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Name: Download [PF] Hyperion's Wrath
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   ThunderClap448
Version: 18-Apr-2016
Released: 18-Apr-2016
TMX id: 6576791
LB Rating: Uncompetitive Track (uncompetitive)
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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Author Comments

Thanks for over 10000 downloads!

Good day!

Before I get started, let me get a few things out of the way:
1) No I'm not compensating
2) Yes this probably does last longer than me
3) No my mom is not bigger than the track

OK? Ok.

I've got no idea what to talk about. Is it the crazy length? The effort put into this track (roughly 1600 hours over 12 months)?
Let's start with the name. Hyperion's wrath - from a book called Fall of Hyperion. And I don't like 3-word names, so Hyperion's wrath it is. It also sounds cool

After finishing some of my older projects, I was bored for a long time. I made some random start, and stopped building on it. Later on, I've had a discussion with a few of my skype mates, where Simo_900 said that no one is crazy enough to make a very long track (10+ mins) with a high stunt level - it would take too much time.

After I reached roughly the 7 minute point, I slowed down a lot. Not just because I'd have to drive the track each time - I got used to that. Reason is, I had another PF project and I built on that. So I slowed down building on it. But then, suddenly, I went crazy, started building again, and managed to finish it in a year.
The big challenge was the scenery. Thankfully, I found a builder very quickly, and the honor went to   Konde. He built it in a very short time period, despite the size of the track, and the lag created. Big thanks for that, Konde.
After that, the intro. I had to make an intro in no-scenery version of the track, but the problem was, it lagged.
I got very lucky tho, and managed to make it - the finishing touches tho were made by   Zenit. Thanks for that mate

Also, I'd like to point out.   .dreamy is the best screenmaker I've seen. Seriously, I asked him this weekend, and within a day or so, I got my screen - and it's gorgeous. +1 fanboy for dreamy.

And last, but definitely not least, the video. My buddy   L4Bomb4 jumped in and saved the day. He rendered both the run and the intro, what was the last big challenge. But due to TM being TM, only 720p 30FPS was possible, otherwise rendertime would be infinite, and the filesize would probably go past the 4GB limit.
So thanks for that Bombi.

Now, the stats!
-Mood : Day
-Length : 11:11.03
-Coppers : too many
-Size: 128³
-Building time: 12-ish months

Download the intro here - it's too big for TMX!

Video by me!

Video by L4bomb4!

Showcase for   .dreamy, this is something that should be put into an art museum. Still puzzled by the screen.

starfall° by   .dreamy

Showcase for   Konde, damned be this scenery, it's so beautiful in the 5 FPS I get xD
Dopamine by   Konde

And lastly, some quotes from some of the betatest crew:

"HW is like a pf boss battle" - Simo_900
"Nolife at its best" - L4Bomb4
"I love the fact that this map gets better and better the closer we are to the end. You got better as a mapper while building this map and now we have the biggest PF in history+a masterpiece you can never pass... maybe with Inertia." - Zenit

Also, this is "dedicated" to all the TMXers that think my old tracks were overmixed.

If TM crashes, use these settings - no shadows, geometry fast, PC3 Low, no anti alias, and under compatibility, remove anything that has light, map or both in the name. Additionally, here's a no-scenery version of the track if on a really low-end machine:

My face when I click upload.

User Comments
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  »Paulmar|35| 11-Dec-2016
  ThunderClap448 12-Dec-2016
I know, right. Just 1 more
  simo_900 18-Dec-2016
you'd think someone would want to give the 100th award
  xeqzion 20-Dec-2016
  ThunderClap448 20-Dec-2016
ty for 100 awards ladies and gentlemen
  QuasarTM 11-Aug-2017
Simo_900 said nobody is crazy enought to do something?
I've seen and heard everything now....
  Dule 10-Oct-2017
^Comment still relevant...
  maranholi 26-Oct-2017
Guys, can anyone help me? I install the track but it crash when I start the match, on leading screen. Please, help me.
  Nawk 06-Dec-2017
Still can't open it to this day even after having changed my pc, so rip cut

(even with lowest possible settings)
  Tiagosf98 26-Jan-2018
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User Awards
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User Award   Nixion 13-Jan-2017
making amazing stunts after 10 minutes is quite damn impressive
User Award   knittel 15-Mar-2017
I have no words for how awesome this track is...
User Award   blublu 15-Mar-2017
.: :.
User Award   Kimwi.Fr 24-Mar-2017
i've never seen such a work before, incredible
User Award   Fwo Niro 28-Mar-2017
Just incredible!
User Award   Lapelero 15-Apr-2017
This PF is just madness... 11 minutes of smooth stunts is just insane !!
User Award   Lotrax 23-Apr-2017
Just wow. Wow.
User Award   DeFacer 11-May-2017

The amount of work you must've put into this. The perfection of the stunts and lenght of this map just blows my mind. It's so great to see that the tmX community is still alive and the game is progressing.

Thank you for the ride


User Award   bartsimpson94 07-Jun-2017
You are completely crazy man
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 10-Oct-2017
User Award   C4 Freak 01-May-2018
User Award   FT»N!co 18-May-2018
Completely insane PF, absolutely breathtaking, it has reached the apex
User Award   Hell_Pet 24-Jun-2018
User Award   Rafallo 05-Sep-2018
Best thing made in Trackmania. Insane.
User Award   wardav 22-Jun-2020
I cant imagine how you did this one. So many calculated flow and smoooooth transtions.
It is an ART for us, Its ART for men, who think that had done something, but with this I can see I am an amatheur in bulidng word ...

Big award frmom me

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