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Name: Download Turn on the nGines.!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DenSu | nGine
Version: 07-Dec-2008
Released: 07-Dec-2008
TMX id: 657696
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:31.86   PokeR'+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:31.92   Rxt+ 0:00.06-
0:32.01   drz.Krolle+ 0:00.15-
0:32.09   BurnA+ 0:00.23-
0:32.12   onFire+ 0:00.26-
0:32.14   Akashi | nGine+ 0:00.28-
0:32.14   niQ*+ 0:00.28-
0:32.14   DenSu | nGine+ 0:00.28-
0:32.19   kwyk+ 0:00.33-
0:32.25   neo911+ 0:00.39-
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Author Comments

~Turn on the nGines.! - Video

Welcome to my newest track after a pretty long time.
My last release of a track is some months ago,because i am very busy atm,so i just found no time to open the editor to try some things.But now Christmas is coming and the stress at school is getting less.That`s why i decided to build a track again in my known style like my tracks before.
But there is also another reason included in this track:

Me and Alba created ~2-3 months ago a clan named nGine.It`s a funclan based on having fun and chilling around in servers without the pressure of wars and so on,because we dont have so much time as said before.But meanwhile nGine gets the shape as we were dreaming of.We are already proud to welcome some great guys in the clan who share our vision and try to support us in all ways.So that`s the reason i`ve built this track for them as a little Welcome- and Thanks-Surprise some days before christmas.
Thanks a lot guys

The Members are:
~ Alba
~ Sebi
~ koentjuh
~ nameless
~ Optimusje
~ FaHoFF
~ hoheb
~ Barta
~ DutchLegend
~ Gµmmi
~ Bboy

Some information about the track:
This track is a SpeedTech with a length of ~34secs.But i am really proud to tell you,that i tried to keep the good and old TMN-Style.There is only one little plattform-part at the start of the track,but the rest includes just blocks of TMN,apart from the scenery.I really hope u like it.There are also some cool drifts,two little offroad-parts,crazy,but most of all smooth Jumps&Drops and a Reuse at the end.And now i want to thanks Alba,who helped me at the end of the track,where i had problems to keep the compactness.So again a big thx and also to fish,who tried to help me.Well,this time i was focused on the MT-work.I needed a longer time than in my tracks before,because i tried to make some cool effects,so i hope u ll appreciate my work on it,though i didnt make a lot MT in the past hehe

Watch the Video on tm-tube

More Details:
Dedicated to nGine - Forum of nGine
Style: SpeedTech
Length: ~34 secs
AuthorTime: 32.75
Gold : 34.00
Silver : 39.00
Bronze : 45.00
MT: Intro and Ingame
Screen: Made by me - Bigger Version

I also want to thanks my great BetaTesters:
~ fish.~UT´
~ simla
~ Danish
~ DutchLegend
~ Alba
~ page
~ Hitch
~ Nameless
~ NoAir
~ ziem0n
~ neo911
~ basshunter
~ Team nGine.!

I hope to see some really nice times,
so Have Fun hunting the rec and Enjoy


User Comments
Showing 36 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Akashi | nGine 10-Dec-2008
AAAAAAAAAARGH... I'll get that rec back even if I break my hands doing it!
  Dutchy! 10-Dec-2008
Chill man
  DenSu | nGine 10-Dec-2008
I continue the Thx-List here now:

--->>>40 `s (and BOTW ) <<<---

41°| Nice one |Syncro| mate i am very glad to hear it from u
42°| Thx a lot for this cool analysis Jakub19
43°| Np D4v1d,i also really appreciate ur words after a late .Big thx m8
44°| Biiiig thx Fitty~UT!! a classic for most successful track now
45°| Thx dude,i am glad u like it ArctificiaL
46°| Wow thx Blubber m8.I`m really happy about ur words,thx
47°| This award is soooo good Showtime hehe thx a lot mate
48°| Nice to hear it from u maxi@031,lovely words in ur
49°| Yoo Sesambrot,thx mate for ur great statement,i appreciate it
50°| Larz,u r the best m8,u gave me the magic 50. ,omg i am so proud

--->>>50 `s (my best track now thx !! ) <<<---

51°| U r my love Optimusje~UT`,therefore i luv also ur late thx!!
52°| Very nice stamp,i am happy u like it mate
53°| Thx Saf/ Coat ',most of all for ur fantastic replay
54°| Meh loves ur Gekko12482 ~UT` thx a lot matea
55°| I am really happy about ur words and the replay ziomq,thx
56°| Dzieki bardzo za wszystko mirtek2 thx mate
57°| Thx onFire.MerryChristmas,i am honoured..and awesome replay
58°| I appreciate ur award Megabert X,thx for it
59°| Very cool award X-yz,ppo ftw hehe and thx again
60°| Thx a lot Smoky,i am happy u like my track

--->>>60 `s <<<---

61°| Wow nice words publicPUBLIC,i am glad that i met u on ppo,thx
62°| Oh god,what a gr8 Mickeye 100 is maybe too hard,but thx
63°| Thx Bl@derunner.Dann übe ma schön,damit du nicht abkackst
64°| I am so glad beep that u like my track thx a lot bro
65°| Thx a lot for this very cool award Gman`w4.I am happy u like it
66°| I am glad about ur lovely award dfd.Basskid,thanks for that
67°| Damn homer,thx a lot for this amazing award,i very appreciate it
68°| Thanks Hubaner for ur kind words
69°|I´m glad that u recognized my track tho u r inactive GamePlay2142
70°| Thx for the 70th awards cReatiV.« ,i am damn honoured

--->>>70 `s <<<---

71°| I am happy about your attention to all my tracks NoAir !mW m8,thx
72°| Wow thx for ur appreciation Kwyks.Matty !mw,I am overwhelmed
73°| I`m glad u confirm my aims with the map ¬asf|amnesia,big thx
74°| Just so fantastic words from you,wow,i am speechless,thx Der Dude
75°| Thx for the nice award Endymion~gF@new track

  kwyk 10-Dec-2008
  niQ* 11-Dec-2008
32.0x defenetly possible
i'll try better time tomorrow
  DenSu | nGine 11-Dec-2008
wtf you are crazy >.<
thx for this great replay niq
  kwyk 11-Dec-2008
hehe. I can gain .10 after the first drift

im gonna try it
  Akashi | nGine 11-Dec-2008
There we go, lost a good .1 or so midway through the run, so my time can still be beaten... but I'm satisfied.
  DenSu | nGine 12-Dec-2008
well..what to say..i just should be quiet,
coz there is always a new top1 lol
nice comeback bboy^^
  niQ* 16-Dec-2008
waaa awesome times here
i'll try to beat it
  Akashi | nGine 17-Dec-2008
another new time to beat... oh joy...
  DenSu | nGine 17-Dec-2008
  Sebi.nGine | off 21-Dec-2008
onfireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
  DenSu | nGine 16-Jun-2009
krolle,great time !
a pitty that you didnt get a 31
  vneck 23-Jul-2011
cg for 100'
  crankshaft 07-Dec-2014
omfg rxt what a finish! grats on that.
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User Award   hypno.dgf 23-Jul-2011
very nice one
User Award   niklas_2011 27-Oct-2011
love it
User Award   Rxt 26-Nov-2014
User Award   PokeR' 23-Apr-2020
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