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Name: Download Shelter!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   *aAa* Cyril'
Version: 16-Aug-2016
Released: 16-Aug-2016
TMX id: 6689747
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 5,479
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:39.39   *aAa* Cyril'+ 0:00.005,479
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:39.41 0:00.025,462
0:39.43   chrisor.+ 0:00.045,445
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Author Comments

Hey, here is my new fullspeed map Shelter!

I'd say this one is harder than my previous ones, it could be quite a challenge for the "non-pro" players.

AT : 39.81, shouldn't be that hard to beat

Enjoy !

Thanks to :

chrisor very appreciated comment
Trex thanks for the detailed feedback once again
fredair I take this as an improvement
Magik Thanks for your words

My previous map :

Lionheart VIII by   *aAa* Cyril'

User Comments
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  iHq/fredair.esu 16-Aug-2016
  zr mat 16-Aug-2016
Its decent track but i wont be able to hunt it.
Really not big fan of the dirt bit, transition before 270 wall and that pool thing too
its too frustrating for me
  *aAa* Cyril' 16-Aug-2016
Yea those 3 spots definitely are the challenge of this map! I wanted to put the difficulty as "Advanced" but it doesn't exist on tmx sadly, and it wasn't hard enough to be "Expert" ^^
Finishing it is doable for everyone however hunting it requires a good skill I'd say
  brenni 17-Aug-2016 ?
  *aAa* Cyril' 17-Aug-2016

Impressive time chrisor !
I'll hunt as well, but it looks pretty solid ^^
  chrisor. 17-Aug-2016
thank you and also nice time
my turnover wasn't that good, lost 0,04 there to my old time, so 3x could be possible, gogo
  *aAa* Cyril' 17-Aug-2016
Finally got it
3x is in for sure, show it to me gogo
  chrisor. 21-Aug-2016
ah i see you did the .3x good job
i'd like to follow, but i haven't got time for tm for some time now :/
  brenni 21-Aug-2016
  *aAa* Cyril' 21-Aug-2016
Ahah yea thanks
Too bad you haven't enough time tho, could have been an interesting battle ^^ 22-Aug-2016
.2 is in. ill drive it tomorrow ^^
failed it once, and failed .3 many times
  *aAa* Cyril' 22-Aug-2016
I'm looking forward to seeing it gogo psy 22-Aug-2016
hopefully i can do it without too much trouble^^
ur maps have been the best ones on tmx lately imo cyril, keep it up.
  *aAa* Cyril' 23-Aug-2016
Thanks pskyo, I appreciate it a lot
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User Awards
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User Award   chrisor. 16-Aug-2016
this track is great, your building style, especially in this track, reminds me somehow very much of NLpwf
unfortunately i didn't have the time to hunt it
User Award   Sky.esu 16-Aug-2016
great work
User Award   zr mat 16-Aug-2016
User Award   meNtality.wp 16-Aug-2016
nice map!
User Award   GodofWar 16-Aug-2016
User Award   AR »Trex 16-Aug-2016
awesome track and combinations in the route here. Basically the jump in front of the first wall isn't very difficult, you just need the right angle and technique and you always get it smoothly. However, I don't like the pool transition before the turnover that much. Of course it's a cool idea and it appears to work great for others, but I often slided away there because I couldn't stay straight on my line.
Anyways very nice map, keep it up
User Award   iHq/fredair.esu 20-Aug-2016
Good stuff
What I thought while playing this:
[at the start]
please no cyril start, please no cyril start... thank god no cyril start...
[then that wall after the dirt section]
fuck off... Kinda cyril start
User Award   xeqzion 21-Aug-2016
keep 'em coming dawg
User Award 22-Aug-2016
great map, very tricky
User Award   apX.Magik :3 22-Aug-2016
I gotta agree with some of the others that said that their experience on this map felt much like nlpwf. I believe this is due to the little parts that you included in a similar way that nlpwf did himself These little parts include the the pool transition and a similar transition before the 270 wall. Pretty difficult map to play right however i really like the challenge here. Good job

I think that if nlpwf played the map he would surely be proud himself for such good vibes here imo. I feel like this map will be a great known map for the advanced players in the future
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