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Name: Download Skating on Art II
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   aiden.KraL'
Version: 05-Nov-2015
Released: 05-Nov-2015
TMX id: 6404461
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 46,051
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:40.53   'Twister+ 0:00.0046,051
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0:41.04   Dule+ 0:00.5142,574
0:41.17   unholy79+ 0:00.6441,688
0:41.21   vsp.Maxou+ 0:00.6841,415
0:41.45   aiden.KraL'+ 0:00.9239,779
0:41.73   Skopje14+ 0:01.2037,870
0:43.05   dow|.Dave.+ 0:02.5228,871
0:43.10   Burtur.esu+ 0:02.5728,530
0:43.25   !k7+ 0:02.7227,508
0:43.92   TM Tube+ 0:03.3922,940
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Author Comments


Here we go again: this is Skating on Art II. Challenge: Build a track using only Sculpture elements for the route, specifically only 8-2-4/5/6/7.
So this time I restricted myself to using only 4 different blocks in total. Is it still possible with such a theme to build a decent, diverse track with smooth transitions, that is fun to play? Hell yeah, it is!

The idea to make a sequel to "Skating on Art" which was released in january 2015 came to me when I saw superJu's track "SculpField" which was inspired itself by Skating on Art. I remembered how much fun I had building this track and I wanted to make the sequel smoother, more diverse, superior and better in every aspect compared to the first track - and I think I succeeded.

The route: It's pretty easy to build with these 4 blocks if you go downhill since you have many combinations of drops of different heights, which all can work out smoothly. The question is: when you've reached the bottom, how do you get up again? That was pretty difficult if you don't want to use the same combination (8-2-6/7) all over the place but I think I came up with some good transitions, especially the little jump upwards at ~23 sec. and the mixed (third) sculpture at the two upward drifts at the end, which creates a smooth transition between the two opposed sculptures.

The scenery: I experimented with various concepts here and in the end decided to go along with this massive platform beneath the sculptures. As you know, the grass keeps being attached to the sculpture when you place it in the air, which looks horrible no matter from which side. The platforms hide the grass (also some of the flickering grass, caused by mixing platforms). Additionally the combination of platforms and sculpture looks very interesting and they also add to the whole "skate(park)" theme. You might say, this track looks so monotone: I thought about adding some colors which inflatables would be best suited for, but a) it didn't fit to the "clean" design and the skate/art theme b) it would get very confusing while driving and there shouldn't be anything that distracts you from the route.

- Length: ~41 sec.
- Mood: Day.
- CC: ~4100.
- Intro Please watch!

Screen by   AR »Trian. It fits the art-theme perfectly, thank you very much!

That's it! I hope you enjoy the track, and as always, don't forget to post your replay and leave some feedback, no matter if it's positive or negative!

»Counterfeit° [ImpBC] by   AR »Trian

User Comments
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  aiden.KraL' 05-Nov-2015
  sk4ter 05-Nov-2015
when i finaly understood how to do this map its much more easy deserve 2 awards! one for the map and one for how it looks!
  aiden.KraL' 05-Nov-2015
Thanks, I spent at least 2 weeks on the scenery.
  unholy79 05-Nov-2015
Go 40.xx
  Hitchy 05-Nov-2015
  unholy79 05-Nov-2015
/E: I dont like the last turn
  mr.hubby 05-Nov-2015
do you drive in cam2?
  dow|.Dave. 05-Nov-2015
I drove in cam2, too! In cam1 it is.. well.. veeery hard I would say.
  aiden.KraL' 05-Nov-2015
yeah, I'm a cam2 driver, is it that bad in cam1? Sorry, I didn't even think about that...
  unholy79 05-Nov-2015
Me too
  'Twister 06-Nov-2015
i could cry for hours if i would have failed this run
e; realised that my first half was quite bad tho, trying for a .5x
  aiden.KraL' 06-Nov-2015
Whoa, sick time Twister Didn't imagine this to be possible!
  'Twister 06-Nov-2015
... failed -0.33.
  Konix 06-Nov-2015
OT: I have an idea for name of FS with 8-2-4 - 8-2-7: FSculpture
  AR »Trian 06-Nov-2015
Quote ...
yeah, I'm a cam2 driver, is it that bad in cam1?

it is
I had to drive with cam 2 which isn't easy when you're used to cam 1 ^^
  wormi 09-Nov-2015
Unplayable with cam 1 as the camera doesn't stay even close the car xD And I suck driving with cam 2 or 3.. seems like a nice map but sorry, can't drive it without rage as I can't see forward ^^
  mr.hubby 10-Nov-2015
I asked because it is basically unfinishable in cam1 or cam3 :>
  !k7 26-Nov-2015
I'm used to cam 2 so np to be able to finish.

I would have also liked to see a replay made with the Media tracker. That would have been probably interesting to see
  'Twister 27-Nov-2015
I´m still trying..for now a .53. I just changed a bit my driving line, rest was not really better compared to my previous time
I even failed -0.19 against my .53 run seconds before the finish. Hunting this is so painful but i can´t stop because my brain tells me: "c'mon you can do better"^^ I´d say low .2x is possible but not for humans
  aiden.KraL' 27-Nov-2015
Wow you're still hunting Unbelievable man
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User Award   LeTrefleNoir 17-Dec-2016
Impressive. Original. Fantastic. Beautiful. Good job!
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