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Name: Download Free_Sty!er
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   aiden.KraL'
Version: 19-May-2015
Released: 19-May-2015
TMX id: 6242440
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 57,857
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day
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0:48.72   E-Girls are cute+ 0:00.0057,857
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0:49.04   MonsterOmega+ 0:00.3255,577
0:49.74   Dule+ 0:01.0250,589
0:49.91   raizo))+ 0:01.1949,378
0:49.93   Madpie24+ 0:01.2149,235
0:50.08   Gargamel159+ 0:01.3648,167
0:50.94   Mehh+ 0:02.2242,039
0:51.03   ArmNawaphatTH+ 0:02.3141,397
0:51.14   Magyarguy+ 0:02.4240,614
0:51.41   gamesgames1+ 0:02.6938,690
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Author Comments


I'm proud to present you my first stunt track ever! This track was originally intended for the RPG Spring Cup. I had something like a skatepark theme in mind and had made a track of about 5 minutes, but although some parts were cool I wasn't really satisfied with the track as a whole. So I decided to take just the parts I liked most and compile them into one track of the usual length (45-60s).
Another inspiration for this track was the FreeStyle-Cup. I used to play a bit freestyle in the desert-environment, but as everybody knows it's quite difficult to make a cool stunt / freestyle track in the stadium-environment (I don't know of any good one). The stunts shouldn't be random or lucky but they also shouldn't be Press-Forward-Backflips, but rather include some skill to pull them off (which makes them way more fun too). The track might appear extremely difficult at first, although it's actually not that hard. Stunts are the coolest thing in TM and I hope you like those I included! There are 6 in total:

1. GS + 2x Chained Straight Spin 180°

This one is easy: Turn the car 90°, keep pressing forward+left and press brake after you hit the platform. Voila, a grass-slide. Keep the buttons pressed till you completed the 2nd 180°.

2. Roll / Free Style 360°

Also easy, can't say much about it. Doing a Free Style or a Twister is probably faster than a Roll, I think (but also more difficult).

3. Corkscrew / Spinning Madness / Spin 360°

What's important here: Don't hit the sculpture too low ot you won't make the jump.

4. 360° Wallride

Inspired by "Oklahoma Twist by   elaus43". Keep the car straight a little bit longer, don't turn immediately after entering the Wallride. Try to reach as high as possible in the wall to gain a lot of speed for the next stunt.

5. Flipping Mix 180°

Don't drive straight onto the sculpture but rather a little from the left and then just press forward+left. If you're too straight you somehow slow down a lot, not sure why...

6. Noseslide to Flip 180°

Hehe, one of my favourites! Here you need to drive very straight onto the tilted block, jump, let the car turn till it's 90° (or more) to the ground. Just keep pressing forward+brake. (The antiboosters are a clever cut-preventer which won't affect you if you noseslide over them). Choose the right moment to release the brakes so the car will flip over.

And that's it! I hope you like it, GPS is backwards Leave some comments and replays and enjoy the track!

User Comments
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  aiden.KraL' 19-May-2015
Thr screen is made by... myself
  Dr. Zoidberg 19-May-2015
really really nice map great job!

i like the style and building scenery very nice!
  aiden.KraL' 19-May-2015
Thanks for the feedback! Apparently the track is a bit more difficult than I thought, so I changed it to lunatic.
  Sky.esu 19-May-2015
I get a blackscreen in the 360° wallride everytime I try it after a respawn
  aiden.KraL' 19-May-2015
The blackscreen appears if you don't do the 360° turn (I consider that a cut) and you won't be able to do it if you respawn cause your speed will be too low. But you can just drive the wall the normal way after you have scored the ring CP.
This just happened to me at the beginning Replay!
  elaus43 19-May-2015
me too
so i got one more challenge
cool replay
  Hitchy 19-May-2015
Looks nice on the replay. Seems like a long Hakim stunt map Will try it later ^^
  aiden.KraL' 19-May-2015
Thanks a lot for the great awards and especially to Grondo for my 1000th award here on TMX!
  elaus43 20-May-2015
1000 that's a number !!!
congratz from my side
  superJu 21-May-2015
I finaly got a clear time, but same as jazzedPixel
Will probably hunt it later o get tat Wr
  blublu 22-May-2015
Well, after 1000 time retry your map, i give you my opinion!
Good: Scenery, MT
Bad: the route, you could have made a masterpiece but you made it a shit
Second 8-3-3 jump are pretty random
Black screen?!!! WTF!!! huge shit
Nose Bug?!!! ultimate shit
I like the first 30 sec but not the rest, i think you should have put it in beta first time...
  Loe 26-May-2015
well ok, probably you can say I am to noob for it. But this map is not my taste sorry.
  candidatus 04-Jun-2015
Oh my God, I used a tremendous lot of time on this track. I could not crack the code but finally I succeeded even though my ending is a bit alternative On my way I tried blublu's technique but could not do it - how does that guy do that?
  Dule 22-Feb-2017
Pretty cancerous for hunting but overall pretty good.
I'd rate 4/20
  meNtality.wp 01-Mar-2017
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   apX.Magik :3 28-Feb-2017
You can tell that l4bomb4 sent some people here after he got attention on this map Xd

Anyway, this is some dope creative shit, i really like the scenery too funny to play and cool to drive^^ not my kind of hunting map tho
User Award   E-Girls are cute 01-Mar-2017
Funny map . quite unique routes
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 13-Sep-2017
Omg ist so cool Map
User Award   gamesgames1 05-May-2018
My personal favorite track of all time! So creative! So fun! Can play all day and still not get bored, a true one-in-a-million track! Love it!
User Award   grobec 05-May-2018
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