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Name: Download RecuR
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Raffi
Version: 06-Nov-2015
Released: 06-Nov-2015
TMX id: 6397857
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 31,130
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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1:22.51   _firestorrm+ 0:00.0031,130
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1:22.84   Raffi+ 0:00.3330,383
1:22.89   der-bozz.esu+ 0:00.3830,269
1:23.12   SapphiroN+ 0:00.6129,749
1:33.93   Kadzio+ 0:11.425,278
2:16.43   .Wiinty+ 0:53.920
2:59.36   kn0lle+ 1:36.850
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Author Comments


Y o ,

Well, here we are again - glad you found the way to my AC. The reasons I've been like completely inactive for the last 4 months on TMX were a) family issues, b) university and c) this thingy right here. Yeah I decided to pull something special out of the hat this time, something unlikely and bigger than my usual projects. And this is what came out. This probably isn't something you'll see or drive everyday - which (sadly) doesn't automatically makes this good. Nevertheless - let's get started.

T r a c k

In this project you'll have to master 4 short, yet challenging natural fullspeeders - all connected with checkpoints. Once you reach a checkpoint (there are only 3) you have to reset (press enter) and the next part will start. Every section is between 18 and 22 seconds long, loaded with a lot of transitions, jumps and drops. Finishing in an adequate time is really not easy. I myself struggled an appreciable amount of time to complete this in one piece and (hardly) without any mistakes - and hey, I build this track, so... If you crash during a run, you can easily reset, every checkpoint is respawnable (obviously).

S c e n e r y

I can't think of a project I've spent more time with the scenery than on this one. I wanted to create an eye-popping atmoshpere and therefor I used slightly more than 10.000cc (#crashingPCs). Considering this fact, this is my largest project on TMX ... for now (; Still, I'm not 100% satisfied with the scenery. reasons for that are that there might be some unconneted poles, especially below the track - but I really really tried to connected every block to another one to avoid scenery gaps (just for you Zoggi <3). Second reason is simple: I used blockmixing. I'm not a fan of bm-ing, but in this case I 'had' to, cause some sections and/or details would have looked shitty without. But still, it's just the scenery that is partly blockmixed - the actual trackroute was build without. For the mood I chose morning, which is my favourite one - and I didn't want to totally kill your PC (;

M e d i a t r a c k e r

Intro, 'outro ' and GPS (which you'll need) are made by me - simple text effects, bars, camrolls ect. ect.
GPS time is 01:22.75.

S c r e e n

First off, huge thanks to all participants - every screen, and I mean like EVERY screen was a masterpiece on it's own. I didn't have such a successfull SC since 5 years - last one that fascinating was for my track SeleCt back in 2010. It was a really hard decision, honestly I wanted to take all of the screens, but sadly that's not possible. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, which in this case was Bimse . Thank you so much for your amazing work buddy! Below you can find his well deserved showcase.

How Time Flies... by   bimse

But I feel guilty for not awarding the other participants for their masterpieces they presented me, so I'm giving every attendee a small showcase too - again guys, thank you so much for this incredible SC! <3

"Natural mystic by   samuelhip"
"Dreams by   Elvestad"
"»Evoc' by   .Ornaiim"
"Pan!c. by   DrKris"
"mosquito bites by   GodofWar"
"World Of Nothing by   Hitchy"

L a s t W o r d s

Well guys that's it from my side. Feel free to comment, give constructive critic, post a replay or even give an award. Everything is highly appreciated. I hope you'll enjoy this track - or at least try to (;

Peace out,

User Comments
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  SapphiroN 06-Nov-2015
This looks epic. Nice to see you back Raffi.
Will give it a spin later today.
  Konix 06-Nov-2015
Not FStunt imo
  SPN'« 06-Nov-2015
  .Wiinty 06-Nov-2015
Only if I haven't failed that last part. Better time may come later. :<
  SapphiroN 06-Nov-2015
Continuation of my award..

Now, the scenery is an absolute monster. It must be the best one I have seen from you, it is just overwhelmed with detail and a sense of bigger picture. You don't really focus on it while driving, while it still creates an amazing atmosphere, and I believe that is the best combination you can have. Not much else to say, excellent job!

Hunting this made me want to murder a puppy. Holy shit there are so many different ways you can get an unexpected slowdown, absolutely killing your run on the spot. I do think this needs a bit more playtesting from your part and not getting tunnel vision where you think a section will be easy enough to be played by others. I also understand it's part of the whole NFS-style, but these slowdowns really make your life a living hell if you decide to hunt a decent time.

But hey, let's end this rant on a high note. You had an excellent idea and a fantastic execution, which makes this one of my favourite tracks of the year. Good job Raffi, I'd really like to see more of your tracks in the future.

- Sapph in and out
  elaus43 16-Nov-2015
Normaly i don't like tracks with more than one transition
Very nice combinated parts or should i say the hole track is a symbiotic thing somehow
I like the respwan character - feels a bit of rpg to me. the scenery is great and has its own charme
another point is the nice use of maybe three of the most annyoing blocks nadeo created
(237) / 454 / 334
  kn0lle 10-Nov-2016
For me it's way to bumpy. The transitions are very nice but way to close by each other. And the start with the loop part where you drop down to the ramp is buggy as hell. Sorry, i don't like it. But i gotta say the scenery is a masterpiece
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User Awards
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User Award   Jay^.ps 13-Nov-2015
User Award   devo. 13-Nov-2015
damn boy, you crazy?
User Award   _firestorrm 14-Nov-2015
holy transitional madness ._.
User Award   ChadoX 15-Nov-2015
Really nice one!

User Award   elaus43 16-Nov-2015
fantastic multiple creation -
User Award   Konix 20-Nov-2015
Waw *.*
User Award   ZoggeR 06-Dec-2015
Well ok this track...
There is no doubt that it's impressive how you pulled this off, and it shows your passion and skills for this game

However, there are a couple of things I personally would have built differently, e. g. the start. It's nice when it works, but it's way too unstable IMO.
I consider myself a pretty good transition driver, but I still failed this part quite often.
Also, I think you could have gone more "crazy" with the transitions / parts after respawing. I mean, you have all the possibilities there to make some dope starts.

Anyways, that's the only negative points there IMO; the scenery / layout is fantastic, the route itself is great and the sheer fact that you built this amazes me

I hope to see something new from you soon

User Award   Kadzio 09-Dec-2015
It's too hard to be enjoyable, but looks great!
User Award   wilfred 26-Apr-2016
I think it's amazing how you built this track! Too hard for me to enjoy, but holy crap does it look good!
User Award   meNtality.wp 23-Jan-2017
amazing !!!
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