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Name: Download Ultra long 4
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JoFo.
Version: 14-Nov-2008
TMX id: 580097
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 48,795
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
24:39.71   onicole+ 0:00.0048,795
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
26:56.67   J'Last+ 2:16.9621,696
26:59.29   >Dawe+ 2:19.5821,178
32:31.47   Smety+ 7:51.760
32:59.81   HardDance+ 8:20.100
33:28.27   dow|.Dave.+ 8:48.560
34:32.41   scourge_forge+ 9:52.700
34:38.53   |PT| CakeyFA+ 9:58.820
35:00.13   JoFo.+ 10:20.420
35:54.57   geoffroy0123+ 11:14.860
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Author Comments

User Comments
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  Sf | Zanto 29-Mar-2009
tell me, what did you thought, while you upload/build/add it in playpal?
  Sesambrot 29-Mar-2009
I gotta agree, did you honestly think someone would try this track?!?
but well, maybe I'll try someday, when I'm bored and want to kill some time...
  Loki1978 29-Mar-2009
35.00.00 Minutes the Same Shit !!!!
Sorry Guy
No Fun - No Award
  Speedu 29-Mar-2009
LMAO at the screenie Hmm maybe I should give this track a try.. nah, maybe tomorrow.. Or maybe on tuesday.. nah
  geoffroy0123 29-Mar-2009
Loooooool 35:00 ^^ Crazy map for crazy players like me
  Frx ben75 29-Mar-2009
This track is so boring and repetitive that I thought I was asleep before I had finished.
Sorry, no award!
  JoFo. 30-Mar-2009
never even tough any one was gonna play the track
  Frx ben75 30-Mar-2009
Quote ...
Loooooool 35:00 ^^ Crazy map for crazy players like me

I think 34:xx.xx is possible!
  =GT=Joe 30-Mar-2009
HAHAHA this track looks awesome but I dont have 35 minutes to spare lol I wish though hahaha nice one
  [BCS] Dash 31-Mar-2009
Why did you waste your time making this... by far the worst track i have ever seen. Way too long, not fun at all. I only played it to get it of play pal
  scourge_forge 31-Mar-2009
hey, don't be mean - I liked it!

... no, I'm not a masochist, but getting author medal in E05-Endurance kind of makes you hard.

And it's relaxing!

And I think under 30 min is possible
  JoFo. 31-Mar-2009
lol, an award!

thx anyway
  scourge_forge 31-Mar-2009
yes, I wasn't in a hurry and had half an hour, so...
  Frx ben75 03-Apr-2009
How can you give an award for this... thing?
@JoFo: you should choose another track for PlayPal.
  JoFo. 04-Apr-2009

need 10 replays first ^^
  dow|.Dave. 04-Apr-2009
I like this one, too. Was fun and very chilled to drive.
Good skilltest!
  yanniki 23-Apr-2009
The track is geil voll geil also because it is long Mach so geile long stretch then you slowly famous
  JoFo. 06-Nov-2009
lol hd =D
  HardDance 06-Nov-2009
hehe, i was bored, so had to test it
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User Awards
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User Award   scourge_forge 31-Mar-2009


Well, it's better than E05-Endurance and apart from one part with the reverse boosters, I actually enjoyed 30 min of driving. (And they say my tracks are too long! ) First I thought "Why not make a multi-lap" but while I was driving I got the idea. Scenery isn't much to look at (), but it certainly left an impression on me. Actually I still see lines before my eyes.

Totally underrated (Actually even validating the track would deserve an award because of the work and time invested. I had hoped for a better time, though. )

User Award   dow|.Dave. 04-Apr-2009
Sweet track!
User Award   HardDance 02-Jan-2011
Pretty cool to be that boring. If yu get what i mean
User Award 28-Jan-2011
Wtf jofo xD
Nice endurance race
User Award   Smety 13-Jul-2011
User Award   fish 08-Aug-2011
Sorry, your replay is not good enough to enter the top 10 for this track... in red!!
User Award   lain64 02-Jul-2012
wow lol
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