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Name: Download TMX Community Fullspeed '16
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Community
Version: 25-Jul-2016
TMX id: 6673455
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 83,909
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:51.57   Vince.TM+ 0:00.0083,909
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:51.59   Switch+ 0:00.0283,714
0:51.71   brenni+ 0:00.1482,542
0:51.84   AR »Trex+ 0:00.2781,273
0:52.00   apX. agent+ 0:00.4379,711
0:52.31   canje+ 0:00.7476,685
0:52.39   uetzer|R4a+ 0:00.8275,904
0:52.79   Sky.esu+ 0:01.2271,998
0:52.79   Razo.'R |R4a+ 0:01.2271,998
0:52.94   grobec+ 0:01.3770,534
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Author Comments

TMX Community Fullspeed '16

The TMX Community is back with another official community track, initiated by uetzer and created with the help of the following nine users:

Part 1:   apX. agent
Part 2:   »mostfriendlyplayer
Part 3:   uetzer|R4a
Part 4:   fab'm PT <3
Part 5:   Sky.esu

Scenery Part 1:   jumper.esu
Scenery Part 2:   iHq/fredair.esu
MediaTracker:   Ili (Sam)
Screenshot:   GodofWar

We hope you enjoy the map

User Comments
Showing 19 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Sky.esu 25-Jul-2016
  Razo.'R |R4a 25-Jul-2016
  Ili (Sam) 25-Jul-2016

Btw: For those who want to plenty enjoy the intro you must reload the map to get the music (you will heard it by the sound volume, not the music volume)
  apX. agent 25-Jul-2016
are we actually allowed to award it if we worked on it?
Haven't seen the map since I handed in my start^^
  canje 25-Jul-2016
Sry, didn't like it that much. It's a decent track but there are too many fillers (loops, wallrides, tubes) imo which makes it feel like you're just driving from one to the next and that doesn't really create flow. Meanwhile the only longer turn (u-turn) felt somewhat random as I wasn't quite sure where to start it and particularly where to start the sd.
The scenery is good, maybe a bit too heavy for my taste. However it's getting a little overused and I still only like to see that kind of stuff by v.neck himself. (<3)
  elaus43 25-Jul-2016
normaly not agent - but as i saw it right, it's released under uetzer's account - so i think you can
  Sky.esu 25-Jul-2016
It's released under the TMX Community account, nope, no awards from builders permitted
  elaus43 25-Jul-2016
OK - take mine
  Chacal-fgtm 25-Jul-2016
bad fullspeed
  Switch 25-Jul-2016
great screen GoW
  apX. agent 25-Jul-2016 take my award without getting an actual award

The intro already is really cool, eventhough the cams are quite slow. But I cant say much more about it as I play with low grafics and all the effects are not visible to me^^
So..going with the scenery..just AMAZING. I really love it. Heavy, indeed..but heavy is best Only drawback is the high number of coppers as a result of it, what gives me some harder laggs than usual maps^^.But I was still able to finish it once^^
The track itself..feels quite slow to be honest but therefore has quite some variety and not just some boring sds as we have seen quite a lot recently. So, to me, it's really a big plus (like the Swiss flag ) Had a little problems with the corkscreew..but could handle that one quite fast aswell. All in all a superb map and I might drive something better than just a first fin when someone beats it
  elaus43 25-Jul-2016
cool time agent
  brenni 26-Jul-2016
.5 or even more possible i just couldnt do it...
i dont get it guys, you were so many great fs builders and didnt manage to create a good track
i really dont get it ;/

fking annoying parts where you have to pay attention very much to not bug, slip slide n stuff
also so easy to loose speed because of random slowdowns n stuff

no award from me but there's my replay
  sef.tension 27-Jul-2016
+1 something missing
  »mostfriendlyplayer 27-Jul-2016
dat hill is pure annoyance and tube entry is 1 block too high imo, but rest is fun and well designed
  Switch 27-Jul-2016
everything has been said already : it's not a bad track, but there are too many fillers, the u-turn doesn't feel right, the tube entrance is too high (maybe you had not much space idk), those things make it hard to enjoy
  iHq/fredair.esu 27-Jul-2016
this screen
Take this comment award:
  SR.noobi>inactive 28-Jul-2016
I never liked those community tracks. They always got no character and are always packed with to much stuff.
Too many cooks spoil the broth, i guess :/

  .Wiinty 29-Jul-2016
Yup I also don't like the track that much.
The first 20 seconds are too straightforward though driving is easy till there, quite challenging as well as the whole route which is also somewhat tricky, even though I'm not THE hunter player and neither ever was. However, the upcoming stuff is pretty cool, only two negative points to be mentioned, that these wide platforms aren't really my taste, and then the finish is the thing that every action lover would put on the hate list.
The scenery is quite well done, with a few missing road clips & unconnected poles, something I don't really mind of cuz it looks cool, overall.
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User Awards
Showing 11 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   grobec 25-Jul-2016
Really good
User Award   Razo.'R |R4a 25-Jul-2016
really cool one.
User Award   elaus43 25-Jul-2016
First let me tell you that you all did a great Job
I drove your track without watching GPS for getting a pure feeling for my critic
I start with the scenery - it's heavy, especially for my poor laptop but it is mostly amazing.
The only points here were, that i didn't recognized the entrance for the last TO - first run it came really unexpected - also that wall before, here it was somehow too much scenery placement - but nice idea at the same time
The route was very nice with nearly everything we knew from other tracks perfectly combined
The flow/speed/transitions fits on every part of the track !!!
I had some prbl. where you leave the big road spiral for getting the good line for that CP - think you know which part i mean - here the reaction time was real short - pah'
The finishing wasn't that hard - so that's what i call a finisher friendly fact
So take your big award for a great community project
1ne last word - missed a palmtree
User Award   SummerBoobs 25-Jul-2016
Nice one
User Award   OLDA_X 25-Jul-2016
Great track guys, thanks for your work
User Award   meNtality 25-Jul-2016
MT is a big ugly also not 100% sync with the music
but overall its a nice map
User Award   superJu 26-Jul-2016
Cool track !
User Award   apX.Magik :3 27-Jul-2016
Good work guys, im happy to see another community fullspeed map here on tmx Unfortunatly, due to the heavy scnenery, i will not be able to hunt it much. Never the less, im really astonished by the sights from the scenery, from the wonderful media tracker and pretty nice route, which is creative but works really well. Enjoy my little present:
User Award   AR »Trex 30-Jul-2016
fabulous map, really great work guys
My only dislikes are the wall/tube-combination which seems slightly miscalculated (one ot two blocks lower would have helped) and the simple GPS which just doesn't fit the map and the awesome scenery well
User Award   xxlr8 31-Jul-2016
good, but i can't feel flow too much ;(
User Award   ax.unity 31-Jul-2016
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