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Name: Download Ludwig's 9th
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   RaµL
Version: 11-Sep-2015
TMX id: 6350055
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 15,177
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Intermediate
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1:48.60   Quat+ 0:01.5113,893
1:49.81   tntn+ 0:02.7212,864
1:50.83   wormi+ 0:03.7411,996
1:54.36   Golo+ 0:07.278,995
1:55.50   RaµL+ 0:08.418,025
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Author Comments

well i had this idea while listening to Ludwig Van Beethoven's 9th symphony:
by the time little old Ludwig Van began writing his 9th symphony he had already turned deaf and wasn't able to hear whatever he had composed
he had no way of checking whether or not it sounded well, he just relied on whatever he knew and whatever his guts told him
- and honestly, i think it is one of the best classical pieces ever written..

so i decided i could use the same concept on the trackmania editor: something i am very familiar with
of course everyone of us that is still here on tmx after all this time is very familiar with the editor

so here is what i did:
i tried to build a track of at least 1 minute, without testing anything until i was finished
what i ended up with was 2 minutes worth of track, which turned out to be very very good for not having tested anything, sure there are a few bad parts (see the white roof at 32 seconds and the 2nd turn after that) but i think the rest turned out very very well and hereby i invite you to do the same thing and post it in the competition topic here

User Comments
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  RaµL 11-Sep-2015
thanks golo! and yes that's what i mean, he doesn't need to hear what he has writtin, because it's in his mind
the same way as you could make this track in your mind without testing if it flows well

i encourage you to do this aswell! ^^
  Golo 11-Sep-2015
Yes, I got what you said. Just wanted to point out that him being deaf didnt make that much of a difference.
But youre still right with your message Interesting idea in any case. Maybe Ill try but I miss experience
  Quat 11-Sep-2015
the idea is actually not new. i remember playing a similar track a few years ago. i just can't remember who it was ..
  RaµL 11-Sep-2015
yea that's possible i just realised it would be cool to do this, it's probably been done before yea but maybe not by so many people?
  Quat 11-Sep-2015
920 replays later. "Never Changed by   NrjZ". found it
  RaµL 11-Sep-2015
ah yes i see, but then again his idea came from hotrod
well why don't you make one too?
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User Awards
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User Award   JaniX 11-Sep-2015
impressive work
User Award   Quat 11-Sep-2015
interesting one the dirt part never worked for me, so i just skipped it (probably slower). all in all, a nice challenge
User Award   Golo 11-Sep-2015
When hearing about a deaf componist it usually sounds absurd first and might remind you on a blind painter,
I personally think though that its a bit different. The time beethoven turned deaf he was already experienced and knew how notes on a sheet would sound by just looking at them, even if these would be notes for a whole orchestra. Thing is just that this is no different to other composers: Compare it to Gustav Mahler - e.g. on the summer months in 1908-10 he could take a break from being a conductor - which was his actual work - and went to his "Komponierhäuschen" which was nothing more but a little hut as small and simple as it gets. There he composed inter alia his 9th symphony, regarded by many as his masterpiece. Now as you can imagine he didnt bring the whole orchester into this hut or anywhere near this place. He wrote everything just with his brain from beginning till the last note. And thats the same with any other classical composer - they all need to imagine the music with their brain, they didnt really need to test if it sounds nice or anything like it. So, Beethoven was deaf but that didnt do much to his brain, meaning he didnt have a disadvantage as much as you could think because of it. Of course this should by no means say that the 9th or his work in general is any less great and special.
So, why do I give this speech noone cares about? I dont know. But what I can say is that your track is more interresting than most other tracks here and you didnt even test it - now thats reallly something special!
User Award   Sky.esu 14-Sep-2015
User Award   wormi 14-Sep-2015
Start and wallride suck hard to me. Dirt and part after it is nice. Overall okay map, not much different from your other maps tbh
User Award   Sparco (links in bio) 16-Sep-2015
Buggy, jumps miscalculated, unnecessary obstacle... this one reminds me old TMN tracks, so challenging to play One rebuke for this repetitive stadium curve
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