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Name: Download Doom 1.1 [MTC]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zipperke
Version: 11-May-2015
Released: 11-May-2015
TMX id: 6234035
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 36,097
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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0:42.06   D1mken ZoR+ 0:00.0036,097
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0:42.54   Xerox.+ 0:00.4833,625
0:43.27   SunSurfer+ 0:01.2129,866
0:44.15   Life. Ayato+ 0:02.0925,335
0:47.47   Reahx+ 0:05.418,239
0:47.58   Solaris+ 0:05.527,672
0:47.86   Orion.esu+ 0:05.806,231
0:48.52   Undertaker GT+ 0:06.462,832
0:48.70   shortz.esu+ 0:06.641,905
0:49.71   cranberries+ 0:07.650
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Author Comments

Hello soldier

Before i brief you allow me to speak out a few words about the experience you're about to endure
What you're about to see is no longer a race game
There's the possibility that it will frighten you.
There's mild use of blood but i'm not making it splatter against your screen (yet)

This is the first level specially created for this months MTC
We cannot show the stadium at all, not ingame, or during the intro or outro
So i made the stadium dissapear..
You cannot see it during your run but the stadium becomes visible now and then in a burst of lightning
This was possible with animated modded textures that i developed.
Everything you see was created, modified or combined by me..
The main goal of this project is to make you Laugh..
I hope i succeeded

About the track:
It's build around the mediatracker
So it's kept simple or it would be too frustrating to drive with these cam possitions
This is some kind of puzzle / RPG / adventure track with a FPS styled Hud.
The difficulty is low so everyone should be able to finish it
This is level 1.1 ...expect the next one very soon.
There's a story too that will develop over the next episodes/levels
Check out the intro when all files are loaded to see what's it about.
but expect a doom styled hud, soundFX from duke nukem, elements from alien and star trek.and much much more
I have the freedom to do this and didn't want to rebuild a classic doom level because that wouldn't work anyway.
Together with the animated mod i Tried to give the player a new experience.
I placed some deadly boobytraps into the route too, don't skip the animation to quick, it's worth a look
When you got the puzzle figured out you can still go for the fastest time cause i think you can still chase on it.

Files need to be loaded before you can play so let the yellow bar do it's thing
When it's gone, restart trackmania and reload the track.
Otherwise it would take to long for the special carskins to appear for you.
If you use the mediafiles you don't have that problem ofcourse
Download it here:
or here

Put the files in the correct folders in C/documents/trackmania/

i know much bla bla, but a project like this needs an introduction

thanks to shortz for the video
Here's level 1.2

DooM level 1.2 by   Zipperke

Good luck soldiers, and above all, have fun (and a little patient at start when files load)

want to try the mod on your own maps?
thanks to hawkger for the upload
some textures become transparent after you saved your track and restarted trackmania for reasons even i cannot explain...

find the secret.. take a screen with your car and link it here.. you'll get something ;-)

still reading? thanks :-) want to know how much i went into detail? open the mediapack and listen to the song in the challengemusic map...
kudos if you know from which 2 movies ...
you can barely hear it in the game itself .. it depends on where you are to hear the wisphers ^^

User Comments
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  Zipperke 11-May-2015

Thank you all for the support, this kind of appriciation helps me alot.
If you got any suggestions about what you would like to see in the next episodes..
put it in the comments ;-)
already coming:
the cow gun: a gun that's shooting cows

Pulse.Ziza: more coming up
Golo: max 1minute for this mtc
Xerox.: thanks
Loe: i will ^^
GoW|R4a: thanks
Undertaker GT: time for new batteries in the hearingaid?
ViQ: thanks alot
RaµL: time for a new provider i think, or restart when all is loaded
blublu: thanks
EOS 6: sing let it go towards your pc the next time :-)
MR: im gonna pop some tags
shortz.esu: thanks, and again thanks for the video
Sky.esu: saw the chainsaws too?
JaniX: Watch out for flies if you keep your mouth open like that
Silver°: thanks for your
Reahx: happy you noticed :-)
waldfee: it's like you're at the dentist
k2: thanks
Zaphang: ai ai, should i call a docter?
tomczan: ty x 4
Flyps: insane in the brain
Quat: no this is not wow, it's tm
Never: thanks (ok just this once)
Kristjan: your pc isn't looking forward to it though
Rastaman: Thanks man
axim031: Thank you
Hitchy: to bad i sold my soul to the devil to get more than 25 awards on this
  .Wiinty 11-May-2015
mtc tag?
  blublu 11-May-2015
Hi, its for MTC (May)?
  Zipperke 11-May-2015
yes it's for the mtc
sorry, i didn't update the track after beta so i updated it so it's fitting the rules for the mtc
Thanks ziza ... there are more levels coming soon :-)
thanks golo yes it's short, but i couldn't make it longer, max lenght for mtc was one minute
thanks xerox :-)
  Undertaker GT 11-May-2015
1993 for PC, i remember when i played after for Sega Mega Drive 32X
i'm old mate ehhh
You are a genius about old PC games and Bar Games too
  Zipperke 11-May-2015
you're as old as you feel :-)
keep your mind young with games ^^
you can only respawn when you see the time check onscreen undertaker
going faster will maybe trigger the condional trigger but not the checkpoint itself
  Undertaker GT 11-May-2015
ok, i need wait the time
and dont see only the MT, thanks
eyes are more speed of the hands, ehhh
  Vorty 12-May-2015
ayy lmao
  shortz.esu 12-May-2015
there you go:
  Undertaker GT 16-May-2015
Cutable Zip or tricky?
I saw that "Xerox." played many times
for search best cut here,
i need see the replay now, ehhh
5" better normal way? ehhh
  Xerox. 23-May-2015
Alternative way
  papa_coin_coin 24-Feb-2017
I thnik all locator is dead
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   inf. 18-May-2015
no words for this!
User Award   HardDance 18-May-2015
Massive work Zipp! My hat off for you!
User Award   Konix 23-May-2015
User Award   D1mken ZoR 09-Apr-2016
Crazy shit
User Award   Life. Ayato 27-Jun-2016
I had forgotten to award this map; sorry, she's awesome.
User Award   papa_coin_coin 27-Feb-2017
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