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Name: Download GhostBusters [MTC]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zipperke
Version: 17-Oct-2015
Released: 17-Oct-2015
TMX id: 6384458
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 21,271
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:41.94   shortz.esu+ 0:00.0021,271
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0:42.16   HardDance+ 0:00.2220,601
0:42.37   waldfee+ 0:00.4319,962
0:42.68   rpee89+ 0:00.7419,019
0:43.34   elaus43+ 0:01.4017,010
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Author Comments


Here's my track for this months MTC..
I didn't have a lot of time to test it
I send it to a few beta testers but they just vanished from the face of the earth
Not sure what happened but nevertheless
here it is..
My halloween track of this year
It's not really frightening or scary
It's a bit like you see the ghost of a naked women
odly strange to see but nice to look at

Ive made An animated Mod For it and you are also free to use it

Some textures Turn partially transparent, the sky turns from day to pitch black.
The roadborders are rocks but when you gain speed it starts to look like a giant snake ...
Blood's dripping everywhere...
The platform blocks are transparent spooky trees.. you can Blockmix signs into them to give a 3d effect
there's a pink river of slime (onto the dirt textures, so if you want to make a dirt track with this mod you're gonna have a bad time)
A massive amount of work went into it, take a look ;-)
All files where made by me, made a lot of video's and images transparent and made some animations with after effects.
For example...The sky has more than 200 frames from day to night (max file size 65kb)
I think i put more time outside Trackmania in it..

The track itself:
I really worked hard on it to give the player a challenge that is not to hard to finish.
and also challenging to try to go for a better time,
Not one run will look the same because of the different timed settings of the changing textures..

The MT
You guys challenge me every month to create things that you've never seen before in trackmania
So the intro this time isn't one intro but 3 intro's at the same freaking time.

3 screens display:

Screen A: Who it build and for whatever reason
Screen B: The track with a run by a Ghost with an image of the Ecto1 on it and a POV with a Ghostbuster shooting at some Ghosts (wut)
Screen C: A rap contest between the Ghostbusters and the Mythbusters..
But the really scary part is only at the end of the intro when it all comes together

The story goes like this
You are a Ghostbuster in trouble... on your way over to bring some beer to your fellow busters you found a river of pink slime and are fighting of some ghosts
You contact your buster friends for help and beer but they are in the middle of a Rap Battle with the mythbusters..
On their way over they crash into a portal which brings them onto your desktop just in time to catch Samara...
So they send the new guy to bring you beer....
Complicated? don't try to think about it for too long ;-) or you get hit on the head with a timeparadox

Ingame MT was kept Subtile, you get enough distractions from the Mod...
There's a gps run by the Ecto 1
The outro is also part of the paradox and you are the star.

You have no idea how much time went into it cause i'm not really sure of it myself and i'm not able to tell you

Got lag? sorry.. try to lower the resolution ingame and it will be ok ;-)
Still got troubles? Than there's no other solution than playing the lighter version:
"GhostBusters online Version by   Zipperke"
mediapack coming soon but the files download quickly..

When all is loaded, restart trackmania, and re-open the track, especially if you're judging this track..
For some reason transparancy only works after a restart...

Wish me luck in this months track contest
The task was to build an Halloween themed track revolving the orange Inflatable
Everything should be connected onto it (so no flying blocks)
if you do find such piece please tell me immediatly
Thanks and have fun

Videomakers? can you upload a vid on the tube with the intro, ingame run and outro?
Say something before you start, don't want people to do double work

User Comments
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  Razo.'R |R4a 17-Oct-2015
Add MTC to the trackname here on tmx.
  Zipperke 17-Oct-2015
Ok thanks, i guess i forgot about that
Ah yea, some of the details in the mod is that i changed the textures between start, finish, checkpoint and turbo...
It's really fucks with ones mind

Shortz thanks again for the video, i noticed some images didn't load... that's weird..
Magik: dirt wasn't really an option because of the pink slime, i did use a lot of road at start when you drive around the inflatable and besides ...aiden created a maze with only platform blocks...
  elaus43 18-Oct-2015
better time later - for the moment i like that 4334
  shortz.esu 18-Oct-2015
video is on the way zipperke
  Zipperke 19-Oct-2015
thanks shortz,
is there something wrong or not working? plz do tell me
i see many downloads but no one's talking ;(
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   rpee89 17-Oct-2015
Funtastic racing here! Right from the beginning you have some crazy blockmixing, and the track is equally crazy in a nice way! It took me some time to learn the fastest driving lines here, but once you figure it out this is really smooth and fast full speeder. Music and MT is great and the Ghostbuster theme is just very nice and nostalgic. Good luck again for the MTC!

User Award   HardDance 18-Oct-2015
Not only is the MT top notch as always, but the track is damn cool to play too. Awesome fs track Zipp! Im not a huge fan of the bm's in the start, but the speed, flow and smoothness throughout the rest of the track is absolutly fantastic! A track i could easily hunt and really enjoy it. Awesome job once again!
User Award   elaus43 18-Oct-2015
There is soo much creepy here - fantastic job.
The track has a nice flow and a good route.
Ok those massive effects are a bit irritating to me to hold the good line - but that's Halloween.
I love the details you made like: slimy river / escape cp / spider / ghost signs and especially those animated hands behind the window
very cool track - good luck again
User Award   shortz.esu 18-Oct-2015
really nice work, once again!
User Award   Golo 18-Oct-2015
I always enjoy your tracks
User Award   apX.Magik :3 18-Oct-2015
The MT here is unbelievable. The route is nice but maybe some transitions to dirt or road would have been nice ^^ gl with mtc and lets hope you don't lose again by 1 point
User Award   RaµL 23-Oct-2015
read HD again nice job man
User Award   pascow.esu 05-Nov-2015
Great entry, nice theme and top notch MT as always
User Award   waldfee 15-Nov-2015
User Award   sef.Paras! 09-Apr-2016
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