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Name: Download ARC 2015 - cranberries - Dirt
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cranberries
Version: 21-May-2015
Released: 21-May-2015
TMX id: 6244085
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:50.63   WiiDii+ 0:00.17-
0:50.91   aiden.KraL'+ 0:00.45-
0:50.92   Ragha+ 0:00.46-
0:50.94   cranberries+ 0:00.48-
0:50.99   MR+ 0:00.53-
0:51.24   shortz.esu+ 0:00.78-
0:51.73   wormi+ 0:01.27-
0:51.73   grobec+ 0:01.27-
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Author Comments

author comment - a first draft

to do list:
- separate the intro, body and outro of the AC, so that it's easier for the reader to understand the entire text in one glance
- think of funny/catchy lines to throw here and there, to captivate the reader and make the text more enjoyable to read
- put some bold and italic parts, to highlight some sections and to make the entire comment less dull or uninteresting
- always end with a cliche line (like "Good Luck and Have Fun" for ex), that lets the reader know the author comment is done and it's time to go and play the track

alright, here goes nothing - this is the author comment :


small introduction
Hello ... welcome to my dirt track
( this intro may need something more to it - to be changed later )

the actual comment
It's always fun to build ... I try my best to make something new, exciting, difficult, reliable ... not easy to do ... if you know me, you know I like to experiment ... there is an old-style feeling while playing ... the scenery is always special and original ... enjoy ... have a good hunt
( this comment may need more thought behind it - to be edited later )

some track details
length : not much
mood : the sun is up in the sky
weight : normal size
( this section may require better details - to be added later )

inspiring outro
relax ... enjoy the game ... keep hunting Forever !!!
( these phrases may be overused - to be replaced later )


I think it's great ... nice job on a good first draft


ty   SapphiroN for your 'math'
ty   JaniX for your 'thumbs up'
ty   apX. agent for your 'really nice'
ty   Ragha for your 'simple'
ty   brenni for your 'quite amazing'
ty   One. for your 'pure love'
ty   Konix for your 'like!'
ty   wormi for your 'happy and disappointed'
ty   aiden.KraL' for your 'long time to like'
ty   !k7 for your 'not everything comes easy in life'
ty   MR for your 'great'
ty   Lewis° for your 'great'
ty   »Paulmar|35| for your 'omg'
ty   diplo|mp for your 'love'
ty   Sky.esu for your 'sick' and for hosting the ARC2015
ty   Bogojo(sir B) for your 'simple'
ty   Switch for your 'extremely annoying'

User Comments
Showing 10 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  aiden.KraL' 21-May-2015
  cranberries 21-May-2015
wow my dirt track and my stupid AC awesome screen btw
  CvRk 21-May-2015
  Kumpelblase 22-May-2015
watch first up-slope in slo-mo
the drop afterwards doesn´t work if you get too fast ^^
  cranberries 23-May-2015
I know, but it's part of hunting there's plenty of things that can go wrong if you're not careful enough ... btw, huge thanks for the awards so far will compile a proper award list after the track gets moved to my own profile after the entire competition ends ... in the meantime, keep playing on dirt, there's always a bit more time to be gained
  aiden.KraL' 29-May-2015
I guess a 50.6x could be possible here, but I can't even get to 50 atm -___- I hate that bug at the transition from dirt to road after the 180° quartpipe, but it's probably not avoidable..
E. Hmm not getting that bug anymore Really digging this track but the 180° U turn at the end is so difficult O:
  cranberries 01-Jun-2015
so glad you don't get that bug anymore .. I only got it a few times, and each time it was my fault, for driving a weird line or too close to the edge of that road ... but anyways yeah, the last big turn with that blind corner is a bit of a risky section ... but that's part of hunting ^^ risks are everywhere when you're pushing yourself to the limit
  MR 03-Jun-2015
finally a nice time on a dirttrack for me
  cranberries 04-Jun-2015
anything under 51 is pretty awesome GG ... hehe paulmar
  MR 10-Jun-2015
till the last drift i was before racehans
this end
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User Awards
Showing 17 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   SapphiroN 21-May-2015
cran + dirt =
User Award   JaniX 21-May-2015
User Award   apX. agent 21-May-2015
really nice one
just dont like this last road turn
User Award   Ragha 22-May-2015
User Award   brenni 22-May-2015
dont like the start but the rest was quite amazing
User Award   One. 24-May-2015
+1 to agent, so risky turn in the end and also the second turn is overspeeded.. But I guess you made that on purpose.. The rest is pure
User Award   Konix 25-May-2015

If you are pro driver, transitions works great.
I am bad but award for you!

Enjoy my like!
User Award   wormi 26-May-2015
Well, I'm both happy and disappointed after driving this

Good things first, it's flowy and fun to drive without any bugs or flaws. I also love the pipe turn, since I also have used such in my track Aural Psynapse. Since I find that map one of my bests ever I absolutely enjoy seeing similar stuff here! I don't have any problems with the finish either, didn't bug at all to me, and the second turn after drop us really cool since making it with the right line is challenging yet works perfectly to my style.

Then the bad things. The very first jump to corner is quite random, and whether gives high speed making the following turn un-flowy or low speed making your time suck, Second negative thing is that even you as creative mapper have sooo much of up/downhill turns here. Okay, 5 blocks and 3 turns overall with them, but the other turns are fairly easy and normal, making those turns the only important turns of the map. Not cool, since basically all challenge comes from certain block type. Third thing is that the map is 99% full-speed on a good run, I miss braking or even slowing down a a bit here.

Overall it's fairly solid and classic tmx style map, but I would still drive rather my own or Spiky's map in a competition, since they have more challenge _dirt_wise, even if the flow and usage of blocks etc track-criteria might not be as good. With such tmx style I don't enjoy hunting as much as I could, so it might be that my journey is easily over since I need to be sick on dirt to continue ^^

Quite a long award, but I wanted to comment everything I had in my mind

User Award   aiden.KraL' 28-May-2015
It took a long time for me to like this track but after playing it over and over again it kept growing on me. What I generally disliked: too many transitions, too ordinary dirt parts. Also the beginning with the jump onto the dirt feels awkward, even if I get it right. I mentioned the ordinary dirt parts, what's good about them is that they make the track very easy. It's still challenging to hunt but there are no superdifficult parts which I (as I'm pretty noob at dirt) personally like a lot. Good compact design too!
User Award   !k7 30-May-2015
Flowy not too speedy and very fun to hunt.

I agree with others for that start but hey... not everything comes easy in life
User Award   MR 30-May-2015
User Award   Lewis° 02-Jun-2015
Very well built map! really flow and fun to hunt Great Job
User Award   »Paulmar|35| 03-Jun-2015
What an awesome tech track omg !! *_*
User Award   diplo|mp 05-Jun-2015
User Award   Sky.esu 18-Jun-2015
sick creativity
User Award   Bogojo(sir B) 29-Nov-2015
User Award   Switch 30-Aug-2018
It took me a while to get to like this track. I found many things to be extremely annoying and inconsistent (the ramp jumps, the u-turn on the little quarterpipes, the first uphill) but after trying and trying I managed to get consistent by doing a few little tricks (releasing at the second ramp for instance) and to enjoy this track. So, good work here, I think it fits ARC really well
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