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Name: Download Tetrahedral XVII [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Nixion #mot³
Version: 09-Jan-2016
Released: 09-Jan-2016
TMX id: 6475514
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,556
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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7:17.29   HylleZ+ 0:00.0013,556
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7:34.79   mons+ 0:17.5010,301
7:37.07   Kilburn+ 0:19.789,877
7:40.71   Xerox.+ 0:23.429,199
7:51.10   oiram456+ 0:33.817,267
9:43.73   jurajojo+ 2:26.440
12:20.86   paxiuz+ 5:03.570
13:50.00   nunni+ 6:32.710
18:20.71   Loe+ 11:03.420
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Author Comments

This is my 2nd rpg track, which i made for Pulse. Winter Cup

Again i started building late, so the track isn't long. The speed is not really constant, i wouldn't say it's a speedy track, but not a slow one either.

~[]~Track Details~[]~

Length: 7+ minutes, perfect run should be low 7
AT: 7:44.15
Checkpoints: 23
cc: 10109
Blocks: 6190
Intro: no
Story: There's no story, or is there? The name speaks for itself.

The track itself is a big riddle. The name for example, and the following numeral riddles:

The first to solve any of them, and post a comment on this page, wins the prize. There are four seperate riddles and you can try to solve any of them:

Bronze tag riddle: Why is the number 138 related with 969? - solved by thom (138+831=969)

Silver tag riddle: How are ''969'' and ''999'' connected? (answer includes 5 different numbers, 969, 999, ?, ? and ?) solved by futhark (969, 696 , 999, 666, 1665)

Gold tag riddle: 1895 - solved by creeperman (969+696+999+666+1665+831+138+17 = 5981 --> 1895)

Bonus: the trackname. (prize is 5k) - solved by maverick (969 is the 17th tetrahedral)

Good luck & have fun!

User Comments
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  Nixion #mot³ 09-Jan-2016
For the riddles: none is entirely random, the name of this track is involved in every single riddle.
also the gold riddle is only possible to solve last
  BuLL||DoZer 09-Jan-2016
riddles^^ nice. xD
  thom 12-Jan-2016
As "opposed" to the tetrahedron, I believe the answer to the second riddle is based on a 4 sides/square pyramid, more specifically a square pyramidal number:

These numbers go as follows: 1, 5, 14, 30,...

I therefore submit these numbers for the solution:
969, 970, 974, 983, 999

This feels so logical somehow that I have hope this is right - but let's face it there are chances this is bullshit

PS: as to where this came from, tetra (taken from tetrahedron) means "4" in greek, so why not use a 4 sides base pyramid, and take the 4th number as limit (and you put "four" in bold in the description...)
  Futhark 12-Jan-2016
999 = 969 + 6 + 6 + 9 + 9
Then we should have this list : 969, 999, 6, 6, 18
  chatons 13-Jan-2016
999² = 998 001 and 998 +001 = 999 !

969² = 938 961 and 961 - 938 = 23, 23 like the number of cps of your map !!

Why the gold tag riddle change from 4695 to 1895 ?
  Nixion #mot³ 14-Jan-2016
None of these is the answer, sorry guys

the gold riddle change doesn't affect anything since silver isn't solved yet. Also it's still quite similiar with the old one
  thom 14-Jan-2016
696, 666, 303

Both numbers flipped vertically, then 696 - 666 = 303, and 666 + 303 = 969

And the 3 numbers are palindromes as well, just like 969 and 999
  Futhark 15-Jan-2016
Upside down of 969 is 696 and of 999 is 666
969 + 696 = 1665
999 + 666 = 1665
Therefore the list should go : 969, 999, 696, 666, 1665
  Nixion #mot³ 15-Jan-2016
Well done futh
  Creep' 17-Jan-2016
old riddle number :
969+696+999+666+1665+831+138 = 5964 --> 4695

actual riddle number :
969+696+999+666+1665+831+138+17 = 5981 --> 1895

  Nixion #mot³ 17-Jan-2016
didnt expect the old one too,nice
sending the prize asap
  Creep' 17-Jan-2016
If you need my login there it is : fredericdu28
  thom 17-Jan-2016
Nicely done Creeperman
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Levon 04-Aug-2016
User Award   rabbes 15-Jan-2017
User Award   One. 01-Mar-2017
User Award   paxiuz 17-Aug-2017
Man I forget to award this
Fantastic map nixion, I really hope you make some more rpgs, the tricks on this map are crazy good, both pathfinding and hunting wise. and the scenery is amazing
Really hope to see more of your genius in new projects
User Award   szentvik 10-Sep-2017
Really awesome map!
User Award   ==>logan<== 05-May-2019
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