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Name: Download ¬MTC. ORIGINS «
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Fredair & Trex
Version: 19-Jun-2016
Released: 19-Jun-2016
TMX id: 6640881
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 73,761
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:47.90   Vince.TM+ 0:00.0073,761
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0:48.04   AR »Rockz.+ 0:00.1472,467
0:48.16   Switch+ 0:00.2671,359
0:48.16   AR »Trex+ 0:00.2671,359
0:48.17   Kumpelblase+ 0:00.2771,266
0:48.36   AR »Trian+ 0:00.4669,510
0:48.49   'Twister+ 0:00.5968,310
0:48.53   Dule+ 0:00.6367,940
0:48.59   AXUNITY+ 0:00.6967,385
0:49.44   JaniX+ 0:01.5459,532
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Author Comments


Our contribution to the Monthly Track Contest of June

Trex & Fredair unite to represent their country at the MTC. Have fun driving and hunting their first duomap - A unique map full of high speed, walls and additionaly a unique trajectory with scenery inspired by their motherland - Germany.

The MT, parts of the scenery, and the majority of the trajectory was made by Trex. Fredair made parts of the scenery too and of course a small part of the trajectory.

Screen in bigger size!

Also take a look at shortz's Video!

enjoy hunting ¬MTC. ORIGINS«!

/Trex and Fredair

User Comments
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  Fredair & Trex 19-Jun-2016
Thanks to the awards from:
  AR »Trian
  apX.Magik :3

__________ IO __________

  AR »Rockz.
  apX.Magik :3 19-Jun-2016
Ooooooh, gonna play it asap!
  AXUNITY 20-Jun-2016
just a quick replay, gonna hunt it later.
  »severus 20-Jun-2016
first sd trigger get bump 2/3 of the time
  AR »Trex 20-Jun-2016
Try to stay far at the right there, you should usually pass without bump then because the ramp is so low there
  AR »Trian 21-Jun-2016
if I stay right I get a bump so I think it's better to drive more left where the slope platform block is higher than the ramp
  AXUNITY 21-Jun-2016
I would say both can be possible. More to the left prolly has more airtime after the black miniramp, more to the right has less airtime but you prolly have a worse angle. idk just test it

e/replay: didn't do a S4D before the last loop, walls were too high, and my last SD was way to wide gonna try a better time
  Kumpelblase 25-Jun-2016
my part after the first loop sucked but the rest was ok i guess
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User Awards
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User Award   DDR.Buddha 19-Jun-2016
Great track - up to the last big drop. I could never do it in like 10-15 times, dunno if I'm losing speed because of missing SDs or because of the turnover, but whatever, the rest of the track is great!
User Award   AXUNITY 20-Jun-2016

Really nice map, but I have mixed feelings.
First of all you didnt really bring much new, maybe that transition after the first wall and maybe one of the few maps with many crossings. Furthermore if you get a bad run you can't finish this really, because every SD is essential to make the last jump and the difference between a bad and a ok-ish run is huge, but that doens't hinder me of giving you a gold award.
The initiation to the first SD is pretty risky, you bump often against the black miniramp, but if you get used to that and the overall trajectory and f you get a good time, everything feels perfect. The SDs intro the wall, the transitions after the end of the first wall, that tight last SD, etc is simply a blast.

The scenery is very nice, but if you don't know that this is for Germany, you can't really feel it, because most of the map is white or grey. I like this sort of construction scenery with the inflatables and especially the scnery infront of the start which has a second layer at the platfrom below (that crossing where you go to the loop of into the wall).

Last but not least I wanted to say that is map is great for hunting but idk how good your chances are of winning the MTC, because that last drop is not made for non-FS players

ps: you will find grammar and other mistakes, if so, keep them^^
User Award   grobec 20-Jun-2016
Challenging, but good
User Award   AR »Trian 20-Jun-2016
I slightly dislike the 1st wall end and the transitions before the turnover, I'd rather make an uninterrupted SD there (but the curve after the loop might be overspeeded then)
anyways, I really like it, great flow and variety
User Award   uetzer|R4a 20-Jun-2016
Very nice speeder! The cruve after the last loop is a bit tight, but rest is cool!
User Award   sef.tension 20-Jun-2016
User Award   apX.Magik :3 20-Jun-2016
Really nice use of the signs, different colours, there's nice variety here. Good use of the dirt and the route is quite creative with some great spots like after the first wall, i didn't think about that kinda combo it can be a bit frustrating sometimes to get past this part between the two walls due to the angle im coming in but that's probably just me (and i haven't practised enough yet )... Really nice scenery too, this surely is a good competitor against Trian's and Simo's entry but guys....

...This gps cam....

I wouldn't have minded if it was for the first 5/10 seconds and then at the end aswell, but for the whole thing? It's really my only dislike Solid route which takes a bit of getting used to but once you get it, you have some nice flow

Gonna hunt this one when LB is higher
User Award   JaniX 21-Jun-2016
Apart from the last jump this is really cool for fs noobs like me
User Award   sef.Paras! 22-Jun-2016
i love it
realy nice work here guys
User Award   Jay^.ps 25-Jun-2016
nice map, not a big fan of the start tho
User Award   Kumpelblase 25-Jun-2016
User Award   AR »Rockz. 21-Jul-2016
User Award   »severus 02-Aug-2016
That first sd trigger is just making me mad, but actually it's good if it works.
The rest is quite cool and your national colors can be easily recognized
Splendid map
User Award   'Twister 20-Oct-2016
nice track with good ideas, but it's not so easy on the first tries^^
User Award   bert19 18-Jul-2017
Too many sd´s for my taste but well calculated
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