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Name: Download CTC NormalTuesdaynightForRoelC
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   RaµL
Version: 21-Feb-2015
Released: 26-Oct-2014
TMX id: 6055941
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 32,897
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:58.83   dan!el+ 0:00.0032,897
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0:58.92   wormi+ 0:00.0932,595
0:49.68   cranberries- 0:09.15-
0:58.06   Infector.bro- 0:00.77-
1:03.54   elaus43+ 0:04.71-
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Author Comments

It feels like people pulled a Magritte on me
anyhow as of popular request: seriously it
happens alot: here's me being compact. T
CT TOO OK, somehow i managed to pull of
f a track that's really smooth while being me
(and me being smooth "you guys look great")
while still getting in some great new things a
nd have you tried my start, it's delicious? I'll
just leave a blank cheque here for the rest

*whispers* compact...
and well anyway i want to say thanks for helping me remind myself i wasn't being creative trying to introduce new transitions.. cause admit it, everyone will be trying to introduce new things, some might try some new transitions, others might try new atmospheres, some might try to introduce new game modes like the chicken invaders or eventathlon and others will just try their very best keeping up with the rest.. I was going to be part of the first group and somehow it displeased some of the settled masters here in tmx, so i realised i must've been doing something wrong right?... *ahem* RIGHT? *distant voices shouting YEA* so nope, i'm an artist, i'm not going to settle for this without a concept! (i think this is the part where you expect me to explain it so i will): if everybody tries to be new and refreshing, isn't the most refreshing thing just trying to be yourself a little harder? cause i figured everybody would be going to do the shit i was going to do too so i can't do the shit i wanted to do, so i'm going to do shit others want me to do, only a little "more".. so how i can be myself but a little more? well i defined the things that others consider being keywords in my existance: compact(i really shouldn't say anymore cause it would spoil the compactness of me defining myself), (i already ruined it anyway so) funny, artistic, more shit.. so i just had to be a little more compact, more funny, more artistic, more me.. so i made this track - the end - but not yet cause i still want to point out that i really had ALOT of fun making the media for this one, i'm sure you will enjoy it too if you can see the fun

i would like to thank   W!cked and   Infector.bro for proving helpful guidelines in the building process
and also   ben3847,   Desire@MK8,   ZoggeR,   Crashtestdummy but not   Razo.'R |R4a (because his dog is gay) for pointing out i was going in the wrong direction
and again thank you   ZoggeR, since he offered to make the screenshot, which he did and damn it's a nice one

User Comments
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  Desire@MK8 27-Oct-2014
  papa_legba 27-Oct-2014
intro doesn´t work for me. also i can´t find the route looks promising tough.
  RaµL 28-Oct-2014
hehe, thanks for the awards and wicked, that corner just came felt so natural for me, as you can see in the gps i just fly by it and that happened since the start so i thought others wouldn't have trouble with it, you just have to take that drift very narrow to the inner edge ^^ good luck and thanks for playing
  elaus43 11-Jan-2015
first i had to view that replay thx infector
  cranberries 14-Feb-2015
unfortunately there are lots of cuts - due to the compact nature and the lack of CPs in many sections ... hope you'll place more CPs asap
  RaµL 14-Feb-2015
i will take a look at that

e: it's updated
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Lovva 26-Oct-2014
i love that gps
User Award   W!cked 27-Oct-2014
As I said before, I really like this concept. The biggest reason for that is the fact, that you can really feel how small the building space of the track actually is. The track itself is exceptionally nice because you somehow managed to make it flow pretty well although you were limited due to the small base this track was built on. There's only one part I kinda dislike, which is the road to platform jump at about 30-35 seconds, since you don't have that much room there for the rooftop block is in the way, so this is the only part that you had trouble at building due to the limited area to build on. The start is quite random, but it's sorta nice and most of the time it still works, because the jump after the stunt is kinda forgiving. The scenery fits this track well, too. Well done!
User Award   Infector.bro 01-Nov-2014
well built, sexy curves.. xoxo
User Award   ZoggeR 01-Nov-2014
Well it's a cool track, but you forced the compactness a bit too much IMO
It still has some clever ideas and the overall flow is surprisingly good
The start, well, I am not a real fan of it, though it is kinda cool when it works...

User Award   elaus43 11-Jan-2015
real adventure
User Award   Sky.esu 09-Feb-2015
User Award   Skopje14 21-Feb-2015
Love compact tracks
Love that GPS
Love that first transition
Like all the rest of the track

* epic Drum Roll *
Award given
User Award   dan!el 05-Jun-2015
User Award   wormi 05-Jun-2015
User Award   .Wiinty 06-Jun-2015
There are a few transitions I don't like too much, but also some (including the half-loop one) are amazing.
And great compact map, even there are a few (slow) slides I dislike but that's a problem compact maps usually have, so I won't blame you for that.^^
User Award   CvRk 08-Jun-2015
I didn't give up searching gps great one
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