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Name: Download AquariaL [RPG] [CTC]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   igntul_simo
Version: 26-Oct-2014
Released: 26-Oct-2014
TMX id: 6055844
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 10,752
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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14:22.41   BoSswosile+ 5:07.360
14:22.48   XtremJinx+ 5:07.430
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24:16.58   oplya+ 15:01.530
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Author Comments


This is our, Simo_900's and Igntul's duo track for CTC aka Creative Tracks Contest. The making this track begun when we both came up with the same idea of an underwater RPG and decided to make it a duo track. Actually this track never got finished, due to inactivity of us both. We still were able to release it as how it was at the moment. The track is also mostly built using TrackStudio instead of regular editor to put blocks down to Z=0. We got to 64 backup files for the track!

Story: You're a deep sea scuba diver discovering the secrets of a famous diving location. The place has gained fame for being so dangerous. Roam freely but take care to not get stuck anywhere, if you wish to see land again!


"Underwater?": Yeah, 99% of the route goes underwater, in Z=0 level, so the track has got water physics all the time. The high speed on flat is about 38 km/h, so it's not really a "high" speed You can make long jumps with so slow speed, cool, isn't it? The water itself isn't visible, because if it was, you couldn't see the route at all. Being underwater disable cam2, and cam1 is a bit farther than normally too.

Lenght: Even thought it only has 16 CPs, (one ring) it's 10 minutes long without respawns. First run should be 20-40 minutes long, since the route should be fairly clear.

Difficulty: Intermediate. It's actually quite easy to drive, but it's also super easy to go upside down by an accident. Driving this track is not so much about skills, but patience. Real hunting shouldn't actually be possible.

Coppers: 3615

Blocks: 1467

Mod: AquarialMod, which has no big changes to original AquaMod by popgun.

Media Tracker:

Intro: Only some cameras of the track with a car driving it.

Ingame: none

Outro: none

Important! The track is only playable with TMUnlimiter!

GPS Video by Shortz

Have fun!

  simo_900 &   igntuL

User Comments
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  simo_900 26-Oct-2014
a screen is coming later today!
  pascow.esu 26-Oct-2014
I really missed a cp I guess...
  Nixion 26-Oct-2014
you forgot to write that its also super easy to unturtle
  fab'm 26-Oct-2014
I wish I could enjoy this track better but maybe I suck at this because it's really frustating to drive and having crashes that last 30 seconds of me trying to control the car and trying to make it into a good position and feeling desperate when the f*cker ends upside down
the idea is awesome, but on my opinion you lost a golden oportunity to make it more autentic and having a fantastic underwater experience... why no mediatracker effects? fishes roaming arround, deep sea fog, sounds of the deeps? anything, if it wasn't for the mod the track don't feel the autentic experience you were aiming, it feels like just a "normal" RPG with water physics
also I think this song would fit so well xD but c'mon guys don't stick with a mod and a common RPG
  Konde 26-Oct-2014
My first time 24 mins. xD
  simo_900 26-Oct-2014
As we told in the author comment, this track was released quite much unfinished. We planned to make epic ingame mt, but because of inactivity we didnt make any. There is a sea ambience soundtrack tho

And yeah, it idd is super annoying to drive. ^^
  igntul_simo 26-Oct-2014
track updated, only made little changes to intro, because it made the track too heavy for servers
  simo_900 26-Oct-2014
Botw in six hours! Thanks a lot guys!
  Lovva 26-Oct-2014
feel sick about CTC, no idea why they ruin whole competition (by allowing unlimiter maps)
  simo_900 26-Oct-2014
You still dont know how to install it?
  shortz.esu 26-Oct-2014
  igntul_simo 26-Oct-2014
Thanks! Link added to author comment
  W!cked 27-Oct-2014
Hey guys, I got a question which is kinda related: Is there a "newer" version of the tm-unlimiter than the one that appeared a few years ago or am I doing anything wrong? The old one I'm using enables blockmixing for me, but tm still crashes as soon as I want to build underwater and it is not possible to build outside of the stadium.
I can play this kind of tracks, but building them is pretty much not possible for me. Sorry if this question has been answered before - I was inactive for quite some time and never really got into the blockmixing stuff, but well, it's nice to have the possibilities.
  Zenit 27-Oct-2014
building under water is really hard and not possible with the unlimiter

you need another programm called "Trackstudio" (which is challengeedit with display)

but you can do normal bm stuff?
  W!cked 27-Oct-2014
Yeah, the normal bm stuff works as well as playing tracks that require tmunlimiter. I just haven't figured out how thinks like building outside of the stadium work.
  Zipperke 27-Oct-2014
wicked, in the programfile map where you find the red car there should be a textfile with .ini as extension
open it and there you'll find all original dimensions of the normal editor and the ones you can change
change the parameters, start unlimiter and you're ready to go
  AR »Trian 27-Oct-2014
you may not see the .ini if you've chosen "hide well-known file extensions" or sth like that
  simo_900 27-Oct-2014
  AR »Trian 29-Oct-2014
...until your newest solo track took that place...
  simo_900 30-Oct-2014
i ain't even mad
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User Award   oplya 22-Jul-2017
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