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Name: Download Phantom (for Kendal)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Fytrim.
Version: 05-Dec-2008
Released: 05-Dec-2008
TMX id: 656282
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 32,802
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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Author Comments

o5.12.2oo8 - Guess who's B4ck?

It's 5 december. To a lot of people this won't say that much. but to the people in The Netherlands it's the event of the year. because at 5 december we all get presents. Who doesn't like presents? So I decided to make a little tribute. To who? To the 'Prince of CustomTracks' called Kendal. He's my example for everything I made. For me he's one of the best trackbuilders. So here's your tribute.

Let's talk about the track. It's another fullspeeder wich can be driven easily in the first time. But to make it to the top and drive the track like a pro it's a little bit more difficult, so I didn't add expert to my track for nothing. I think it's one of my best fullspeeders and something that is new for you. It's my last. Why? School, Busy, Hobby's. It's just gettin too much. I'm sorry too the one who liked my tracks. Maybe after half a year I get back to the editor and make another track. I don't wanna make this big in my trackcomment so this is everything I wanna say about it.

-Name: Phantom
-Style: Fullspeed!
-Coppers: ~5000
-Length: ~42 seconds.
-Authortime: 42.63, Beatable ofcourse
-Mood: Evening

-Intro: Simpel but quite nice I think
-In-game: Gps, Camchange, Cool little widget
-Outro: Kinda like that one.

Made by myself again. I really hope you like it.
ask for bigger one in the commentblog.

Video on Tm-Tube

That's all for today. Please 'nJoy

Fytrim-out for long


User Comments
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  Fytrim. 11-Dec-2008
thanks for all the comments and awards

it's really aprreciated
  ANE.Gman 11-Dec-2008
after reading the awards and comments i have to try this track when i get home....

can you plz pm me a link to this so i dont forget
  ZoggeR 12-Dec-2008
Don't leave...
  Metal_Snake 15-Dec-2008
You can still see him in the tmn tmx german dude That's a great thing Fytrim, really great thing that you keep building, because you're talented and it would be damn sad to loose you in trackbuilding. So people, check his tracks in Nations
  ZoggeR 29-Dec-2008
  Fytrim. 23-Feb-2009

Video on Tm-Tube
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User Awards
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User Award   Tige® 10-Dec-2008
one of the best fs'er I've ever seen...really.

User Award   Metal_Snake 10-Dec-2008
Ew..that's sad, this one deserves such a higher attention..even sadder when we know it's probably your last track ever..i feel bad for you Fytrim, really...
You built a little wonder of FS track...for sure one of the best i've ever played..everything is just perfect here..from this wonderfull screen to the beautiful outro..the track itself is aswell amazing..That flow is unique, the smoothness amazing..Lovely platforms all along..awesome walls and loops aswell..Such a high ammount of originality, makin' this track unique..
Totaly marvelous job here, i'm too tired and inspired-less to write a longer award, and i'm sorry for that, this track deserves it so much..
Congratz my friend, you can be proud of the wonder you built..congratz..and i hope to see another track from you in the future..
User Award   craxx <3 10-Dec-2008
sooo lovely...

now you are in botw

User Award   ANE.Gman 11-Dec-2008
Amazing track.
Great MT work.
Intro looks awesome... nice effects and cam angles.
Love the small details like the arrow turing when you choose direction at the start...
Outro is just as awesome as the rest...
The track its self is really fun... Very well made...
Really smooth, nice use of all the forever blocks
Great scenery and attention to detail...
i really enjoyed racing this track....

User Award   Mickeye 19-Dec-2008
Wow, how come this amazing track has such small amount of awards? This is truly masterpice. The track, the scenery, the MT work, everything works perfectly and you've made one of the best FS tracks I've played. HUGE from me.
User Award   TimeBreaker 29-Dec-2008
I forgot to award it, im sorry for that. But here's an award for a splendid fullspeeder with great MT work, nice scenery and an amazing mix of hard transitions and nice stuns, only that one wallride was a bit hard for me. But whatever, youre on tmn-x now and thats good like that !!

User Award   skyline?! 29-Dec-2008
Great Track Fytrim !

BIG -- -- For You !

Jordy van boxtel.
User Award   El Cid.esu 10-Jan-2009
Really an amazing track...
One of the best FS on TMX i think.Great transition,speed,scenary and also MT.
And i the SS
A bit underrated

»El Cid«
User Award   Kendal 20-Jan-2009
Dear Mr. Fytrim

At first I want to apologise for my very late award. I hope you can forgive me...
And second I want to thank you, for making such a great tribute track.
I'm really stunned...

You made one hell of a track here.
Everything seems to fit greatly. I can't spot one wrong placed block.

It starts with a nice flowing and soothing Intro. With some great text-effects.
Every angle fits perfectly.
The MT-gimmick at the start is amazing. It's the first time I saw something like that!
The small arrow the rotates until it's pointing the way your going.
Just a great gimmick

The track start pretty slow, which is great! Nice and smoothly going down until you reach the first booster.
Then you have to be alert, or you will fail...

The great track is passing you by with amazing speed and controlled action!
Love the small dirt-sections in the track.
Great big wallride, which keeps you on the edge of your seat.
My favourite part is the last dirt-part that continues to the loop-thingie.
Don't ask me why, it just is. xD

Then there follows a great platform part, heading to the finish.
3 finishes, one for me, one for noobs and one for the pro's.
Nice little addition to a amazing track.

The difficult-level is just lovely. I must admit I had problem finishing the track the first times.
But that's mostly my crappy driving skills

Drive, crash, start again. x 15 ==)

Then I finished the track, and I could relax.
Relax to an awesome outro.
Perfect chosen camera-angles, which shows the amazing track, amazing scenery and my crappy driving!

Because let's not forget the scenery. Everything is placed with great precision. And it looks great from every angle!

I have to say, this is one of the best fullspeeders around at the moment!
Creating such a track without the help of someone/something else ( ie Blockmixing) shows a great trackbuilder at work!
I take off my virtual head for you!

There's only one downside to this track, the amount of awards.
For some reason you staid relative unknown, it's a shame.
Still I hope that this wasn't your last track on TMNF....
Shame to waste such amazing track building skills.

At the end of award, again my apologies.
And I hope you have a nice and bright future ahead of you.

Yours sincerly,

User Award   vladish.F® 22-Feb-2009
awesome ributing track
well deserved for a big author
respect for this masterpiece
well done
User Award   gmm 28-Mar-2009
what a track!!!
User Award   ZopUH[in TMN] 05-May-2009
didnt see where to drive-but very fun
for you---->
User Award   PagH .xT 25-May-2009
Simply amazing mayn

The scenery . .

The MT . .

The track . .

User Award   TheLeon1897 18-Jun-2018
Nice classic
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