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Name: Download Sunny Days.°9
Pack: Download Sunny Days
By:   dow|.Dave.
Version: 21-Nov-2008
Released: 21-Nov-2008
TMX id: 605194
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:28.88   sulazdk+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:28.95   KarjeN+ 0:00.07-
0:29.00   AR | Helix+ 0:00.12-
0:29.02   SucXceS+ 0:00.14-
0:29.07   craxx <3+ 0:00.19-
0:29.07   AR »Down.+ 0:00.19-
0:29.10   ECL~Masango+ 0:00.22-
0:29.12   CRO|Bare+ 0:00.24-
0:29.12   Taddy|Devil+ 0:00.24-
0:29.13   SynCro.+ 0:00.25-
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Author Comments

Sunny Days.°14 by   dow|.Dave.

Sunny Days.°9

Had a lot of time some days ago and that's the result of my free time.
It's Nr.9 of my little project. This time it's quite easy to finish. Yeah, I guess everyone should finish this after some minutes. So it's good for online and probably WRH, too. I really like it. It's simple, smooth and nice. Hope you'll enjoy it, too. Thanks for reading the AuthorComments.

Track Details:
°Coppers: 3333
°Length: ~29.00
°Wallrides: 1
°Intro: Yes (Normal one xD)
°GPS: Of course
°Drops: 3
°Jumps: 2
°AuthorTime: 0:29.37
°Possible: 0:29.1x?!
°Style: FS-Mini
°Cams: Yes
°Mood: Day
°Pack: Sunny Days
°Fun: I hope

Thanks to beta-driver: (This time really much!)

And please, if you have time try this track from me, too.
"Stayin' Alive. [Updated] by   dow|.Dave."

Have Fun & Good Luck.

Thanks for the lovely Awards mates!
DarkNoob ZayL Mixi BluEjAck ZapZap Mr.monO Puma Hitch Sebi Jakub19 Ptitnono.F® Alba German_Dude Danish r4auetzer GSA|Cheet Eraser [NZK]Hr.Mann Leon NVP°° Morte_745 GSADynamite comedystreet |© Ebbi/GhostDog Firwarre.F® CRO|Bare -HQ-CeLoX- Tige® Kjetiltheblonde Qontrol Boomer Baston HardDance MoonShadow Seyix Metal_Snake.F®. Showtime Djsisi78 SweSebbe Jay-Jay KAKASHI |Syncro| necromaniac Dartz4 Begrip`KarjeN ****head Peteypablo7 Hubaner crax. eXtr@cT cReative

User Comments
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  craxx <3 29-Nov-2008
a .09?

then watch this!

and look at thiiisss

i 'nouuu you dont like me but plz plz plz just lemme have one good wr and dont try to beat it

it cost me soooo much time...never drove a track sooo long

  CRO|Bare 29-Nov-2008
why u think I don't like you ?

Ofcourse i will try to beat it From now on i will play this track until i broke WR
  craxx <3 29-Nov-2008
-.- plz not...
  dow|.Dave. 29-Nov-2008
What a time CraxXii...
Insane Record.
What do you think is possible? .05? Or better?
Just awesome replay mate..
  craxx <3 29-Nov-2008
hmm...i can say my time isnt perfect...

incredible and really perfect run...then i just can say...gogo 28.99
  CRO|Bare 29-Nov-2008
haha craxx cant change name to craxx anymore
  craxx <3 30-Nov-2008
  dow|.Dave. 30-Nov-2008

Crazy top10 records..

Edit: Woooooot Classic. Thanks!!!!
  AR | Helix 28-Aug-2009
Could not believe it! I got .07 four times! I'll try to beat it later
  dow|.Dave. 28-Aug-2009
LooL crazy...
Good luck for next trys!
Anyways amazing replay..
  AR | Helix 03-Sep-2009
Very shocked at my own time. I did the wallride better then I thought you could do a wallride. seriously! watch that replay.
  dow|Boomer 03-Sep-2009
awesome time helix
  dow|.Dave. 03-Sep-2009
WTF this time is sick..
Great job..

Edit: It wasn't the wallride which you took so well.. it was the little speedslide which gave you more speed!

PS: Are you going to take every classic rec. on the sunny days tracks?
  AR | Helix 03-Sep-2009
I was just going to start on #6.
Well maybe i did the speed slide better then I've always done it. I think it was still the wallride because thats where I pulled ahead of the .07 time.
  dow|.Dave. 02-Sep-2010
Sick run KarjeN!
Always nice to see you on my tracks.
  KarjeN 02-Sep-2010
thx dave , : )
  Blink97 07-Oct-2010
omg great map
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User Awards
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User Award   SynCro. 26-Nov-2008
oh sry for late award m8^^
this one is really cool
some awesome ideas here
also it has a great flow, that I would guess most would be able to finish on there first try

Great Job

User Award   necromaniac 26-Nov-2008
Yeah, great Mini

User Award   Dartz4 27-Nov-2008
User Award   KarjeN 27-Nov-2008
really nice fullspeeder mini mate
Lovely smothness
User Award   ****head 27-Nov-2008
cool track m8,
soo smooooth
nice flow
great transitions
well done
User Award   peteypablo7 27-Nov-2008
forgot to this

I drove the track and ...
damn I'm without words from it

you're the master from smooth jumps through the whole track mate
great jump through the ring-CP on the platform
nice wallride
cool use from all sort of blocks

(yeah I know, most of this is from my comment in your topic)
User Award   mr.hubby 30-Nov-2008
i like your sunny days maps very much
so another masterpiece
User Award   craxx <3 16-Dec-2008
uuupss forgot to award this one

after many frustrating crashes and nadeo-metal-bugs i can finally see the postive aspects of the track xD

lovely speed...combined with great jumps...and a mixture of nice platform and walls

really great job and surely ya best sunny days

get ya

Cheeeeeeers CraxX..
User Award   eXtracT 30-Dec-2008
w00t w00t. . i sorta got hooked on this one. . my to you
User Award   cReatiV/off 09-Jan-2009
one of the best sunny days map

User Award   AR | Helix 28-Aug-2009
great track, one my favorites of the series.
User Award   hotseason 31-Dec-2009
Just discovered I haven't awarded this!!

Others have said it all before, but....this really is a great track...interesting transitions, smooth fast line and great flow.

~ ~

User Award   Nadal 09-Oct-2010
Watch out. by   Nadal
User Award   tweakor 14-Jul-2017
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