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Name: Download [PF] Extasys
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   ThunderClap448
Version: 30-Nov-2015
Released: 30-Nov-2015
TMX id: 6431902
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 42,395
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 3m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise
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0:07.70   Bladew1ng+ 0:00.0740,061
0:07.75   I FEEL SO SPEC...+ 0:00.1238,394
0:07.78   matrisKK+ 0:00.1537,394
0:07.93   simo_900+ 0:00.3032,393
0:08.02   Nino (:+ 0:00.3929,393
0:08.02   skaned+ 0:00.3929,393
0:08.09   Alabastron+ 0:00.4627,059
0:08.25   sam_010+ 0:00.6221,725
0:08.59   SunSurfer+ 0:00.9610,390
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Author Comments

HeyHo TMX!

Damn. This track was supposed to be uploaded several months ago (inb4 I rename it to [PF] Delay), but I had some circumstances, and I delayed it. A lot of stuff happened, but now, It's about to see the light of day!
Extasys is a pretty unique PF, where I tried to combine slightly old-school stuff with fresh stunts. I think I got that right.
Now, let's be honest, this track isn't close to perfection, but what is? Besides, I build tracks for fun.

Of course there's crazier stuff coming (and might I add, a LOT crazier.) but for now, this is more than good enough. One thing I remember very well is the process of building some stunts. I tried to make them less random than my 1st 32-scale PF was, Singularity (which, coincidentally, has the same length as Extasys - 3:00.08).
Now, I must say, this is miles ahead of that track. For starters, it has beautiful scenery by CrashTestDummy, cheers for that buddy
And the more advanced stuff, a proper intro for once. And the track itself is much better.
Either way - I'd like to thank all the people involved in this project. This is the project that took me most time for now, and it involved so many people, it's ridiculous. So yeah, hope you guys have fun playing my new track, Extasys

Now, onto the stats!
-Mood : Day
-Length : 3:00.08
-Coppers : 10000
-Size: 32³
-Building time: 5 months? seems about right.

Video by me!

Video by DaniXks! Dude, I don't think your skills are legal

Showcase for   worm.apx, for the legendary screen he made!

Gargantua.» by   worm.apx

Showcase for   ChadoX, for the epic intro he made! Link!
[PF] Phase Finale by   ChadoX

Showcase for   Crashtestdummy, for the beautiful scenery he made!
[PF]Utopia by   Crashtestdummy

After all of that, many thanks to the near infinite amount of betatesters involved. Without you fellas, this wouldn't be as good as it is
And, special thanks to Nop for being Nop
Beautiful trailer by Nop, that involves shots of my projects Thanks!

User Comments
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  I FEEL SO SPECIAL~ 30-Nov-2015
  ThunderClap448 30-Nov-2015
nice wr keby
  Dule 30-Nov-2015
Crazy stuff but I mostly avoid awarding these kinds of PF's... Too much blockmixing, too smooth, too "sterile"
  ThunderClap448 30-Nov-2015
A tiny question, how tf does it have "too much bm"?
I can recall only 2 places with obvious block through block. So yeah, you've either commented on the wrong track, or just trolling. Maybe blind.
  I FEEL SO SPECIAL~ 30-Nov-2015
i predict an intresting discussion here
  DisGo.esu 30-Nov-2015
this time i have to agree with Thunder, only few obvious mixing which aren't disturbing in my opinion!
  ThunderClap448 30-Nov-2015
damnit to hell, how so soon nino xd
  simo_900 30-Nov-2015
well its not exactly that complicated cut x)
nice find anyway^^
  Nino (: 30-Nov-2015
xDDDD cmon
  Nawk 30-Nov-2015
No cp no award
Kinda disappointing track, but still nice work
  ThunderClap448 30-Nov-2015
Well the track IS old.
(i mean, older than Existence, really xD)

But I'd recommend looking forward to my 2 upcoming tracks - Hyperion's Wrath and Inertia.
One is 128, and I could easily bet 50$ you're never gonna cut it (seriously tho, you'd have to fly to do it), and the other is 32, and according to one of my buddies, a legendary track xD
Smoother, faster, flowier, and after all - stuntier than any of my older tracks. I should maybe make a trailer/teaser for both.
  ChadoX 01-Dec-2015
  SPN'« 01-Dec-2015
jebenica stari
  nod32 02-Dec-2015
can I give an award to the video? thanks
  ThunderClap448 02-Dec-2015
uhhh, sure?
  worm.apx 04-Dec-2015
glad you like the screen guys <3
  GRT Fish 05-Dec-2015
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Vønix!« 01-Dec-2015
I award thia without playing it have to wait till acholls over
Im award ling this from my cellphone here!
But i already know u put alot of effort in it, i think.
User Award   ViN <3 01-Dec-2015
screen <3
User Award   Crashtestdummy 01-Dec-2015
great map fo' sure, not really compareable to your newer projects ofc but still a huge map (:
some stunts are just breathtaking, and even if the smoothness is (without a doubt) not that perfect,
it doesn't bother me that much since here I cant find these complete-cancer-landings like on some on your older maps anymore... xD
also thx for giving me the chance to try out some scenery-stuff, had some great time buildin in and I hope the result is quite okay
User Award   Ravenwest 01-Dec-2015
good job mate
User Award   Loe 01-Dec-2015
not that quite impressive than your previous ones, but still sicko gj
User Award   tomczan 02-Dec-2015
User Award   DustBird 02-Dec-2015
I L V E some of the stunts, BUT please put a little bit more emphasis on speed.
Anyway I watched ist like 3 times now and it still entertains me.
User Award   DaniXks 02-Dec-2015
I'm awarding this
User Award   Cross' 03-Dec-2015
User Award   worm.apx 04-Dec-2015
Originally posted by Nop ...


User Award   Bat ! 04-Dec-2015
Some spot are soooo smooth
Awesome wallrides
Nice stunts combined with speed
Maybe not a fan of the sculpture to loop near the end but except this, I really liked this track !
User Award   GRT Fish 05-Dec-2015
User Award   apX.Magik :3 06-Dec-2015
Saw the video made by danixkl, really nice stuff and combos here recommend watching his video, creative stuff he has
User Award   TM Tube 20-Dec-2015
User Award   DreamRaceTM 20-Dec-2015
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 11-Jul-2018
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