell you about that ^^ so with that I'll hand it off to devo now, V out

Words by devo.:
Hey, I'm really happy to present you this entry for the DTC. Ever since the 3rd edition went live i wondered with whom i'd really like to build duo and the answer was quite simple : v.neck. After he agreed on this project i was really motivated and immediately started building and as the track got longer we got more and more happy with it. It starts rather slow and transitional with some jumps that that you usually see not that often and as it progresses it gets quite fast and challenging, but after a bit of time you should get used to it. After finishing the track route v.neck went berzerk on the scenery and boy did he deliver, seriously : load the shadows and just enjoy! So to close it up I want to thank v.neck for being awesome and   .dejavu for the amazing screen!

User Comments
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  Kumpelblase 09-Jan-2014
c´mon nobody beat me yeat?
  Addi.esu 09-Jan-2014
i will try it tomorrow
  pascow.esu 10-Jan-2014
didnt play for too long ^^ already had -13 on my.50 online though
  vneck 10-Jan-2014
I just finally got to play the final version btw, great job on the intro and gps mate
Also nice to see quite a high lb on this map, hope you had fun hunting my dear fellows
  Addi.esu 10-Jan-2014
here we go...i failed the end a bit...but hey, in 10 minutes
  Kumpelblase 26-Jan-2014
dat 0.01, shame on you Addi xD
  Addi.esu 28-Jan-2014
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User Awards
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User Award   Dom. 05-Jan-2014
I can't let myself to not admit, that you guys are my favorite builders. Your style, both scenery and track, is, I'd say, quite similar and mostly very awesome... as you convinced me once again at this together work. There's nothing I can really reproach, however I wanna let you know something about my feels, both from the bad side and the good side.

So, I'd like to talk about that big drop after first wall. In my case, it is like, after that wall I am kinda disorientated and immediately I must find the right line to drop out from that platform onto that landing route. What I am talking about is, that it could have been somehow better designed. Not a big deal of course.. actually just my overprotective. After that there's another weakness.. for me. That begining of the second wall isn't enough long. Maybe because of that not really large stadium building area. Well, overall I feel the second wall like the biggest weakness of the map. Two biggest, but still damn negligible faults you perpetrated there.

To not be too long, now consisely the glories. There's of course many more glories than these two faults. Alright, at first, that exciting and not everyday begining. Great skill with classic and inclined routes, which make these awesome transitions. Well, it's lovely transitional up till that turn before first wall. Another huge glory to mention are these transitions after second wall. That part second wall - finish is probably my most favourite. It's just cool. Last but naturaly not least the scenery. You both guys are pros at building scenery. Probably my biggest icons.

Oh, now after these minutes of writing I'm looking at this uselessly long award. Seems kinda sick. But I think it is deserved to you guys. It's become one of my most favourite maps. Damn, there's finally nothing more I'd like to share with ya right now. Just take this award

User Award   Switch 05-Jan-2014
No need to write much, this is simply awesome - cool start section, lovely big drop, nice walls and of course a beautiful scenery. Don't feel like hunting this one though, mostly because I just can't improve, drove that run after ~5 minutes and now there's absolutely no way for me to improve it, I've even tried with pad - what I did only once before^^. Great job you two anyway.

User Award   Kadzio 06-Jan-2014
This track is simply awesome in all aspects. Scenery is mindblowing, media tracker is well done. Route has some nice working transitions and also good flow. Nothing more to say, just take my award!

Good job!
User Award   Fransje 08-Jan-2014
Great track and I really love the scenery.
User Award   scale 31-Jan-2014
Awesome scenery and the trackroute as well, here is nothing to reproach, you both did solid work..
User Award   C4 Freak 12-May-2014
User Award   RVSTRE Boomie 01-Apr-2015
User Award   SR.noobi>inactive 21-May-2017
this is perfection
User Award   apX.Magik :3 21-May-2017
oh baby this is awesome, however, i wish there was just one or two sd sections more in this map tho
User Award   meNtality 21-May-2017
nt noobie
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