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Name: Download Parhelion
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cranberries
Version: 09-Mar-2014
Released: 09-Mar-2014
TMX id: 5831984
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 30,406
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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0:52.99   Rxt+ 0:00.0030,406
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0:53.26   cranberries+ 0:00.2729,476
0:53.77   seb.esu+ 0:00.7827,720
0:53.91   Bat !+ 0:00.9227,238
0:54.07   Quat+ 0:01.0826,687
0:54.43   HardDance+ 0:01.4425,448
0:54.68   Triple.shoot+ 0:01.6924,587
0:54.71   waldfee+ 0:01.7224,484
0:55.38   Joost»LT+ 0:02.3922,177
0:55.43   »nator.+ 0:02.4422,005
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Author Comments

Parhelion - A sun dog (or sundog), mock sun or phantom sun, scientific name parhelion (plural parhelia), is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of the sun.

This is my latest tech ... I tried my best to create a different atmosphere than you see in my other tracks, without compromising my style of building scenery ... I worked with the light of the morning sun, and you'll often see heavy and light scenery clusters alternating ... the style of play is closer to expert, and there are a couple of technical spots, but overall it feels a bit speedy ... the title I will not explain, it's related to a subject completely different than TM, so I won't bother getting into it here and now

Style - Tech
Time Length - 53.5 AT
Copper Count - 1700cc
Scenery - medium
Mood - Morning
MT - GPS ghost replay
Mod - NO

I made a recent update to one of my Classic tracks - it doesn't have many valid replays posted - try it out, and post a new replay !!!

[ 7 x 7 ] 2day by   cranberries

Keep building forever ! And never stop improving yourselves !

o1.   Razo.'R |R4a ... for your sneaky appearance ... variation
o2.   Triple.shoot ... for keeping tech alive ... great
o3.   waldfee ... so nice to see you here ... simple
o4.   Undertaker GT ... for the little figurines ... scenery
o5.   Bat ! ... thank you for the nice words ... great
o6.   Loe ... so glad you liked the style ... classic
o7.   Hitchy ... hey, very nice surprise, huge thanks ... that
o8.   - ziE @ RIP TM <3 ... ty for the honesty ... digressing
o9.   Rxt ... such a cool time, can't wait to see it ... WR
1o.   link` ... hey, huge thanks, so glad you liked it ... awesome
11.   TurbRono ... always sneaky, glad to see you here ... not bad
12.   Lovva ... thank you for playing and the award ... <3 eyes
13.   Joost»LT ... so glad you played it ... catch the flow
14.   ikdennisik ... thank you so much for playing ... nice
15.   T-hunderbird ... what a great surprise ... wonderful
16,   ZoggeR ... glad you played it online ... enjoyable
17.   HardDance ... was really fun hunting with you ... online
18.   Quat ... thanks so much for playing online ... challenging
19.   Baston ... that's so awesome of you to say ... balanced

User Comments
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  cranberries 09-Mar-2014
There were no comments for this track. -,-
  Razo.'R |R4a 09-Mar-2014
now there are 2.
  cranberries 09-Mar-2014
heeeey that was fast
  Razo.'R |R4a 09-Mar-2014
i'm just doing my job here
  pascow.esu 09-Mar-2014
great screen
  cranberries 09-Mar-2014
you, sir, are too kind
  amoN'' 10-Mar-2014
wooow ce super pare ba1!
o so testez si io in curand si
  »nator. 10-Mar-2014
First half is brilliant, but the second half lacks serious flow. Almost ugly to drive at parts :/

Nevertheless, good job!
  Undertaker GT 11-Mar-2014
screenshot is ok
cranberries ..
but you forget the scenary or what?
the scenario is the strong point of all my tracks,
is 'fundamental and must make it seem as if the track was a real
movie where you are the best actor;
but you know all that,,
mistery, is 'strange,' cause you have great experience
the track is classic expert tech..
  cranberries 11-Mar-2014
I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad comment towards the scenery
but I'm glad you noticed the scenery (either way) ... so thank you
  Undertaker GT 11-Mar-2014
natural is a technical comment,
you are very popular here, and I do not know if you've built
this track for friends, or what.
You have a lot more 'experience of me in TMX , you're also a coordinator, and i respect your work
cause you're always objective and creative when you propose new competitions
In MTC, etc ...
the notice that you don' t put the scenario in your track, is same
if Barack Obama had become white color.... ahhhh( i joke )

  Bat ! 12-Mar-2014
dat warrior... Your last tech cran? are you planning to go FS or just to stop building? Anyway great track, each turn flows very well to me, not too easy but definitely not hard, and not a single awkward drift, so the track feel very confortable to drive on. Scenery seems nice, I play with low graphic settings so I'm probably missing something.
  Hitchy 14-Mar-2014
He didn't say last. He said latest(newest) That's a big difference
  cranberries 18-Mar-2014
hey all finally TMX is back and I can return the favor
huge thanks for your awards during the TMX breakdown O_O
  Bat ! 21-Mar-2014
Good point Hitchy... I guess I misread

Btw nt rxt !
  Rxt 21-Mar-2014
  T-hunderbird 04-Apr-2014
sry for my bad replay, maybe will try to make a better one next week
  cranberries 04-Apr-2014
such a nice surprise, thank you for playing and for the cool words
don't worry about it great to see you're still around, playing & building
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 19 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Razo.'R |R4a 09-Mar-2014
that is actually pretty easy to finish but gets really tough when it comes to improving your time.
i did not spend that much time hunting it..i don't even know if i can even call that hunting D:
well at least i almost reached the gold medal^^

what i like most on your track is the variation of slides.
great work.
User Award   Triple.shoot 09-Mar-2014
great track
User Award   waldfee 10-Mar-2014
User Award   Undertaker GT 11-Mar-2014
User Award   Bat ! 12-Mar-2014
Great track sir
User Award   Loe 14-Mar-2014
great tech map with nice ideas and a little bit classic style
User Award   Hitchy 14-Mar-2014
these ^
User Award   - ziE @ RIP TM <3 14-Mar-2014
I think this track is great, overall an enjoyable experience, but I believe it progressively becomes worse as you get toward the end. The general atmosphere and driving experience is awesome, I really love some of the block combinations that you've used, and I like the compactivity of the track: it's awesome when you go on the grass part and you're below the tilted road, looks too fucking amazing to me.

Anyway, I think it's a shame people aren't really paying attention to this track. It's definitely one of the better tracks to have been released lately, but it doesn't seem people appreciate the depth and complexity of certain authors anymore - that they'd rather go for 15 sec LOL hunts. Oh well, here's my award before I start digressing..
User Award   Rxt 15-Mar-2014
User Award   link` 16-Mar-2014
awesome scenery, awesome track, awasome style. Well deserved
User Award   TurbRono 18-Mar-2014
Not bad
User Award   Lovva 18-Mar-2014
User Award   Joost»LT 22-Mar-2014
Really nice track!
Very technical with tight curves, but once you catch the flow it's great.
I'm not the best tech driver, but I definetely enjoyed it.

+ time
User Award   ikdennisik 27-Mar-2014
Nice track
User Award   T-hunderbird 04-Apr-2014
wonderful track, tech how i like it
User Award   ZoggeR 22-Apr-2014
Quite an enjoyable track, the curves build up an amazing flow and the drifts feel good too
Played on PPO so yeah
User Award   HardDance 10-Oct-2015
Great track Cran! A lot of tight and nervewracking corners. Super cool hunting online ^^ Well done
User Award   Quat 14-Oct-2015
awesome one. i like it challenging
User Award   Baston 14-Oct-2015
I drove this one on PPO, it has a very good flow and speed, very well balanced.
Well done!

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