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Name: Download mtc - moonbase.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DisGo.esu
Version: 09-Nov-2015
Released: 09-Nov-2015
TMX id: 6409282
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 43,130
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:54.20   _firestorrm+ 0:00.0043,130
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0:54.51   Panos+ 0:00.3141,650
0:54.78   Sky.esu+ 0:00.5840,361
0:55.05   Loe+ 0:00.8539,071
0:55.40   Jules.+ 0:01.2037,400
0:55.52   DisGo.esu+ 0:01.3236,827
0:55.60   cranberries+ 0:01.4036,445
0:56.73   wormi+ 0:02.5331,050
0:56.89   Snellejasper+ 0:02.6930,286
1:03.67   chris91195+ 0:09.470
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Author Comments

Eya Guys, girls and all the astronauts here on !

I'm proud to present you my MTC-track for the November-theme. The theme was kinda easy, using 10 obstacles in a one minute map seemed really easy and it was, atleast for me. I forgot to count them at the last version, but i'm sure i got 10 obstacles (lets pray for it). And since aiden.KraL wished a RPG as style for my new MTC, i decided to make the wish true. I thought a lot about a fitting design, a fitting RPG-style and about the right atmosphere.

The result is a moon-based-theme, with the moonbase mod by sol666. It fits my idea really well, the dirt looks majestic with the moonbase mod, even tho i'm still not a fan of the side-textures at the platform-blocks. So i tried to make as less platform blocks as possible, or try to cover them with wallblocks. For the atmosphere i really tried my best and i think i succeeded. With cool dirtmixes and those infla-fabric-combis it looks like a cool moonbase. The scenery looks kinda light, but i think a moonbase don't need to be heavy with decorations. The map is 2980cc big, so it won't cause lags. The map doesn't have a story.. but just feel like an astronaut on the moon.

For the RPG-style i thought about some faster parts, without any walls, pipes etc. Maybe it's better to drive for the RPG-beginners, and i think it's better to hunt. It's kinda fast-paced, with a hard first cp, but with easier ones afterswards. There are some cool transitions, jumps and drops in it, which are mostly kinda smooth if you get them perfect. Hunting, therefore, shouldn't be a problem at all. So, the map is about ~55secs long. But i think a time under 54 is possible.. I haven't tried a perfect hunt yet, but if the LB gets higher i will try to hunt it obviously, hehe.

Well, lets come to my weakest point.. The Mediatracker. I made my standard intro, some cams, driving around the map, with some FX-effects and cool bars. There is also a GPS for the guys who are too lazy to drive the map for the first time alone.

What fits better to a map with a decent atmosphere, than an epic screenshot made by Ornaiim? Nothing, right! And he made a splendid and really fitting screenshot for my map. I want to thank him with a showcase which will follow when he releases his new speeder: Polyscape

Polyscape by   .Ornaiim

Also i want to thank the few betatester that i had:   thom,   deus.esu,   igntuL and   oiram456.

I wish you a lot of fun hunting and driving this map, also good luck if you want to beat my time. I would love to see some replays, comments and awards if you liked this map


User Comments
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  DisGo.esu 09-Nov-2015
  apX. agent 09-Nov-2015
  Hitchy 09-Nov-2015
no biggi?
  DisGo.esu 09-Nov-2015
you have to ask orna if he want to show you the big one only received the small one
  SapphiroN 09-Nov-2015
I wish this track wasn't as weird as it is, because I could probably enjoy it then. I love the setting and atmosphere but the gameplay is frustrating.
  DisGo.esu 09-Nov-2015
I'm sorry about the fact that you couldn't enjoyed the map sapph.. but for me it works well. maybe you need to give this more tries and maybe it doesn't feel that weird afterwards
  Dule 09-Nov-2015
Insane screen atmosphere!
  .Ornaiim 09-Nov-2015
For you, Hitchy (:
Thank you Dule
  Razo.'R |R4a 09-Nov-2015
U friggin' serious with that name?
  Konix 09-Nov-2015
  DisGo.esu 09-Nov-2015
Yeas razor :3
  Razo.'R |R4a 09-Nov-2015
  DisGo.esu 09-Nov-2015
I think the name fits
  elaus43 09-Nov-2015
yeah nice to look at
  DisGo.esu 09-Nov-2015
Ah lel, forgot that you also made a map called moonbase razor, totally forgot about it i even tested it and had the we before you updated it
  aiden.KraL' 09-Nov-2015
  ben3847 10-Nov-2015
  _firestorrm 13-Nov-2015
This would have been super enjoyable if not for that cp2-3 part. The platform hole with dirt in it flips me 50% the time or sends me in a unfavorable direction. And even if I manage to somehow get through, I'll get a landing bug on the grid (caused by the poles) just in front of the cp. I really liked the rest, especially the start. The ending could have been better calculated tho.
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User Awards
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User Award   simo_900 09-Nov-2015
love the atmosphere, great track overall!
User Award   Hitchy 09-Nov-2015
After a few respawns i finally finished it. The route look easy, but it's tricky at least for a non rpg'er. Great atmosphere and the layout is art. Fits perfect to the track and the name
User Award   .Ornaiim 09-Nov-2015
As I already told you, this track is amazingly atmospheric. The mod is perfect ! I just wished to have an easier track ^^. The first jump is really hard to take for me. The rest is cool, very cool ! The transitions are tight but once you find the correct way, it's great aswell. The scenary fits perfeclty with the theme. Maybe next time I wanna see a more advenced MT and a first jump less hard huhu.

User Award   Levon 09-Nov-2015
User Award   Razo.'R |R4a 09-Nov-2015
I know a better track with the same name, but this one is ok, too.
User Award   elaus43 09-Nov-2015
many alternative routes and a nice moon feeling.
User Award   Golo 09-Nov-2015
hm Im not really that convinced this time, maybe missing smoothness and therefore parts where you lose speed with bad landing... or sth else dunno just feels like it doesnt flow that nicely.... but it has still some very nice parts like the start and is all in all nice fun to drive
User Award   Pi malun 10-Nov-2015
Enjoyed the run!
User Award   xxlr8 10-Nov-2015
quite fun map
User Award   wormi 10-Nov-2015
Lovely map and my favorite scenery of the year.
User Award   Loe 10-Nov-2015
User Award   apX.Magik :3 10-Nov-2015
let me just tell you that i first posted an award on ornamii's map by accident saying the below things:

man i usually love rpg, for the creativity that can be made in maps... this one is no exception one little thing though, i couldnt complete it :c this far jump is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond my abilities yes, you can say im a nub, im not afraid of being called a nub, nubs are cool The scenery i can say is great, and apart from that big jump, the route seems really nice too

now talking about the mtc theme, i like it how you varied your "obstacle" files and pieces, its something that isn't easy to achieve, you have to think what works where and to give the game a challenge... maybe some of these obstacles are too easy (example the first pillar on the road) but overall, the whole map is great great entry
User Award   Panos 10-Nov-2015
nice mini
User Award   Junavara 11-Nov-2015
Somehow, funny, I really like the scenery
User Award   Zipperke 28-Nov-2015
love that nowadays anything with a mod and some jumps is an RPG
Good work anyway
User Award   Sky.esu 29-Nov-2015
very nice
User Award   Jules. 20-Jul-2017
Challenging to hunt and the scenery looks great
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