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Name: Download [RPG]dis pater.«
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Razo.'R |R4a
Version: 12-Jun-2015
TMX id: 6191420
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 15,824
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
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10:47.80   clem193+ 0:00.0015,824
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12:10.91   DisGo.esu+ 1:23.11-
15:00.18   apX. agent+ 4:12.38-
15:15.46   Razo.'R |R4a+ 4:27.66-
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Author Comments

dis pater


Hello there,
I see you have found this trackpage and are now reading my comment. Mind reading a little more? I hope not. First of all I'm really proud to present this huge piece of work to you, fellow trackbuilders. This is is my third RPG track and by far the biggest one I've built so far. With the first beta version of this track dating back to May 2012 and the beginning of the building process even earlier, this track is now about 3 years old. That took quite some time. As this track was already quite long, I didn't want it to go to waste, so I've continued working on it for the past few months, and step by step it came to an end. After tweaking around some sections the past few days, it's done. I finished the track. After opening the track without readin this, you might wonder why there is no MT work. Well, to be honest, I'm lazy as f*ck and didn't want to spend more time on the track, as it already took me a lot of time. Something around 150 hours I guess. There's a story though.

Yes, a story. That's cool, isn't it.
You are a miner, somewhere in Italy, just doing your job. Small earthquakes are nothing new to you and happen on a daily basis. Now what you didn't expect, is a big a** shining stone, appearing after the earth calmed down. Curious as you are, you dug around it and managed to get it out of the wall. It wouldn't be cool, if there wasn't anything behind it, so you found the entrance to a crazy huge temple area. Now you're totally blown away. The temple is dedicated to the Roman god 'Dis Pater'. A chthonic (subterranian/underworld) god of riches, fertile agricultural land, and underground mineral wealth. Blown away by its beauty, you feel the urge to explore it, but as you enter the temple grounds, the entrance suddenly closes. You're trapped now and have to find a way out.
Sounds like some weird adventure movie. Good luck.

I'm not done yet.
Huge thanks to all my betatesters:
Most helpful was   DisGo.esu.

Other testers:   Igntul,   Erizel (brutal) and a few more, I can't remember, because I deleted some of the beta versions from the beta area.

Mod: A Romanorum Superbia
Length: 12-15 Minutes...I don't know...I suck on rpg xd
Difficulty: Knowing the way as I do, it sure is easy as hell. I'd rate it Inermediate, because there are some spots that can be bitch, but overall it's should be finishable for everyone. I tried to make the route as obvious as possible.

Not sure how much of space there's is left for the author comment, so I'll come to an end after some more words.
I'm really happy about the track turning out to be so cool (yeah, that's what I think).
Don't give up, if you don't instantly find the right way, or are stuck at a cp.
And most importantly, have fun..lots of it.

As always, you can critize the track down in the comment section or by writing some words into an award, if you like the track.
Feedback is always appreciated.
Don't forget to upload your replays!

User Comments
Showing 16 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Razo.'R |R4a 22-Mar-2015
  Hitchy 22-Mar-2015
  »Paulmar|35| 22-Mar-2015
Why reupload ?
  Razo.'R |R4a 22-Mar-2015
why not?
  AR »Trian 22-Mar-2015
if he hadn't had it earlier already, I'd say for first comment
  Sky.esu 22-Mar-2015
have to watch your run, before I continue driving, too afraid to drive completly wrong here
  Razo.'R |R4a 22-Mar-2015
  Hitchy 22-Mar-2015
Will try a time under 20min. Even after watching the replay i forget some places
  apX. agent 23-Mar-2015
aaaa damn..after 18minutes of driving i realized that i drove somewhen wrong
  DisGo.esu 23-Mar-2015
Will hunt it later
  Xerox. 25-Mar-2015
  DisGo.esu 26-Mar-2015
btw fix the cp miss
  Razo.'R |R4a 26-Mar-2015
what cp miss?
  DisGo.esu 27-Mar-2015
On the big road uphills, you can go directly after the border rp with the road uphill to another cp ^^
  Sky.esu 20-Apr-2015
why hidden?
  Razo.'R |R4a 21-Apr-2015
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Hitchy 22-Mar-2015
Quite easy once you learn the route. Loving the atmosphere and some certain spots
User Award   apX. agent 24-Mar-2015
easy rpg, just too long for me
User Award   DisGo.esu 24-Mar-2015
really cool flowy rpg map razor! only dislike are some minor parts, the ones i failed in my replay
the rest is really cool, also the scenery is kind of nice & gives the map a nice atmosphere!
would be awesome to test the next rpgs of yours ^^
btw, low 11 is possible here xd
User Award   Sky.esu 24-Mar-2015
easy and fun
User Award   Loe 26-Mar-2015
User Award   ChadoX 26-Mar-2015
User Award   Life. Ayato 30-Mar-2015
User Award   Xerox. 14-Jun-2015
Easy huntable map, with some nice spots, easy also for players that drives RPG for the first time.
Also good to see unusual RPG mappers on RPG-Cups!
Thanks for submitting it to RPG Spain Spring Cup 2015!
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2015
Nice track
User Award   rastaman 30-May-2016
Late award but deserved
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