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Name: Download (MTC) - Realize The Balance.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   «PasSion™
Version: 08-Aug-2016
Released: 08-Aug-2016
TMX id: 6684432
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,778
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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0:46.00   Vince.TM+ 0:00.0026,778
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0:46.16   AR »Trian+ 0:00.1626,219
0:46.50   cranberries+ 0:00.5025,031
0:46.62   SR.noobi>inactive+ 0:00.6224,612
0:46.75   «PasSion™+ 0:00.7524,158
0:49.23   OLDA_X+ 0:03.2315,496
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Author Comments

Heyo , I am proudly present to you my new work.
August 08.08.2016 Its Monday. Great
(MTC) - Realize The Balance.

Prologue :

I want to welcome you all to my Entry for the MTC of this Month, Realize your balance, i hope you'l like it, it is really curious for me to tell you that i made this track in one day, surely my best work of scenery so far, i started to build the track in the Afternoon and finished it tonight for a complete challenge, i can ashure that nothing is missing here, what would you find in this beauty, Flow, Smoothness,Driving SKills,transitions not a lot but tried, anyway i made an MTC track with 3 (Engine Killers) as writed in the rules of the Contest, i hope to see great sucsses of this one, took me more then 8 hours of work, i feel satisfied and happy to release it to you guys, Have Fun, lets go to the info.

Track Information :

- Scenery : took me 2 Hours to make it,
maybe more, but it took a lot of time.
- Screen : made it fast and generally
its a simple one, nothing special.
- Intro : made something with nice music,
turn your audio on and the stereo and preapre.
- GPS : always be there for you, there is a GPS, a crazy one hehe.
- MT-Work : GPS right, Thx Zipperke for the Help with the Music, Thx dude.

Showcase :

For your Help Zipperke : MTC for MTC! Feels good ya.
MTC] Free Willy by   Zipperke

Last Words :

Have Fun Guys & Give your best Replays.
Peace Out, «PasSion™

User Comments
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  «PasSion™ 08-Aug-2016
  OLDA_X 08-Aug-2016
Track looks very nice, but the timing of the cameras is really wrong. Switch the internal camera before wallride is good, but the reset after the wallride coming too late. Among wallride and Loop the defaul camera blinks only. Switching to the Loop comes quite late and resetting the internal camera after exiting the loop is totally wrong because I'm leaving loop totally blindly.
  «PasSion™ 08-Aug-2016
Thx, i will change it later.
  AR »Trian 08-Aug-2016
I would remove the cp before the banked road curve so the 2nd engine killer part would be longer, now I simply can't make it through the curve because I'm too fast

e/ made it once now but that was sooo close to crashing :/
I agree with olda about the cams, make both wall and loop cams end earlier (especially the loop cams, make them end at the moment you exit the loop, not 50 meters after like the 1st loop cam, that's perfect)

apart from the curve and the cams it's a great track, waiting for possible update now
  «PasSion™ 08-Aug-2016
k , thx trian!
  shortz.esu 08-Aug-2016
intresting map
  «PasSion™ 08-Aug-2016
when i'l get home i will update it.
sorry for the problems in the map guys.
  SR.noobi>inactive 08-Aug-2016
I cant believe that you couldnt finish my map in the beta area because of its tightness, this one is at least as tight as mine map
I like it very much and when you changed your cams i try to hunt it and give it the award :3 and please to the cp thing trian mentioned^^
  «PasSion™ 08-Aug-2016
maybe it takes time to finish any random Fullspeed and also , to get use to it. well i will make the changes now!
Updated !

  OLDA_X 09-Aug-2016
Switching cameras is already good, but I already know where the problem arises. You use only one switch for internal camera and you calculated duration of looping. But much better to use one switch for internal camera and second switch for reset.
I created once time a tutorial. You can watch it here
the tutorial is named "camera reset" ...
  AR »Trian 09-Aug-2016
didn't even notice the timed cams here but yeah, that's a much better solution
  «PasSion™ 09-Aug-2016
hope its much better guys
  AR »Trian 09-Aug-2016
ehh... may I ask you why did you edit the start (which was nice) instead of just removing the cp before the tight road curve? ^^
cause the curve feels actually as fast as it was before xD
  «PasSion™ 09-Aug-2016
i just removed the Cp and placed a Speed road there, that's it, it fits the part.
  AR »Trian 09-Aug-2016
but wasn't the problem about the right-hand road curve at around 30 seconds? I meant remove the cp there to make the engine killer part a bit longer and so the curve would be less tight

the part you changed was fine earlier if you ask me
  «PasSion™ 09-Aug-2016
i felt that was needed to change the start to make the whole track flowy better and it did helped!
i guess i did my best on this update.
  AR »Trian 10-Aug-2016
alright, it's your decision even if I preferred the first version when it comes to the start (but the tight curve feels perhaps a tiny bit slower now so it's also a tiny bit easier )
  «PasSion™ 10-Aug-2016
Happy to hear that
  iHq/fredair.esu 31-Aug-2016
too many turn are too tight, took forever to finish, scenery & overall look is okay, otherwise nothing stunning or outstanding

Text is from my judgement sheet @ MTC
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User Awards
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User Award   Zipperke 08-Aug-2016
it's a nice track
didn't had to many difficulties finishing it in order to open the mediatracker
good luck in the contest
User Award   meNtality.wp 08-Aug-2016
nice map!
User Award   SR.noobi>inactive 09-Aug-2016
at first it is really hard, but it gets more fun with every try

hopefully i will do a good time,but right now my replay should be enough^^
User Award   OLDA_X 09-Aug-2016
Good map, fun to try.
User Award   AR »Trian 09-Aug-2016
the curve is still pretty damn tight but the rest of the map is great, I like it a lot
User Award   Sky.esu 12-Aug-2016
nice one
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