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Name: Download Sun. C y c l e s. [MTC]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   aiden.KraL'
Version: 08-Jul-2015
Released: 08-Jul-2015
TMX id: 6290516
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 52,869
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:31.11   divided+ 0:00.0052,869
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0:31.14   Wagentje+ 0:00.0352,563
0:31.16   zr mat+ 0:00.0552,359
0:31.17   Badboy...+ 0:00.0652,257
0:31.24   aiden.KraL'+ 0:00.1351,543
0:31.29   Quat+ 0:00.1851,033
0:31.39   Snellejasper+ 0:00.2850,014
0:31.39   cranberries+ 0:00.2850,014
0:31.42   Hitchy+ 0:00.3149,708
0:31.44   Etidu+ 0:00.3349,504
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Author Comments


This is my entry to the MTC July: "Theme: CP bug - make a track where the CPs and the Finish have to be taken from the side or underneath
( the player has to go underneath or to the side of the CP & Finish block in order to obtain it - not otherwise )."
Pretty difficult theme, especially for a FS track, but I tried to build something smooth and flowy (for Trian^^). The first bug is just PF, the 2nd and 3rd are both flips (but with different CP blocks). Unfortunately, the stunts don't always work out as intended, but I get the first flip 90% and the 2nd about 75% of the time. Try to center and with a little luck you'll make it! So the track definitely isn't perfect but I edited around a lot and everything else I tried was way more random... since the track is very short and easy it still should be huntable!
And this is actually the first time I tried to build something like a "modern" FS track! Yeah, it still has all these flips and weird CP bugs, but I'm pretty proud of the FS parts, especially that dirt to uphill platform transition (prevents you from sliding there). I built this little invisible part at the beginning and it reminded me of some of NLpwfs earlier tracks and remembering that I also added some nice palm trees. A very summerish atmosphere, also with the water around the route at some places!


- FS with some stunt elements
- Length: ~31 sec.
- CC: around 4.000.
- Mood: Sunset
- Blockmixing:

I hope you like it! Don't forget to leave some feedback and replays!

User Comments
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  pascow.esu 08-Jul-2015
  aiden.KraL' 08-Jul-2015
Made this in 3 days instead of studying for my exams.
  Old.Dutch 08-Jul-2015
The scenery looks really cool, but the jumps are very laggy
  aiden.KraL' 08-Jul-2015
Yes, they don't work out always but then again it's a great feeling when you finally make it As I said in the AC: 1st flip works ~90%, 2nd ~75% (or a bit less) of the time for me.
  Undertaker GT 08-Jul-2015
i try after aiden
if flips are ok, you know i'm Master in tricks and love that
why you dont put your track in beta area before...
you go in University?
  AR »Trian 08-Jul-2015
seems I'm not the only one who uses this kind of flips in the track ^^

Quote ...
I tried to build something smooth and flowy (for Trian^^)

  aiden.KraL' 08-Jul-2015
Yes, I do Undertaker! I don't like putting my tracks in beta though.

@ Trian: Airbrake and you shouldn't have any problems there!
  Cyber_Dragon 08-Jul-2015
Sorry, I didn't enjoy this one. The "transitions" just feel too random and it's not fun to hunt/play.
  elaus43 08-Jul-2015
hi aiden -
for me your track has nice changeful and compact style. there are many enjoyable elements and is drivable for all.
i told to paulmar that i don't like the theme. Not in complete, but a fullspeeder get's a real lol/stunt character by those cp Placements. you made it nicer as paul did. Sorry paul if you read this. Because he builded it that way that if you touched the pc, you had to use enter quickly for going on. that was a bit heavy flow cut. because of that i told that i dislike the theme. but you aiden made it more flowy. Nevertheless i like the creativity of you both! The scenery you made looks mostly very nice. like i said changeful - in using mixed elements for the route and scenery.
GL for the mtc and that's the more important point - your exames
  Hitchy 08-Jul-2015
Was -30 on my run before the platform with the loop... So with a luck run + 5% skill i guess a low 31 should be possible
  unholy79 08-Jul-2015
I have to agree Cyber dragon.
  Undertaker GT 08-Jul-2015
  divided 12-Jul-2015
not exactly sure how but my random try (second time I finished the track) got .11

definitely more possible since my start is not good
  TM Tube 06-Oct-2015
Sexy Track funny track
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   AR »Trian 08-Jul-2015
cool concept but it's not always working so smoothly and there's one problem spot: the transtion from road to platform before the 2nd hill doesn't work properly when you get the 1st flip smoothly (and thus get good speed) cause you get a nosedive there very very easily
other than that it's pretty nice for a difficult theme like this
User Award   Sky.esu 08-Jul-2015
nice track for a difficult theme I don't really see the "modern" style here, but I like the way you built the map, though the map quality drops down towards the end. The first CP for example is sick, the last feels forced and isn't stable enough for further fun so ye, building wise pretty good work, but too unstable and bumpy for driving.
User Award   elaus43 08-Jul-2015
User Award   Hitchy 08-Jul-2015
Agree with those above me
User Award   »Paulmar|35| 08-Jul-2015
Well done, nice track track for the theme of this month ! ;D
I like your idea to build an FS track, without respawn, with this idea, you don't break the flow in the map.
I really liked this start, it feels very smooth, then the 2nd cp bug.. this stunt doesn't work the most of the time for me (maybe my line is bad, dunno^^) I had this stunt only 3 or 4 times in 10 minutes, but I don't understand those little transitions after the 1st uphill-downhill. Everytime I had the stunts, i had a nice speed, but I crashed everytime in those transition xD . The finish looks nice but i didnt try it for the moments (ragequit )
The scenery is original and I love it . I'll hunt this track a bit more later and I hope I'll have a run as your GPS
In all, this track is very original and looks awesome when you see the GPS, the scenery is also very good, but then when you have too drive, it's a bit more difficult ^^ . Maybe if you took a bit more time to build it, it would be less buggy xD
Nice track and good luck for this contest !
User Award   zr mat 08-Jul-2015
its good but buggy
User Award   .Wiinty 08-Jul-2015
That's completely awesome, good job.
User Award   superJu 08-Jul-2015
Really nice ideas, great track
User Award   Undertaker GT 08-Jul-2015
I love this track,
but i agree 100% with »Paulmar|35| and Trian here...
Track is little Masterpiece if all work, sometimes more
with lucky moment in the CP-flips,
i prefer the second that is tricky, work with little brake...
the first is more random, cause you need go exactly in the middle
and many time is easy lost speed after in down part..
but i understand that not was easy build a speed track
with this MTC rules.
Great Start with invisible way, Scenery & more.
take my
User Award   Snellejasper 09-Jul-2015
This scenery is so awesome I love it!
The route itself is really nice as well, although I have some problems with the stunt at the second cp. It's hard to get a straight line towards it.
Still a nice job
User Award   Lilo 09-Jul-2015
User Award   Etidu 09-Jul-2015
Amazing track. Works well, looks great.
Nice screen. Just a little too short maybe but it's hard to make something long and not too hard, without cuts, from that theme.
User Award   ZoggeR 09-Jul-2015
The first CP is fantastic
I haven't had problems with the flip at the second CP yet, it's quite cool actually
The third CP is a bit risky too

The scenery itself is not bad, but I personally don't like all that BM crap around there

Also nostalgic invisible part
User Award   AR »Trex 09-Jul-2015
I like the concept, nice work, but since spots are not always working
tho you deserve an
User Award   GR. 12-Jul-2015
Crazy theme but well executed. Fun track!
User Award   divided 12-Jul-2015
I like these cp transitions, didn't see them used much.

Original and nice track
User Award   Kadzio 19-Jul-2015
User Award   Konix 22-Jul-2015
Innovative (idea looks so cool) and simple fulspeeder. What I love!
User Award   TM Tube 06-Oct-2015
Beautiful Image
User Award   fab'm 14-Dec-2015
nice track kral I had a great time trying to reach the best times
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