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Name: Download Black Widow
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   elaus43
Version: 16-Sep-2016
TMX id: 6709328
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 14,392
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:51.46   racehans+ 0:00.0014,392
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0:51.51   Logico+ 0:00.0514,308
0:51.57   »RtA«wally+ 0:00.1114,207
0:51.76   MR+ 0:00.3013,888
0:51.77   Ryxsar+ 0:00.3113,871
0:51.78   Switch+ 0:00.3213,855
0:52.06   One.|Ice+ 0:00.6013,385
0:52.36   hydro>>Adi+ 0:00.9012,881
0:52.49   dsc JaniX+ 0:01.0312,663
0:52.60   AR »Trian+ 0:01.1412,479
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Author Comments


Some facts of my new track:

The track is a 50+sec track with some left/right turns - jumps & drops.
I tried to work out a racing line that allows correction of your driving line.
Drivers that know how to handle the tech drift style are in advantage here.
9 Cp's in total along the route - natural speed - using normal road and plattform elements.
Weight - 3747c
Mood - sunset
Think that's it.

Some words about the scenery

Don't know how many hours i worked on it ... but many.
The track title i had in mind before i started doing the scenery.
So the importance had to go to the colour of the spider - Black Widow
I started some tries with the unlimiter on a seperate track just to see,
how i could mix the inflatables without flickering, into black/red.
So i was sure not to get a mistake in case of deleting if smth went wrong.
After that i started working on the scenery/signs. Always watching the track from all sides and the drivers view.
The result is smth i really like - not too low or heavy imo.

Some facts of the help beyond

It's not usual for me to present big tracks like this one. So i decided to ask some friendly faces for their help, to make this a more
representative work how a good community can be.
At first i started a screen comp. because i knew i am not good enough for doing smth special.
Thank you sam and gow for your work and time you spent for
I really love the screen gow created and i wished i could add him to my favourite screenmakers. Sam too (atleast on the breeze sea theme
But there is no spot on the account info were i could do - only for favourite author - i believe it's meant the track author/correct me pl. if i am wrong.
Thank's again sam for making a cool intro+music for the track. The music is on the volume level of the car! The music is very nice in rhyme to the sequences of the movie sam made and it sounds fitting to a widow^^ after i told sam my feeling about that he told me that the music is done by a female cool. So hope you all take a little time and watch to his nice work
Let me say thanks to uetzer for testing and commenting my track while he was damaged and not best healthy. I believe he catched my time while lying in bed^^ Thank you so much dude

Here a very nice movie clip / done by VomAdminEditiert -
Thanks a lot dude


Qualification by   uetzer|R4a

[FS] Beginner Lessons by   GoW|R4a

The Ray Of Dawn by   Ili (Sam)

last word


User Comments
Showing 20 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  elaus43 16-Sep-2016
"Thank's Sky" for the showcase
Thx Trian for award/comment/time @ cause that i called normal
Thx Wrexx for award/comment
Thx tntn for the time lost smth short before the end
Thx Logico for your real fast time/award/comment & and hunter qualities
Thx Janix for a cool time & award best last turn until now
Thank's GoW for ya detailed comment/award & amazing screen
Thx for the nice time One.|Ice
Thx grobec for comment & award
Thx Ryx for your impressive time and the nice words & award
Thx Switch for the award & great time after what cp your slide is meant ?
Thanks a lot Sam not only for comment & awarding
Thx Creeperman nice that you like it
Thx raizo epicalicious^^
Thx Rain for
Thx Twister for your time & award
Thx Magic really glad to hear
Thx nixx for your and cool comment
Thx nmd - yeah still here
Thx wally for your amazing time and 1st
Thx MR for and cool replay - will follow your advice
Thx uetzer for award & the nice words
Thank you sky for award & more
Thx Sparco - it will be the exception - i love the minis
Thx Nitro for the compliment & award
Thx adriano for your replay
Thx racehans for your fantastic replay
Thx Leon for awarding
Thx Wiinty and yes that's a hard part
Thx !k7 that's what i do too
Thank you Zerkuso for awarding
Thx VomAdminEditiert - such sweet candy from you
Thx meNtality for your coolness
Thx LeTrefleNoir sure you would like
Thx blublu - let me say houhou
Thx JFF - Drpzor FST
Thx GoG - for your voting
Thx Ziro_der_hutt - for the

Didn't expect so many beautiful reactions from you all 375+dwnl
  ¬Wrexx. 16-Sep-2016
dat screenshot
  GoW|R4a 16-Sep-2016
and for the nice words too, elaus!
  ViN <3 17-Sep-2016
well,great screen
  Ryxsar 17-Sep-2016
Come on ! My time is still clearly beatable !
  elaus43 17-Sep-2016
proven by Logico
  MR 21-Sep-2016
watch my replay.
noslide at the end
  elaus43 21-Sep-2016
yeah looks little struggling, maybe cause of the ramp catch before
  legigantesqueelephant 22-Sep-2016
nice turn in the map but i wont award+ i wont vote this map because i dont like black widow even if i have never see one in my life, a insect that kill people is not funny so i think a name of map of this insect dont deserve a award and a good vote even if the turn in the map are nice, so if you change your name of map by something better like: not black widow so like this i could award or vote the map but right now i dont vote the map and not award it i even suggest i think people shouldnt award a map with such a bad name of map for the respect of people that have die by black widow if there is death by black widow in this world,anyway nice turn in the map but like i said i wont award unless you change the name of the map.
  MR 22-Sep-2016
wtf xD
  Logico 22-Sep-2016
Wally, I'm gonna get you when I have time to play again Very nice time tho, mate!
You've passed me where I felt most insecure... true pro
  elaus43 22-Sep-2016
yeah cool - hope you have some time to hunt someday
  »mostfriendlyplayer 22-Sep-2016
i think i hate spiders even more than i hate tech so no award for me
  elaus43 22-Sep-2016
Tech is a great experience once you know how to do
Spiders i don't like too but i am sure they don't destroy nature not as human do me incl!
So no prbl. just respect them / and my track^^
btw. sev you should say from me - not for me
wow Logico
such a nice!! time
  »RtA«wally 28-Sep-2016
that elephant tho
  elaus43 30-Sep-2016
animal attack ^
nice example of the showcase idea
more than 200 dwl. in ~ 2 weeks. are just awesome
thank you all a lot
  .Wiinty 09-Oct-2016
Gz for your most awarded. ^^
  elaus43 09-Oct-2016
THX without the showcase it would be the half i believe
26.12.2016 - can't believe this track reached the 340+ dwnld mark
  blublu 22-Apr-2017
Awesome video and screen!
  elaus43 26-Apr-2017
dl 385+
dl 410+ - 11/07/17
dl 445+ - 05/02/18
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 33 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Sparco 22-Sep-2016
21 ! !
Well done, I can only encourage you to continue to build longer (tech) tracks
User Award   NitroGuy! 25-Sep-2016
refreshing to see a map of this kind of quality
User Award   LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°) 04-Oct-2016
Very good map !
User Award   .Wiinty 08-Oct-2016
Not the track of my dreams and, like Trian said, there's the part near the airship that I always end up nodrifting and thus not getting the 52.xx/ ._. Besides that, I like it.
User Award   !k7 15-Oct-2016
I force myself to try other styles and while I'm not very good with all those drifty weirdy curves yet, I really appreciated your piece of work.

It's the kind of track I could put in a "to revisit" bucket because it's really fun
User Award   Zerkuso 17-Oct-2016
good job!
User Award   VomAdminEditiert 17-Oct-2016
User Award   meNtality 20-Dec-2016
cool techie
User Award   LeTrefleNoir 22-Apr-2017
I forgot to award this awesome SpeedTech from you!
User Award   blublu 22-Apr-2017
Hooo Yesssss

.: :.
User Award   JFF - Drpzor FST 12-Nov-2017
I wish I knew how to build scenery
User Award   GoG 13-Jun-2018
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 23-Jun-2018
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