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Name: Download [MTC] Burning Heart
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zipperke
Version: 13-Feb-2015
Released: 13-Feb-2015
TMX id: 6154975
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 46,832
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:33.32   Kim1337+ 0:00.0046,832
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0:33.57   aiden.KraL'+ 0:00.2544,724
0:33.63   _firestorrm+ 0:00.3144,217
0:33.65   cranberries+ 0:00.3344,049
0:33.94   Creep'+ 0:00.6241,603
0:33.97   rpee89+ 0:00.6541,350
0:34.21   HardDance+ 0:00.8939,326
0:34.37   elaus43+ 0:01.0537,977
0:34.53   SunBeam+ 0:01.2136,628
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Author Comments


Just in time for the deadline
Here's my MTC track for February with the valentines special
Make a track about something you love in trackmania and add something red (and so i did)
(it's the shadow of the ghost during the pf)
I love the mediatracker
I love to put humour into my tracks
And i love to experiment
Combine all the above and you get this track
It's fast, it's superfast, it's so fast that you cant even look at your speedometer
My AT is bad because i'm tired and i got to go to a party and DL is coming

I hope you all have fun hunting the best time here
You can keep knibbling .01 secs everywhere
At some point you'll be drive so close to the edge you can see metalsparks.
I worked long and hard on the route
And also on the Mediatracker

You all saw one of those misheard lyrics video's on youtube right?
Well. ive made my own version in the MT of trackmania
if all works, the Song, the images, the text should go all Sync with eachother...
Creating an intro that you need to view multiple times just to see all the gimmicks ive put into it
Give it some time to load, it's worth it ;-)
Here's a youtube version (wasn't finished then)
Ingame is advanced now ;-)

There's an outro too
With some sound and cam effects

All covered in a fuzzy red theme ...
Music from survivor - burning heart

And there is a SECRET to be found too...
Drive back at start to see what it's about...

When all files are loaded, reload / restart the track and all should work

Have fun

User Comments
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  fab'm 13-Feb-2015
  Zipperke 13-Feb-2015
omg that's quick
cam 8 cheater
I hope you turtled 5 times before you finally made it
CC on the way

Thanks for award ;-)
  fab'm 13-Feb-2015
I enter the area doing turtle indeed ahah but it was a little bit dificult to find
  link` 13-Feb-2015

login : tusmat
  fab'm 13-Feb-2015
those graphics omg
  elaus43 14-Feb-2015
i followed that car by that cp, but then it's driving trough the air - can't follow anymore
that hidden entrance i did't find
shit happens
cool music - i feel good
  Creep' 14-Feb-2015

Login : fredericdu28

edit : I don't know why but my car is white on the screen
  Zipperke 14-Feb-2015
something with the pc3 not being enabled in your settings i think creeper ;-)

coppers will be send this weekend

thanks for all your nice awards :-)
  link` 14-Feb-2015
Originally posted by Kristján ...
those graphics omg

haha yeah it bugged while I uploaded the pic, my graphics aren't that bad actually
  Zipperke 15-Feb-2015
I even put red in the track
This is the shadow of the car in the gps
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   fab'm 13-Feb-2015
lol I can't see that song in the same way now loool xD it's been a long time I played a track it genuinely made me smile ^^
epic track with crazy mt as usuall, it's a little heavy but it's well executed and overall it's a strong entry for MTC good luck
User Award   elaus43 13-Feb-2015
Everytime i have that feeling after playing a track of you - that there is a story.
I like it too, if there is some kind of humor be part of
Will play for a while ......
User Award   HardDance 13-Feb-2015
Like i said in the beta, the intro is crazy cool! The pictures you used fits really good, and makes the whole intro into a short comedy!
The track is also very nice, i expected one of those crazy transition tracks when i first tried it. It got a lot of transitions, but they work every time without any bugs, and they're very smooth too. All in all a very fun and nice track!
User Award   inf. 13-Feb-2015
nice stuff!
User Award   Creep' 14-Feb-2015
Really nice track
User Award   _firestorrm 14-Feb-2015
Quite cool track. Nice transitions & cool mt work

User Award   rpee89 15-Feb-2015
This is one of the best stadium races I've seen this far for sure with great ideas and a perfectly smooth route that has just right difficulty for anyone to make it for the finish The MT work is both hilarious and very well suited for the theme of this MTC with great attention to all the details in the track also. After I could stop laughing and swept the tears from my eyes I could make a satisfactory time quite easily on this track, but it's so easy to get addicted on this kind of shit that you can't stop improving your rec until you notice that you have listened to a cheesy Survivor song for hours, damn! Good luck with the contest and very well made job here!

User Award   Skopje14 20-Feb-2015
As always, crazy mediatracker So funny Intro!
And the track is perfect in itself: originality with mediatracker, smooth, flow, and quite easy to get

User Award   aiden.KraL' 26-Feb-2015
Nice track but very annoying to hunt I bug a lot and especially the 2nd half starting from the ramp to platform transition is so frustrating... but it is a cool track! The beginning with the mixes is very cool and smooth and the whole track is crazy fast I really liked it! Can't say anything about the MT, because I didn't download the custom stuff (bad internet ). The only red objects were some inflatables iirc, you could have added (a lot) more, red signs etc.
User Award   SunBeam 25-Mar-2015
Nice one
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