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Name: Download Trafalgar
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   elaus43
Version: 05-Jun-2016
TMX id: 6612363
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 58,573
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 4m Diffic.: Beginner
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1:41.03   astronaut+ 0:00.0058,573
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1:48.54   xshurryk+ 0:07.5132,449
2:12.45   Sky.esu+ 0:31.420
2:35.26   |PT| CakeyFA+ 0:54.230
3:58.04   elaus43+ 2:17.010
1:49.45   Creep'+ 0:08.42-
2:18.48   ÑEOÑ+ 0:37.45-
3:12.10   'Twister+ 1:31.07-
4:37.08   AR »Trian+ 2:56.05-
7:23.74   Razo.'R |R4a+ 5:42.71-
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Author Comments

Hi something unusual i tried to work out the last weeks - because i loved to drive and watch the cool atmosphere when i discovered aidens

Oups so it became a 2 - 3 minutes RPG by me. The first RPG i did with the real intention to work for and it was fun.
Without the help from gamers like snellejasper or uetzer i would not be sure to post - so finally i am happy with.
Thx for your messy stuff dudes
The track has some pathfinding aspects aswell as a fully respawnable way.
Coppers ~ 5500 - hope all works fine for you
Feedbacks are welcome
Hope to see a nice LB score

Here you go - don't be frightened just watch for your way and everything should be fine...

Are you still reading this...

GPS? no..wait for repl...

Tasty beer .. YES

Still reading ?!


User Comments
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  elaus43 24-May-2016
comments below this sign
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
  SummerBoobs 24-May-2016
Don't like RPG, but nice screen
  Razo.'R |R4a 24-May-2016
too tired to concentrate on driving right now.
here's a replay anyway.
  Undertaker GT 25-May-2016
Quote ...
Don't like RPG, but nice screen

well. agree, cool Screen
about me, i like Rpg but few time for play
cause im very busy in my life (work, family etc)
but i dont like all styles of Rpg special extreme, lunatic,
same tracks of Simo900, or igntul sometimes too, full
of personal tricks, forced many times...
good for show or for surprise the people on-line,
but not for play in a continuous manner,
about your track is funny, and i respect your work, simpathy Route too...
i can see that you are not Rpg driver too, infact track is easy for all
about Rpg concept, i love the story + drive,
this are my prefers..u can dream whith this one
Nameless by Golo
Nos Astra by Golo
Amethyst Ascension by Snake55Wildcat

  AR »Trian 25-May-2016
I'm not sure about this one, it's possible to take like 3 different cps after start so I have no idea where to go, you should block access to cps you're not supposed to take (make it less open with some scenery)
now I "finished" the track after 4 mins but I missed at least one cp

it had some nice parts but I'd still like to finish it properly

e/ found the way now but my point is still valid
  elaus43 25-May-2016
thanks trian i know what you mean
cp missing i typed beginner so no crazy thinkin on the route here!
but i will buildt it more closed if the track should get longer - for not getting frustrated after 10 min or more
this is only a 2 min track so i think it should be not a big problem here.
  Creep' 25-May-2016
Elaus build RPG ???
that is really good track for a 1st RPG
  elaus43 25-May-2016
yepp i am very proud
thanks dude
thx buddha - cp problem i will watch more next but what is wrong with that fake fin u can't use it for more - it's just a little road extension.
please explain...
  'Twister 25-May-2016
you got me with this fake finish i played this map two more times because i thought that i missed a cp somewhere. later i realised that i just had to go on actually..
  elaus43 25-May-2016
sorry wasn't my Intention - maybe that's what buddha meant
read in a comment from "strohbär" sth about cp counter added - think that could be a nice solution, for not missing cp's if you know how many the track includes
  thom 25-May-2016
Ohw now I know where I missed when testing the map from the beta area (hadn't bothered looking in cam7 to find the missing CPs)

When you're at the freewheel CP you can actually go left directly...
  elaus43 26-May-2016
that's correct the other way was for the respawnability
i hope i am right with that spot you mean - jump after the longer speed part - starting after crossing the airship.
  DDR.Buddha 27-May-2016
That's exactly what I meant with the fake finish, yeah.
Just confusing, especially if you're unsure if you took all CPs before that.
  elaus43 27-May-2016
next i will try on a cp number giving concept
  ÑEOÑ 27-May-2016
Nice fullspeeder
I thought it was obvious the road continued after the fake finish.
First time round I was kinda unsure about the 3 CP's at the freewheeling part as well, but if you go left immediately you won't make the jump anyway.
10/10 would drink again! I mean, drive #TastyBeer
  elaus43 27-May-2016
yeah at that part i had many thoughts how to close the direct left way (wasn't that easy) - for not missing those 2 cp's i hided a little
watched your replay NEON highest jump until now nearly touched the roof^^
Update - Hope the mod is now visible for all !
  aeq.ex 10-Oct-2017
  elaus43 02-Apr-2018
np xshurryk - you did a great job
  |PT| CakeyFA 26-Nov-2018
extremely confusing , but that's ok, RPG as a whole is ****
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Razo.'R |R4a 24-May-2016
great one.
some really cool stuff in here.
User Award   AR »Trian 25-May-2016
make sure that you can't miss cps next time. Also I prefer RPG sceneries that are more closed and use less "normal" scenery blocks and more platform blocks or something, that way the atmosphere will be more RPGish rather than "normal track with mod" (just my preference

anyways, despite the cp problem I liked it, some cool parts and ideas but a little bit easy for my taste
User Award   Creep' 25-May-2016
Very nice mini RPG
User Award   DDR.Buddha 25-May-2016
Pretty nice one.
Just work on the cp problem and please don't use fake finishes in the middle of the track.
User Award   'Twister 25-May-2016
User Award   ÑEOÑ 27-May-2016
User Award   Sky.esu 03-Jul-2016
User Award   xshurryk 02-Apr-2018
Sorry for the shortcut but I just hate poles
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