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Name: Download CCP#17 - Valkyrie
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wormi
Version: 17-Dec-2014
Released: 17-Dec-2014
TMX id: 6103539
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 70,077
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:41.06   Jumper07+ 0:00.4665,313
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0:41.11   cranberries+ 0:00.5164,795
0:41.30   "Dawe.+ 0:00.7062,828
0:41.32   waldfee+ 0:00.7262,620
0:41.36   Hitchy+ 0:00.7662,206
0:41.72   Dule+ 0:01.1258,478
0:41.80   Joost»LT+ 0:01.2057,650
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Author Comments

// Hello and Merry Christmas everybody!

This track is my contribution to Christmas Calendar Project 2014, organized by   dan!el. This is my second ever CCP map. It has been already 4 years since I built the first one, "CCP#13 - Blizzard", but it's cool to be back in the project again!

At first when singing up in the project I thought that I would build a dirt track. However, I didn't really get any inspiration on muddy roads, which led me to build a tech one. I decided to build the map using only TMN ESWC blocks, having some old-school feeling in it with modern elements. The result is quite interesting pack of different kind of drifts, both fast and slow, and some simple transitions. Even turbos are included, which isn't that typical for my maps. It isn't the smoothest track out there if you are a perfectionist, but as you might know that isn't the main goal for me in building. Small usage of airbrake makes hunting more fun to me! The scenery and the Winter Eclipse mod by   sol666 make the map feel snowy even with old blocks, and to me it looks nice ^^

For the first time since "MTC wHole p12za, please!" that I built almost an year ago, I actually made something with the mediatracker as well. Outro and gps are rather basic but the intro is massive - over one minute long - and synced with a song! As the map name suggests, it syncs with a song by one of my favorite artists; Varien's Valkyrie. Even though it took a bit time I really like the outcome.

// Quick info
style: tech
length: 41s
difficulty: intermediate
size: 3110c
mod: Winter Eclipse (search the name to find it)
mood: evening (4 years later still best with that mod!)
big screen by   dan!el
video by   JakeRay

// Mediatracker
GPS: by   Sampi.tween, time 40.64

// Medal times

// Easter eggs
Yep, like with Blizzard, I added some hidden MT clips in the map, totally 6 of them. Some of them are very easy, but some need a bit thinking and maybe even driving skills to get ^^ No one of them is on grass. You will notice hitting one when the screen turns black! For finding the easter eggs, you will get some coppers:
6/6: 2000c
5/6: 1500c
4/6: 1000c
Post your screenshots with a login in comments to win! Deadline to take part is 25.12 at 23:59 ^^

// Final words
Thanks to dan!el for organizing the event and making my screenshot, and the community for providing us many nice maps. It's cool to see people taking part in this project each year that I find the best ever existed in TMX. I also want to thank tween for driving me the gps ghost for the map! Lastly, thanks to SapphiroN for little feedback with intro, he is the MT expert right?

I hope to see many more nice maps in the project, and everybody having a good Christmas. Cheers!

Yours truly ~

User Comments
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  wormi 17-Dec-2014
there will be comments for this track
  Dule 17-Dec-2014
this is a comment.
  »Paulmar|35| 17-Dec-2014
What is a comment ? o.O
  link` 17-Dec-2014
this is not a comment
  Lovva 17-Dec-2014
hyvä mappi

  Creep' 17-Dec-2014
I found all easter egg

Screens :

n°1 , 2 and 3 was really eazy to found.
n°4 was a bit hard
n°5 and 6 was quite hard

I found it in this order : 2, 1, 3, 5, 6 ,4
Login : fredericdu28
  Lovva 17-Dec-2014
my was 1,3,2,5

didint find 4 or 6
  JakeRay 17-Dec-2014
  wormi 17-Dec-2014
Oh I thought they would be harder to find all. I'll post coppers when DL is reached
And please, these awards...
  elaus43 17-Dec-2014
had fun with your track !
but didn't know someth. about eastereggs - hey it's december
one Rudolph for me
  wormi 17-Dec-2014
I know, but that's just how these little hidden things usually are called ^^
  worm.apx 17-Dec-2014
Varien! <3 first what came to my mind after seeing the trackname.. I am really looking forward to the third song of the Valkyrie trilogy :3

e: Laura Brehm is my favorite :3
  wormi 17-Dec-2014
@worm: Varien has been one of my favorite artists this year

@cranberries: the long start is relaxing oldschool part, might feel boring compared to very action packed style we have nowadays
  Ravenwest 18-Dec-2014
Thanks JakeRay for videos
  JakeRay 20-Dec-2014
  troLLz 20-Dec-2014
4x low for sure possible here ! failed 1st, 2nd and 2nd last drift
  wormi 20-Dec-2014
@RaµL: yeah it ends so early, but faggot tmnf editor doesn't let me move the map and im too lazy to move it block by block - ran out of space!

@troLL: sick time already tho
  Undertaker GT 22-Dec-2014
Great Video and cool music
in this one JakeRay
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Infector.bro 21-Dec-2014
epic one, gogo!
User Award   Sky.esu 21-Dec-2014
stylish speedtech
User Award   ZoggeR 21-Dec-2014
I rly like it actually, that slow start feels very old-school too
Though I have to agree about it ending too early, a rooftop slide and some offroad section would have rounded it up a lot more
User Award   Undertaker GT 22-Dec-2014
not necessary many words mate
when i'm front of professional work
Great long Intro,
beautiful track, with amazing tricks-jumps
scenery funny good flow
look is sure more speedtech
User Award   Joost»LT 24-Dec-2014
You feel like a boss when you have a nice run, but like a total noob when you screw up
Those ' jump-in drifts' are prettty tough to nail consistently, well atleast for me. But they're definetely learnable and they give this track a great dynamic feeling!

Especially because on every corner it feels like it can't possibly go right, but somehow you make it with plenty of speed as well
I like that sensation
User Award   waldfee 19-Jun-2016
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