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Name: Download XSC - alive
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cranberries
Version: 21-Jun-2014
Released: 21-Jun-2014
TMX id: 5935067
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 40,259
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:07.68   cranberries+ 0:00.0040,259
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:08.04   wormi+ 0:00.3638,974
1:08.83   pascow.esu+ 0:01.1536,154
1:08.93   JaniX+ 0:01.2535,797
1:09.40   Bat !+ 0:01.7234,120
1:09.49   .nixx+ 0:01.8133,799
1:09.62   Joost»LT+ 0:01.9433,335
1:09.64   TraX+ 0:01.9633,263
1:09.69   adrijk+ 0:02.0133,085
1:10.68   Lovva+ 0:03.0029,552
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Author Comments

~ ~
hello off-road maniacs

In the past few days I've been working on my XSC track, and it's been quite a lot of fun ... I only had the start idea in mind, and the rest kinda came afterwards ... I didn't plan anything for the big picture, I went for a straight-up, full-on, dirt hunting track ... that's all I knew I wanted to do, and that's all I was focused on ... and the end result is quite pleasing, because pure dirt is not well represented in this competition, even on TMX
so, if you want to get your wheels dirty and your fingers sweaty ^^ just as dirt hunting is supposed to be, then here we go !!!

name : alive
style : Dirt
length : ~ 1min 08sec
coppers : 3300 CC
intro: 3sec Intro
outro : behind camera

HUGE thanks for posting your replays, comments and awards
Thank you   Razo.'R |R4a for the 1st award and a great time xD
Thank you   adrijk :-)
Thank you   Joost»LT so awesome of you to say that =$
Thank you   wormi you've proven yourself as a dirt warrior ^^
Thank you   devo. true that!! that's why I love it =D
Thank you   JaniX for the nice words =$
Thank you   link` so glad you like the scenery too \o/
Thank you   .nixx awesome award, where's the replay? =S
Thank you   Lovva yes, indeed >.<
Thank you   unholy79 nice to read that 8-)

Thank you   Switch for playing and the nice comment =)
Thank you   NitroGuy! wow, awesome award o_O
Thank you   Pesca for the thumbs up ... b_O_d
Thank you   Bat ! great point, I'll try and reconsider jazz =$
Thank you   TraX you're right about the off-road maniacs =(
Thank you   pascow.esu for a nice fight for the win =)
Thank you   Sky.esu for the compo and the simple award =D

I recently made another dirt track that didn't get much attention - here's a little showcase, to let you know where it is and maybe give it a try

T h e C r e v i c e by   cranberries

Hope you have fun on this one, submit your replays and comments
and never stop improving yourselves as drivers and builders

Keep building Forever !!!

User Comments
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  cranberries 21-Jun-2014
There were no comments for this track. -,-
  collab' 21-Jun-2014
  SapphiroN 21-Jun-2014
This track was clearly made for hunting, but I still find it very underwhelming. Granted I don't understand the little details that makes a dirt track flowy but it still feels oddly open and straight forward for your usual style.
  Razo.'R |R4a 21-Jun-2014
too late again. damn i'm getting old and slow.
  cranberries 21-Jun-2014
a true dirt warrior never gets old and slow -,- we're here to FIGHT for the best track builder and hunter of the summer !!! ^^
but, on the other hand --> nice to see you
  Razo.'R |R4a 21-Jun-2014
track is tough :/
  cranberries 21-Jun-2014
thank you ... I know that for some ppl the track (or most parts of it) seems easy ... but when you're hunting for a better and better time, it can get real tight and real difficult quite suddenly ... even if you think a part is too stretched or too open (as mentioned before) it's not that stretched and open if you're fighting with the speed, the gears, the perfect lines, the bumps, the bugs , etc ...
  wormi 22-Jun-2014
so far I've been doing a 107 time multiple times but I always receive a bug whether in big jump in the middle or a gear change in last corner... really annoying map mate! so i won't award it yet, will do if i get a single replay without some random issues

e: got 108 low, but still not satisfied... no time for more hunt now though so you must deal with that
  cranberries 22-Jun-2014
I noticed that the big drop can bug but I found 2 quite different solutions for it ... one is to completely let the nose of the car go downwards without altering the natural fall ... OR to immediately stop the nose drop in the air, when you start flying ... these both tricks fixed the landing bug almost entirely (for me, at least) ... hope this helps

I didn't get the gear bug at the end that much it may be the fact that landing at higher speeds will not make the gear bug appear ... or it's a matter of landing the car, if you're already turning in the air, you'll lose a bit of momentum entering the last curve, and it might stall the car acceleration a little bit ... anyway, I don't have a solid solution for this one

great time already I know 1:07 is easily possible ... but I didn't have that much time to make a cool AT due to time constraints ... GG
  wormi 22-Jun-2014
yeah i managed to fix gearbug problem with another line ^^ I usually prefer shorter and tighter lines on dirt but took a bit wider one, equal to time but different gear
  .nixx 22-Jun-2014
I didn't want to show you how much I sucked in dirt but here is my "decent" run ... don't laugh please
  cranberries 22-Jun-2014
wouldn't dare to do so ... and that's actually not a bad time at all
it means you didn't crash and pretty much drove it as intended GG


btw, now I've noticed the tech reference ... will definitely try that
  .nixx 23-Jun-2014
Can't wait !
  TraX 29-Jun-2014
Sadly there's no 'off-road maniacs' left on TMX.
The Pantseri days have gone. I've not had time for this one yet, but I've downloaded it
My guess is it's another old school classic
  candidatus 01-Jul-2014
Not a particularly good track.

You lose speed too many places and thereby the flow is spoiled. Sorry, not my kind of track, but I have noticed that this is a track for experts.


  TraX 01-Jul-2014

We want More...
We want More...
We want More...


  Lovva 01-Jul-2014
to me it looks like 1.06 should be possible
  cranberries 01-Jul-2014
not sure about the 1.06 but I fear that one of the legendary dirt players from a few years back would destroy the times on this one

@ candidatus - don't worry about it, glad you tried it ... but I hope you didn't give up because of a few speed bugs you should fight a bit more and overcome the obstacles it's much easier when you play it more and find out the right ways
  wormi 23-Jul-2014
Would I have been in top on this after all?
  cranberries 27-Jul-2014
finally I found some time to hunt it again -,- goes much faster though
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User Awards
Showing 17 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Razo.'R |R4a 21-Jun-2014
alright, i won't consider myself a dirt-maniac but i read the ac anyway (so badass)
the track offers some tight-a** turns and i'm not even able to get one of those the right way.
but disregarding all the major flaws in my driving technique, i had a lot of fun and even though i couldn't reach the gold medal i'm happy with my time.
not even close to a pro time but good enough for me.
User Award   adrijk 21-Jun-2014
User Award   Joost»LT 22-Jun-2014
Very nice stuff cranberries!
Seems like a track with straights at first, as is pointed out by others already. But as you say, when you start to drive it a bit faster your lines become longer and the straight parts become more of a challenge...

I really like the start and some of the combinations here, but unfortunately I don't have access to my gamepad atm. I just feel more confident driving with it.

Furthermore the scenery had interesting moments, but wasn't as much my taste as some of your other works.
Anyway thanks for this track in the XSC, I do feel that the beautiful side of dirt should be showcased a bit more nowadays.

User Award   wormi 22-Jun-2014
Well, F1 will begin so I need to quit. I'm still really mad to you for these bugs (if i have no idea how to avoid them after 6 years of tm fuk it D: ) but at least I finished one run without them. I had -0.3 to that run before big jump multiple times, but always bugged it. Maybe it doesn't work when going too fast, but I rather take a risk to get -0.3 instead of safe landing and -0.1 only ^^

Overall good and challenging map, even though you could have made it a bit more smooth too. The corner before 180 degree uphill/downhill turn is damn difficult to get well (that's where I lost 0.3 on this run) but the same corner actually makes this map worth of hunting more than 5 minutes. Also endpart is difficult, but not as random as that start of the midpart.

And as this map gave me love & hate, so it must be nice so here's an
User Award   devo. 22-Jun-2014
Why must dirt be so hard. Nice track nonetheless!
User Award   JaniX 22-Jun-2014
Nice to see another dirt map in this Competition
I really like it, tough some corners were pretty hard for me, but yeah I´m not a Dirt pro...
User Award   link` 22-Jun-2014
this is a really great track, and these scenery moments are awesome, really cool stuff here. I'll try to hunt it a bit
User Award   .nixx 22-Jun-2014
After driving this track, I understood why I don't like dirt. Dirt maps are always soo trick and way too long for my taste... But at least am not so noob driving them. It may took me a while to have a decent run but overall I really appreciated driving it. A real badass map! And as link said, very cool scenery (:

Build more tech boss !
User Award   Lovva 22-Jun-2014
User Award   unholy79 23-Jun-2014
I like it
User Award   Switch 23-Jun-2014
This one feels a little long imo, but it might be because I'm not used to drive on dirt. That also explains why I can't even drive a decent run, will give you my replay as soon as possible. Apart from that the track is quite cool, I especially like the start and the first u-turn. Then it gets standard dirt, with all these random bugs and slowdowns, but I learned to deal with that, and now it's ok. And i like the scenery, too, not mindblowing but it's doing its job. So yeah, well done!

User Award   NitroGuy! 24-Jun-2014
don't know how to describe how much i love this one...your maps are always so unique. this is really a fantastic map, everything about it is a blast to drive

User Award   Pesca 24-Jun-2014
User Award   Bat ! 28-Jun-2014
Nice dirt map
Fits great the tournament
Love the route, it flows so well when nicely done, although i'm poor in dirt skills.

I'm not so sure about the scenery in that mod, but i'm playing in low def :/

I'm still waiting for the end of the jazz pack

User Award   TraX 01-Jul-2014
As I predicted, Very nice Dirt track cranberries.
in fact in my top 20 'ATBs', & thats a Big shout out...


User Award   pascow.esu 20-Jul-2014
Amazing dirt track mate
User Award   Sky.esu 20-Jul-2014
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