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Name: Download TMX Puzzle Track.3 | CitS II
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Moderators
Version: 30-Jun-2015
TMX id: 6282142
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 23,523
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Expert
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:57.15   euronics.DeviL+ 0:00.0023,523
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:57.47   Marius 89+ 0:00.3222,732
0:57.53   cranberries+ 0:00.3822,584
0:57.86   _firestorrm+ 0:00.7121,769
0:57.91   ben3847+ 0:00.7621,646
0:59.94   jumper.esu+ 0:02.7916,632
1:00.54   Zenit+ 0:03.3915,151
1:00.90   Golo+ 0:03.7514,261
1:01.21   Weekend.+ 0:04.0613,496
1:03.67   Reahx+ 0:06.527,421
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

TMX Puzzletrack #3 - The Records

Puzzle Track #3

We decided to revive this competition after a long hiatus of several years and we're proud to present you the 3rd edition of the TMX Puzzle Competition! The goal is simple: Find the fastest way through the maze without missing any CP. There are multiple routes, some will be faster, others slower. The replays will be locked: that means, nobody can watch them until the competition is over to protect solution.

The winner of this competition will receive a Showcase on the frontpage of his choice!

We, the TMX-Crew, would like to thank   'Twister for letting us use his track for this competition! It's very well built, offering a lot of diverse routes and it's sure gonna be one difficult task to figure out which way is the best here! Twister also created the beautiful screenshot! Thank you very very much


Author Comment from 'Twister:

Today I present you a new track and it´s a maze (ing).
the track is called Castle in the Sky II and is a continuation of my
first "MTC - Castle in the Sky" two and a half years ago,
but only the idea is the same: the concept and design.
This time the track is better, longer and with with many possible ways.
It´s up to you to find the fastest route.
I paid much attention to the driving aspect and atmosphere to create a
nice feeling while the pathfinding( I hope ), but please don´t expect a masterpiece.^^

The author time is obviously bad because i don´t wanna spoil
which times are possible. (Note: But I don´t know the best route too)
The little intro at the beginning and the screen is by myself too.

and finally i want to thank   aiden.KraL' for his idea and the
other mods for their agreement for this competition, because it´s also something
special for me.

OK, enough written, now i´m curios about the replays


Good luck and have fun!

Want to have a look at the 1st and 2nd edition of the TMX Puzzle Competition? Here they are:
"TMX Forever Puzzle Track 1 by   TMX Moderators"
"TMX Puzzle Track.2 by   TMX Moderators"

User Comments
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  aiden.KraL' 20-Jul-2015
crazy ideas! 3 different routes were used in the top5 and still all made it under 57 sec., awesome!
  'Twister 20-Jul-2015
and respect, for taking the painful route, cranberries! (is this the route you was talking about?)
  Marius 89 20-Jul-2015
I uploaded a new replay now.
I think the best time can be done with that route.

It's basically the route of ben's replay combined with cranberries stunt to not have to respawn. It was also my first good way and I always thought, it could be great if I find a way to land on my tyres, but I didn't find it, and with respawn you see at ben's time that this way is too slow then.

btw, I thought cranberries was taking another way that fit his description perfectly.
Because there is also a 4th way with that 57 is possible. It's basically the way with the least meters I guess, and totally different from these 3. It is also as lucky as cranberries' though.
  cranberries 21-Jul-2015
hey guys, thanks so much for the nice words unfortunately I couldn't perfect my run ... but HUGE congrats to the winner

you guys are right this replay I have posted is not the route I was talking about earlier (the one I described in a previous comment) ... that's because I found the loop trick afterwards, and this new find has opened new possibilities that I couldn't reach with the other route

btw, here's my best replay playing the route I described
the start is a total nut job of a stunt - simply going backwards is not enough, I had to find a way to get the back flip and landing even faster (I found 3 totally different ways that can have a better landing - other than going strait backwards and performing a flip - but this is where the bugs happen, because landing sideways on a quarter-loop piece is anything but simple or smooth ... so my best back flip was to perform a sort of swerve and throw the car in a certain way, to literally drive down the side wall - dunno if you can tell from the replay - and land all that insane trick without bugging ... but landing bugs or even gear bugs were happening all the time - so this is a very frustrating stunt) and immediately afterwards there's a very tight jump through the ring CP (the landing has to go right above the edge, but right next to a pole - just try it and you'll see that it's a very narrow window of opportunity there, especially coming from a curbed route upwards ...) ... and finally, the insane break at the CP, and the tight swerve over the platform peak (which I also used in my best replay - at the beginning) is also a difficult thing to pull of smoothly - not to mention it's towards the finish of the replay, which gives additional pressure to pull it off ...

but, the new trick I found at the loop is also very tricky (maybe Marius can attest to this) it works well only in a certain place (right after the loop ends - but not too much further, actually the further you hit the less likely it is to work) and the angle has to be good (a strong hit works better than a softer hit in the wall) ... but that's not all: the trick will work better only if you keep driving and pushing right - letting go of the acceleration or letting go of turning will work against you, but you desperately want to adjust your speed, angle and the turning so it takes a bit of training and self control to get it right ... not to mention that it can bug your speed very randomly, and you end up hitting the CP or with very low speed after landing ... so this entire trick is a gamble as well

anyway, I will also try to beat my time, maybe taking a different route (as Marius said, adapting other routes with different ideas that I had, might find a faster version)

and lastly keep hunting Forever!
  aiden.KraL' 21-Jul-2015
how did you even find that cranberries, so sick..
  Marius 89 21-Jul-2015
Also a very cool route cranberries. I didn't further look into it, because I didn't find the good landing stunt at the start, which made it automatically much too slow. But funny that your early description still fits for 2 ways pretty well. So I try to explain my 5th way to do 57.

First taking the CP right in front of the start and jumping down to the left through the ring CP. The landing is random there sadly. Then turning right and taking the CPs on the bottom, taking the "real" halfpipe-jump and jumping fromt there up to the CP over the start, where you respawn /drift. From there going straight almost until platform ends and jumping to the right handed CP and taking the long jump afterwards to the highest Ring-CP. Jumping ofcourse beside the finish, taking the CP on the highest platform, then going down like in Devil's replay on level lower to take the CP and 2 Ring-CPs, and then taking the CP on the bottom street + finish.

The interesting thing about this way is, that if you cut the map in 2 parts one half each, you take at first all CPs at the one half where the start is, and then the CPs in the other half, where the finishes are.
  cranberries 22-Jul-2015
yes I also tried the half-and-half ... I think most cut/alternative hunters would arrive to this route sooner or later it's practically the most compact and shortest route possible, because you're not crisscrossing the map multiple times ... but I couldn't make it work as fast as the other routes I had in mind so I let it go, and I focused on my other paths
  elaus43 27-Jul-2015
would be nice to see the original track route - like it should.
is there a replay where i can see ?
  'Twister 01-Aug-2015
there is no original track route
  aiden.KraL' 04-Aug-2015
TMX Puzzletrack #3 - The Records
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User Awards
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User Award   Cyber_Dragon 30-Jun-2015
User Award   Sky.esu 30-Jun-2015
User Award   ben3847 30-Jun-2015
Awesome challenge! We need more maps like this!
User Award   jumper.esu 30-Jun-2015
That's a cool one
User Award   Golo 01-Jul-2015
User Award   One. 01-Jul-2015
It's too much for my head, but I think it's a really good track to train the pathfinding!
User Award   .Wiinty 03-Jul-2015
I guess I need one more cp to be finished tho.
Nice one.
User Award   elaus43 03-Jul-2015
really cool idea - i have not found all the cps. It's brainy hard
oh here i am,
oh i was already there,
that ring above how can i reach and so on.
Question map maybe i find them all.
then the hunt can begin.
did the others open the track in their editor for looking
User Award   _firestorrm 16-Jul-2015
Pretty cool. I love the format. Route-finding is one of the most fun things to do for me.
Some really annoying cp that make no sense whatsoever are perfect for this kind of track

User Award   DreamRaceTM 17-Aug-2015
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