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Name: Download T h e C r e v i c e
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cranberries
Version: 11-May-2014
Released: 11-May-2014
TMX id: 5895206
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 38,887
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:01.51   grobec+ 0:00.0038,887
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:01.56   cranberries+ 0:00.0538,697
1:02.08   der-bozz.esu+ 0:00.5736,724
1:02.70   Sky.esu+ 0:01.1934,373
1:03.68   »nator.+ 0:02.1730,655
1:03.92   Triple.shoot+ 0:02.4129,745
1:04.03   Joost»LT+ 0:02.5229,328
1:04.10   Lovva+ 0:02.5929,062
1:04.12   Quat+ 0:02.6128,986
1:04.52   Razo.'R |R4a+ 0:03.0127,469
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Author Comments

Crevice - A narrow opening or fissure in a rock or wall, it usually refers to a fracture or fissure in rock (compare to a crevasse, which is in ice).

This track was made for pure dirt hunting ...but I also tried my best to implement a nice atmosphere without compromising my dirt style ... visually, I tried to create simple moments in the track, and you'll often see clusters of scenery alternating, but if you play the track at the right intensity, you won't notice the scenery at all ... the style of play is expert, because of the strange flow that requires a good feel of the car on dirt ... there are quite a few technical spots, but also a couple of speedy parts ... the title comes from a subject completely different than Trackmania, so I won't bother explaining why I chose it.

Style - Dirt
Time Length - 1.01.56 AT
Copper Count - 2441cc
Scenery - medium
Mood - Day
Mod - NO

This track was built using one of my simplified dirt bases:

dirt base 1 by   cranberries
dirt base 2 by   cranberries
if you are interested in using less coppers for your track, check out my post about saving dirty coppers in the dirt manual

My previous track is a Tech with nice atmosphere and good for hunting:
Parhelion by   cranberries

I also made an update to one of my Classic tracks - it doesn't have that many valid replays posted - so play it and post new replays !!!
[ 7 x 7 ] 2day by   cranberries

Keep building forever ! And never stop improving yourselves !

o1.   Hitchy ... for the awesome words ... really cool
o2.   Razo.'R |R4a ... glad you gave it a try ... low skill
o3.   Sky.esu ... for playing a nice time ... first run
o4.   ZoggeR ... glad you enjoyed it ... clean and flowy
o5.   Sebkifum ... so nice to read that ... construction
o6.   Vixen.« ... for your succinct comment ... cool
o7.   Undertaker GT ... nice to read your comment .. thumb up
o8.   link` ... so glad you liked it ... very nice
o9.   der-bozz.esu ... for the awesome comment ... simplicity
1o.   JaniX ... for your award and support ... thumb up
11.   »nator. ... so glad you decided to award ... deserved
12.   Lovva ... for playing and awarding ... awesome
13.   Triple.shoot ... glad you tried the track ... enjoyed
14.   Joost»LT ... for the awesome words ... masterful
15.   grobec ... for the hunt ... awesome

User Comments
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  cranberries 11-May-2014
There were no comments for this track.

but there will be one from Razo.'R |R4a
darn it -,- Hitch ruined the second comment -,- argh, sorry about that R.
  Hitchy 11-May-2014
Who's Razor ?
  cranberries 11-May-2014
wait and you'll see
  pascow.esu 11-May-2014
yet again a cool screen mate :>
  cranberries 11-May-2014
  Hitchy 11-May-2014
first finish I will improve my time later
  cranberries 11-May-2014
I think that's almost the gold medal good run for the first try
but now the gear bugs will kick in and the frustration soon after that
  Razo.'R |R4a 11-May-2014
goddamnit. i'm not here for an hour and you release a new track.
at least there's one more comment now.
  cranberries 11-May-2014
it's the first time I was expecting your comment ^^ that's kinda ironic
  Razo.'R |R4a 11-May-2014
it is indeed.
  TurbRono 12-May-2014
Not your best dude.
At the beginning of the track there is a place where you go as "Hedgehog in the Fog" - on touch,
or you can see where you're drive - but much slower.

  cranberries 12-May-2014
I personally think this is one of my best dirt tracks ever (I wouldn't have uploaded otherwise) and I don't think your dirt skills are a good barometer for how good the tracks is I hope you know what I mean, let's just say that it was only your opinion that the track is not so good ... and, btw, that blind spot is one of my favorites, I spent so much time perfecting that part, the speed and the line ... off-road parts are my specialty, and I think the good and dedicated dirt players will appreciate this sort of track
  Undertaker GT 12-May-2014
nice offroad, easy,
only for the WR is hard..
if you accept my tech comment and my
friendship visit in your page,
i like this track, is good for hunters,
negative note :
the final and the part between
the penultimate CP and the last CP
where you have to make two small jumps track
are little bugs (random), the car lost velocity or
dont jump well, and in the final too with separate ways
scenery perfect, and rest is quite fun
  cranberries 12-May-2014
I know that the finish (last jump) is tricky - but it only bugs if you don't jump it right ... I guess I practice it a bit too much ^^ ... and the last part you mention is also very tricky, you don't have to jump at all ... I think there are at least 3 ways (equal in time) to play the last section - it takes a bit of skill to see that - and you mentioned that the car slows down, that can work in your advantage, if you expect/rely on it ^^ practice makes perfect! as some ppl say ... thanks for the comment I appreciate it
  »nator. 15-May-2014
Being a total dirt noob - I've literally never played dirt before - I've got to say this is rather fantastic.

Don't take it personally that I didn't award (yet?) but there are simply some annyoing parts (see above).
Perhaps it just means I need to learn some dirt skills before I realise how to get them perfectly ^^

All in all though, I think I did a decent time for a first-timer
  cranberries 16-May-2014
thank you for the comment but I don't get the "see above" reference ... in your post, you wrote above that reference, that you think the track is "rather fantastic" ... and you also played a decent time for a first timer ... so I'm not sure what to tell you ... I, for one, award the tracks I like especially if I can hunt them and they get me involved by fighting for a better time so, yeah, glad you have fun mate, and hope you'll keep trying dirt once in a while it's not as bad as ppl think, and if you push yourself to award dirt, that's even more awesome - for the community
  »nator. 17-May-2014
Sorry. The "see above" was directed at what you'd already said and what others mentioned - the last jump for example. There are some tight/special turns which need their very own line but that's the point I guess.

Couldn't stand not awarding this, here you go (:
  grobec 28-Jun-2018
Only 5 hundredth ahead, but the times on the dirt maps of this kind seem endlessly improvable. So I am pretty sure a 1:00.xx is possible here
  cranberries 02-Jul-2018
let's do it
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 15 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Hitchy 11-May-2014
Ah. This is what I call a really cool dirt adventure. Lovely combos and I like that there is no hard transitions were you can lose your speed and can't finish the track. It's the best dirt track I've played in a very long time
User Award   Razo.'R |R4a 11-May-2014
It's kinda fun to play a dirt track again after quite some time.
The track has some really tricky corners as far as i can judge with my pretty low skill
I actually really wanted to beat the gold medal on that one but then seeing the author time made me quit^^
User Award   Sky.esu 11-May-2014
take my first run and this award
User Award   ZoggeR 11-May-2014
When I read in your AC that you need an experienced feel of the car on dirt for this track, I already thought that I wouldn't be able to enjoy it, but oh well I did enjoy!
It feels very clean and flowy, and I am sure that dirt hunters will love it

User Award   Sebkifum 11-May-2014
Nice one!
One of my favorite mud track.
Nice fun, cool jumps and very nice construction!

Big for me!!

User Award   Vixen.« 11-May-2014
Cool :3
User Award   Undertaker GT 12-May-2014

User Award   link` 12-May-2014
very nice mate
User Award   der-bozz.esu 12-May-2014
wow, one of the offroaders these days without any transitions. It`s a welcome change in contrast to most other offroaders. I like ths simplicity which also goes nicely with your scenery (: Cool spots here and there, nice combo of speed and tech. Ofc it need some practice to get all corners clean for newbies, but it makes also fun to hunt!
well done

User Award   JaniX 17-May-2014
User Award   »nator. 17-May-2014
Damn late award. You deserve it.

I'm having such fun hunting this map :3

User Award   Lovva 18-May-2014
totally forgot award this. awesome map.
User Award   Triple.shoot 25-May-2014
despite my lack of skill in dirt I enjoyed this one pretty much
User Award   Joost»LT 25-May-2014
Such an masterfully crafted dirt track..
I really love it, great tricky corners, barely any jumps or bugs. Oh and a lovely scenery as well, it makes the track pretty atmospheric IMO

The finish is kind of strange though... I crashed it in my run otherwise it would have been a 1:02.high I think
Oh well, I'll redrive it later I guess.

+ time
User Award   grobec 28-Jun-2018
Awesome map
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