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Name: Download [RPG] abandoned:
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   'Twister
Version: 09-Jun-2016
TMX id: 6627549
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 48,608
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 5m Diffic.: Intermediate
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3:47.42   SkandeaR+ 0:00.0048,608
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3:51.07   wojoradi+ 0:03.6543,927
3:53.92   Knights Ragle+ 0:06.5040,272
3:57.66   deus.esu+ 0:10.2435,476
4:03.96   jurajojo+ 0:16.5427,396
4:08.64   Snellejasper+ 0:21.2221,395
4:10.58   'Twister+ 0:23.1618,907
4:20.57   Ili (Sam)+ 0:33.156,095
4:23.14   the_tracker__+ 0:35.722,800
4:30.71   ÑEOÑ+ 0:43.290
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Author Comments


what can I say? finally I got some motivation to make a RPG and here is my result!
actually it's a "light" RPG (it could be considered as a "normal" one with some obstacles & stunts etc., however it's still a RPG)
there's no story and MT too, your only goal is to explore this abandoned area and find a way out. the lenght varies between 4 to ?? minutes and is not hard at all.

btw: block 8-6-8 on a road means literally "you shall not pass"

I hope the scenery, mod and the background music from a game adds a nice atmosphere (if all works how it should.^^)

cc: 13399
lenght: 4-??
mood: night
mod: Selfmade mix of Industrial Zone + Crysis II Mod (both by Dose)
screen: selfmade
made with Unlimiter

okay enough written for now, time to release^^
Twister out
Copper competition:
the first one who uploads a 3.xx.xx wins 10.000 coppers (don't forget to post your login after that)
winner: deus.esu

User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  'Twister 08-Jun-2016
does the mod load for you?
  pLexT 09-Jun-2016
mod not loading for any of us on Cash Money server.
  t-power 09-Jun-2016
Looking in the GBX file there is no web links associated with the mod.
  'Twister 09-Jun-2016
hmm :/, I'll try to fix this later, but i have no time atm. I'm not really experienced in those things aswell..seems like i have to find the right topic in the forum to solve this problem.

i used dropbox btw, the music should work tho

e: tried to rename locator, maybe i forgot
  AR »Trian 09-Jun-2016
was your link a direct link? so that the mod download window pops up when you click it?
and for music you should be able to hear it when clicking (at least firefox plays .ogg in browser)
  'Twister 09-Jun-2016
I think it was a direct link. Changed the end of the link with a dl=1. The locator was named like the mod itself with .zip.loc or did i miss something?
  AR »Trian 09-Jun-2016
hmm that should work :/
e/ make sure you don't have the mod in your mod folder, only the locator
ee/ music doesn't load either
  'Twister 09-Jun-2016
Wtf trian how fast can you answer xD i have the mod in my folder, so is this the point why it doesn't work?

e: just online with mobile phone now, this evening i'll try again. That the song doesn't load too wonders me a bit, thought i made it exactly like last time ( when i added music to my track golden coast)

e2: do i need to update the track?

e3: don't know why, but mod and music is working now big sorry for your replays tho!
  AR »Trian 09-Jun-2016
did I take the wrong path? the jump felt so natural
I took many cps after that until got stuck at some pretty open area (none of the 312123 ways I tried lead anywhere )
  Golo 09-Jun-2016
I took the same route as Trian. Imo its always better to completely block ways to wrong cps.
  'Twister 09-Jun-2016
yes sorry trian, you're supposed to drive to the halfpipe on the left i wrote in the author comment that this block on the road/platform means that there is a blockade and the player need to find another route, but it's not your fault ^^
  Ili (Sam) 09-Jun-2016
under 4min def possible, at cp8 too many time got bug on the blue border
  AR »Trian 10-Jun-2016
gotta drive it again then ^^

e/ lol
  'Twister 10-Jun-2016
started a copper competition! (details in AC)

@Trian: if you really don't know the path, you can always watch a replay^^ however, it might destroy the fun of pathfinding
  AR »Trian 10-Jun-2016
nah, I prefer to find it myself ^^

I was stuck in the cp earlier cause I had taken the wrong way so the right way lead to a cp I had already taken (I missed several cps when going along the red line in my screenshot)

finished it now, it had some nice pathfinding so took me 20 mins even if I knew many of the cps ^^
  'Twister 10-Jun-2016
watched your replay, was really funny to see that some parts confused you, like random boosters, the fake jump or the one roof in the middle of the track (i guess you jumped straight forward to the cp you skipped in the run before?)
  AR »Trian 10-Jun-2016
yeah that was what I did

you seriously watched the whole thing? including cam 7 path searching
  'Twister 11-Jun-2016
nah, was doing something in the meanwhile^^

and vnt deus & Ragle

e: also thanks for all those nice awards and replays
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   pLexT 09-Jun-2016
Fun to hunt - though CP 8 is a run-buster. Enjoyed finding the path. Nice screenshot and good work, especially for your first RPG track! Well done
User Award   t-power 09-Jun-2016
Nice map. Fast and flowing with only a few choke points.
User Award   deus.esu 09-Jun-2016
Fun little hunter but CP 8 and 9 are evil
User Award   Loe 09-Jun-2016
User Award   5teasy.esu 09-Jun-2016

nice hunter!

User Award   grobec 09-Jun-2016
I like it
User Award   Crashtestdummy 09-Jun-2016
User Award   Ili (Sam) 09-Jun-2016
really fun track, some intersting idea and really nice to hunt.. the two last rings are useless still nice work
User Award   Golo 09-Jun-2016
Nice short one.
User Award   Snellejasper 10-Jun-2016
A bit short, but fun for hunting
User Award   rabbes 10-Jun-2016
great track, scenery is great as well
User Award   AR »Trian 10-Jun-2016
just awesome atmosphere and route, one my favourite RPGs for sure not too hard but not that easy either (well when you know the route it is but I loved the pathfinding that was actually quite tricky to me ^^)
User Award   ÑEOÑ 12-Jun-2016
Really nice and short RPG! Love the atmosphere and route, although the first time round the pathfinding was quite hard.
User Award   Knights Ragle 19-Jun-2016
But i dont like cp 8 where u land on the blue part. its 50% bug or no bug, such a hunt killer
User Award   OLDA_X 24-Jun-2016
Really nice ideas and combinations here. Some places are very difficul path finder, I love your scenery and the mod you use I can't upload mz time because the file is higher to 2mb honestly better not watch the replay
User Award   Levon 28-Jun-2016
[Invalid Long]
User Award   nunni 11-Feb-2017
User Award   Pi malun 10-Jan-2020
Really cool!
User Award   Vadidas 10-Jan-2020
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