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Name: Download SRHT « Sunset.Phantom!
Pack: Download Tournament Maps
By:   AR »Trex
Version: 09-May-2016
Released: 09-May-2016
TMX id: 6597551
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 27,319
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:48.47   *aAa*. KiD+ 0:00.0027,319
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0:48.51   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.0427,183
0:48.54   AR »NGTT <3+ 0:00.0727,082
0:48.62   AR »Cybernetic+ 0:00.1526,811
0:48.66   Jay^.ps+ 0:00.1926,676
0:48.74   AR »Trex+ 0:00.2726,405
0:48.75   AR »Trian+ 0:00.2826,372
0:48.75   AR »Paragraf+ 0:00.2826,372
0:51.08   Kebab+ 0:02.6118,492
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Author Comments


Sunset Phantom!


after a long period of time I finally release a new map in particular built for the Shark Racing Hunting Tournament (SRHT).
Actually the name refers to a video on YouTube I've seen a while ago where somebody navigates a Phantom 3 drone into the sunset of Istanbul. This perspective was just impressing and that's why I chose the sunset mood for my map as well. Anyways, let's continue with the map itself: The 49 seconds or even 48 seconds long (for really fast drivers) FullSpeeder contains 4 walls, one looping and one wall-tube-combination. For the part after the loop I tested several routes so that the map exhibited even a long slide over the whole stadium size omitting in a turnover, but I removed it due to the monotony in my maps else. However, during my building sessions some very unpleasant complications occured: Sometimes I was in need to move the entire track in one direction in order to get enough space for walls or slides and what's more suitable to use than TrackStudio?
When I went back to the editor, I spotted a suspicious message appearing and saying that one block wasn't available in the stadium selection. It hindered me to open the map. By accident I might have modified a block in TrackStudio and therefore I couldn't reconstruct the map. That meant I had to rebuild the whole course and parts of the scenery
Nevertheless I managed to complete the "new" map 2 days later and submit it to the competition and I'm really proud that it has been taken. It was a very nice week and I was more than overwhelmed how many people even from TM² joined us. Though after some days it turned uniform and monotonous to hunt the same maps again and again and admittedly I'm most tired of my own map. Definitely a successful event and I would like to thank the team SR and especially   SR.noobi>inactive for the reliable organization.

Ok, enough told. Enjoy the map and try your luck getting a dedi, it's very hard

« Some facts about the map:
Style: FullSpeed
Author Time: 48.83s
GPS Time: 48.89s
Coppers: 7898cc
CPs: 7x
Respawnable: No
Distance: ~7900m
Mood: Sunset
Current WR: 48.47s by   *aAa*. KiD

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« Try my created images for the tournament!
o Loadcreen in 1080p!
o Map Sign in 1080p!

Big thanks to the SR Team and to   SR.noobi>inactive for organizing and leading so consequently and dependably!

« My thank also goes out to our diligent screen makers
  GodofWar who won the Screen Competition ...

Check this mostly unnoticed map by him!
desolation row by   GodofWar

... and   pascow.esu who proved the 2nd place!
Try his latest map!
MTC - Valp by   pascow.esu

« Check out my mostly unnoticed track for the Gamers Assembly 2OI6!
I hope you will like it!

GA2016 - Passionate Resignation by   AR »Trex


Cya next time!
Cheers, Trex

User Comments
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  AR »Trex 09-May-2016
« Thanks to the awards from:
  AR »Trian
  AR »Paragraf
  AR »Cybernetic
  apX.Magik :3

__________ IO __________

  zr mat
  elaus43 09-May-2016
i had the same prbl with track studio some month ago - complete track was gone - so i make a copy since that day before i use. so i have the chance to go back and search for the problem for canceling and tried studio again. but sometimes i had blocks placed too high or reaching over the sides than i could not cancel and i had to rebuildt too
will try later....
  AR »Trian 09-May-2016
there's a backup folder inside the trackstudio folder, you can just recover the track from there
  elaus43 09-May-2016

watched gps and i must say it looks just wonderful
for me those ones are absolutly expert - the same on trians last - damn you all are so high skilled that you type such things interm.
for me it is only the question can i finish such beasts - and not do a hunt - maybe 2028
great work - i agree with trian about those scenery elements at walls (drivers view) ... but from the overall view it looks quite pretty.
  Kebab 09-May-2016
meeeeeeeh take my replay lol

edit : better now
  AR »Trex 09-May-2016
Actually, I'm really surprised too and I've never heard of a backup folder in TrackStudio before. That's probably because I don't work frequently with it.

edit: Thanks for this positive feedback guys, really made my day
  AR »Trian 10-May-2016
I don't use it often either but it's literally the uppermost of 6 things listed in the trackstudio folder, you can't miss it if you look it for a second :DD
  AR »Trex 10-May-2016
>.< never paid attention to that folder, thanks anyways
  Jay^.ps 10-May-2016
can you upload that "missing" map after you found it?
  AR »Trex 17-May-2016
ofc Jay, I found a no-scenery beginner version
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   AR »Trian 09-May-2016
it's simply great, so much fun
just leave out those pillars from the walls and the tube next time ^^
User Award   SR.noobi>inactive 09-May-2016
User Award   DMW 09-May-2016
Awesome track with a stunning atmosphere and great flow
User Award   bert19 09-May-2016
Easily finishable and nice scenery. That is how I like it For you:
User Award   AR »Paragraf 09-May-2016
User Award   »severus 09-May-2016
great one
User Award   Kebab 09-May-2016
Seriously, all metalic things are just... I was missing some light too... Except that, this is nice, here is the replay of my first finish ^^

See u soon
User Award   AR »Cybernetic 09-May-2016
Best track of the scrim.
User Award   Jay^.ps 10-May-2016
User Award   apX.Magik :3 17-May-2016
Very nice trex, only thing i really am annoyed at is this sd in the thumbnail, the wallride piece on the right is really annoying since i keep hitting it, and if i take a different route what happens is i dont make it to the cp (again also on the thumbnail). Apart from that i enjoyed this map so much
User Award   sef.Paras! 06-Jun-2016
I totally forgott to award this
Realy nice map tho but maybe in the tube part to much scenery
User Award   Ravenwest 03-Nov-2016
great flow mate
User Award   zr mat 03-Nov-2016
i didnt award this?
late one ^^
User Award   OneCredit 11-Nov-2019
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