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Name: Download Mtc.Chocoholic«
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   apX.Magik :3
Version: 17-Apr-2016
TMX id: 6576117
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 37,463
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:42.10   ----+ 0:00.0037,463
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0:42.12   Kumpelblase+ 0:00.0237,356
0:42.30   AR »Trex+ 0:00.2036,395
0:42.32   raptor .+ 0:00.2236,288
0:42.35   AR »Trian+ 0:00.2536,128
0:42.49   Therese Johaug+ 0:00.3935,380
0:42.52   Dule+ 0:00.4235,220
0:42.94   canje+ 0:00.8432,978
0:43.00   brainhead+ 0:00.9032,657
0:44.26   Ultrastar+ 0:02.1625,930
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Author Comments

haaaai :3

Today i present to you my newest fullspeed map, a 42/43 second hunter. This map is a bit of an intermediate level due to the tricky start here, but imo it shouldn't be too hard after a couple of goes I hope that there will be some times left behind, but more importantly fun This theme wasn't as difficult as it seemed this time, so therefore i had managed to finish this map quite early on, during the first week, but due to little access of a computer lately, i had no time to finish the scenery properly, and as you will see the map isn't fully packed with scenery and therefore the copper count is just under 5k

Rules for this month's mtc:
Originally posted by Sparco ...

- Place the start and the finish on the same edge, no matters at which altitude and rotation
- The track must NOT be longer than 70sec

-screenie soon-

TM² version

If you're looking for more fun i suggest you check this duo map by me and Elaus
Never Alone! by   Elaus.Magik

P.s Sorry Trian but, animated borders are too cool not to have hehe

Well that's it for me, Have fun, comment and maybe award too :3
*Magik vanishes*

User Comments
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  brainhead 17-Apr-2016
missed some sds and f*cked up the end, but take my first finish.

not the best tho :/

  apX.Magik :3 17-Apr-2016
43 isnt bad, i was doing 42.7x , 6x when testing, keep going, i think you can go quicker than me and my gps

Thanks raptor im glad it's your favourite untill now

Trex, what can i say... not quite sure what you mean by the exit of the tube, i assume the bottom part which is the transition from road to platform... I would have used other blocks for that part like the one in the folder of the "road to platform" in tm2 but these types of blocks arent supported in tmnf :/ which is kinda sad :c Ah well, i've tried my best

Btw, thanks for that award, you always make me feel encouraged in making more maps !
  AR »Trex 17-Apr-2016
take that Magik
  apX.Magik :3 17-Apr-2016
Gogo .2x! Maybe in the future a sub 42 will be possible where's mudda when you need him? Hahahaha
  AR »Trian 18-Apr-2016
my ghost always catches me before the 2nd to last wall cause I lose some speed in the turnover
  apX.Magik :3 18-Apr-2016
Maybe in the first sd, take the uphill wide and then try to get into the TO like that? Hmmm, i did notice it was a bit long when testing but if it was shorter it would have been a lot more awkward imo :/ but thanks for the feedback
  AR »Trian 18-Apr-2016
the problem is bigger indeed when I take the hill tight, then it's just impossible to get a good line into the TO (well the line would be good if it was shorter )

my 2nd finish shall be enough, too frustrated right now
  apX.Magik :3 18-Apr-2016
Haha malun

I tried to keep the start with some level of creativity elaus, glad you noticed With time you will become quicker for sure Next time ill try something slower and more natural thanks Elaus, wish i could say the same to you with your entry
  elaus43 18-Apr-2016
maybe better time later after cooling down
good luck!
  apX.Magik :3 19-Apr-2016
Thanks for them words therese, dule and mentality

Thanks kristjan, i didnt want a boring old speedsliding map, so i put a bit of obstacles in the run aswell :3
  elaus43 22-Apr-2016
replay no watch TILT
  apX.Magik :3 23-Apr-2016
And i love that time kumpel
  AR »Trex 24-Apr-2016
Let's see if I can beat Kumpel again, my sector records said 42.07, so there might be smth in for me, but at these speeds it's really hard to improve. A little mistake can ruin everything
  apX.Magik :3 24-Apr-2016
100 dl
Bert, what do you mean? Is it esl worthy?
146 dls, im suprised it made best fs map of the year category o.o

Over 2 years and still no screen, nice one magik, screen will come soon kappa
  meNtality.wp 30-Jul-2019
yeah what a shame
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   brainhead 17-Apr-2016
solid work, love the slides

User Award   raptor . 17-Apr-2016
Favourite FS-map build in 2016 so far! Great Job.
User Award   AR »Trex 17-Apr-2016
fantastic work Magik, I love the slides and especially the walls due to its feeling of good calculation, smoothness and comfortableness. Although it firstly looked like a common FullSpeeder with standard elements, it turned out to be very unique with lots of stunning ideas and simple transitions true to the motto "Easy to drive, hard to master". I absolutely don't mind the light scenery, it's even very beautiful and completely adequate to this type of map because heavy scenery blocks would instead block the view (yet a bit ironical ). At the beginning I had some troubles with the start as you said in your author comment, but in the end it became nicer.

The only thing I would change is the exit of the tube which got a bit tiny. But otherwise absolutely nothing to criticize, really pleasant map with an amazing hunting potential, could hunt this for hours (what I already did a bit ). However, I'm sure .2x is possible
User Award   AR »Trian 18-Apr-2016
the turnover feels uncomfortably long and I failed a lot there but the rest is great
User Award   »mostfriendlyplayer 18-Apr-2016
great map, lovely atmosphere aswell. Take this
User Award   Ultrastar 18-Apr-2016
User Award   Pi malun 18-Apr-2016
I cant enjoy the name but the track is great
User Award   elaus43 18-Apr-2016
I am still tumbling
Great track - mazy start had to watch gps but therefore it is
Nice fresh open scenery and some speedy turns - puh
Creative one especially at the start
User Award   gfc 19-Apr-2016
User Award   zr mat 19-Apr-2016
User Award   Therese Johaug 19-Apr-2016
great job
feels very smooth and the slides are awesome
User Award   Dule 19-Apr-2016
Cool speeder!
User Award   meNtality.wp 19-Apr-2016
really awesome!
User Award   fab'm PT <3 22-Apr-2016
nice track magik a bit dificult at the start but enjoyable until the end
User Award   Kumpelblase 22-Apr-2016
I love it
User Award   bert19 26-Apr-2016
The first ESL-type map with a great scenery! Nice one
User Award   apX. Phoenix 30-Jul-2019
I havent awarded this?
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