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Name: Download MTC - Unbroken
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   »Paulmar|35|
Version: 04-Nov-2016
Released: 04-Nov-2016
TMX id: 6742012
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 20,391
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:40.14   Erizel (brutal)+ 0:00.0020,391
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0:40.34   kn0lle+ 0:00.2019,781
0:40.39   »Paulmar|35|+ 0:00.2519,629
0:40.55   cranberries+ 0:00.4119,141
0:40.57   hydro>>Adi+ 0:00.4319,080
0:40.87   Hitchy+ 0:00.7318,166
0:41.31   shortz.esu+ 0:01.1716,825
0:41.81   grobec+ 0:01.6715,300
0:42.45   legigantesqueelephant+ 0:02.3113,350
0:42.81   LeTrefleNoir+ 0:02.6712,252
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Author Comments

Yo !
Today's map is my work for the MTC-November.
This theme, was a pretty nice challenge, we had to make the driver touched at least once every types of block of the present in the scenery, so like this it could make us mapping with originals/rares blocks that aren't much use in "basic" maps.
But, I wasn't so original in my mapping style, I used mostly road and platform blocks, to make a semi-transitional tech map. It's one of my first try to map real "long" tech maps, but I liked to experienced this, it changes of building fullspeed everytime. I'll give you now a list of the block I used in scenery (and when the car touch it when it's not that obvious) :
2-1-1 Road block
2-2-3 Finish block (I hit it everytime when I fin the map)
2-3-4 Road block with 3 poles (1st block at start)
3-1-1 Road big uphill block (before cp6)
3-1-2 Road small uphill block (landing of 1st drop)
5-1-3 Block used in loop/wallride (used to get the very 1st drop smoother)
5-1-7 Sign Block (used to get the 2nd drop, without it it's impossible to get it)
5-2-1 and 6-2-1 Normal platform blocks, both are used a bit everywhere
5-5-4 Road to platform block/platform to road (used after cp2)
8-3-1/8-3-2 Long white scenery block (used at start after 1st drop)
8-6-1/8-6-4 Black scenery blocks (used after cp7 (fin))
8-7-5 White strange block (used after cp6)
8-8-2 White strange block v2 ( used after cp1 and 3)

I think that's all for the blocks used in scenery, if you see any others block please put it in comment section

Let's speak about the track now:
This is a 40 sec long tech map with many transitions, for the first part of the map I was inspired by Joost's style, with those white block transition. I think it's quite flowy and works pretty well (maybe the start won't work at 100%, depends of the line). And it's a pretty easy part. 2nd part is a bit more difficult, you need speed(cp4-5-6) and nice lines, especially at cp7, it's quite hard to get it at start, because you an have some bump caused by the transition before.
Now you are the judges of my work, please tell me what you think, if I should continue to build some tech-ish map or "only" fullspeeder, what I need to improve for the following maps. ;
There's still no intro, but i'm working on that a bit atm, it looks very hard, but I really need to learn it!
Hope you guys will like this map, upload your best time to push-up LB-rating and awards if you liked it to reward my work.
Also good luck to all others participant of this MTC, I can't wait to play your piece of art

Last but not least, a big thanks to my mate   meNtality.wp for making a great screenshot again! Really appreciate it, keep up the good work ! Here's a well deserved showcase again!

MTC - Moscow Calling by   Ravenwest & meNtality

Go give it a try!

Have fun guys and thanks you for still being active on such an amazing game, TMForever is forever

User Comments
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  »Paulmar|35| 04-Nov-2016

Thanks list :

2. Merci creep, je vois que t'aime bien les transitional maps

3. Haha well that's not a good time but thank you for upload it! Map isn't that hard, can't you improve this? Glad you like the map

4. Thanks man, glad you like it and thanks again for the scree,

5. Thanks for award + replay yhcitH

6. Glad you like it, ty for the award

7. Merci, glad you like this

8. Thanks for the award man ! + nice time !

9. Wow a lot of frenchies-baguette awards here Glad you like it too

10. Je me suis inspiré de cette map pour la premiere partie Si tu veut faire un duo, pourquoi pas, j'en ai jamais fait ^^^^Merci !

11. Thanks for the great words !

12. Ah yeah sky ? Who is that? :Haha thanks man !
  Switch 04-Nov-2016
et bah voilà
  Vønix!« 04-Nov-2016
you got a good chance of winning (yet) (;D)

e/: baguette du fromage
  »Paulmar|35| 04-Nov-2016
Well there's not that many entry atm
We will see what judges think
  elaus43 04-Nov-2016
good luck
  Vønix!« 04-Nov-2016
yep that was a joke, but i still think you could win
  »Paulmar|35| 04-Nov-2016
I hope so haha !
  elaus43 04-Nov-2016
sure i can but it's better to start low for a higher LB afterwards
please correct hitchy 5.
  kn0lle 05-Nov-2016
You're getting punished for driving fast here . Example the 2nd slide. If you get a good first slide, you are way to fast for the second. And i don't like the last slide.
  »Paulmar|35| 05-Nov-2016
Sorry Knolle, i'm not that good at tech so it's pretty hard for me to know if each lines are good or not, but thanks for sharing your opinion on this map
  legigantesqueelephant 08-Nov-2016
i think the style of the map is not tech map i think its more a speed tech map,so i think you should change the style of the map for speed tech because i think its need a speed for reach some part i have crash sometime when i didnt have the good speed or i think not good speed its a crash at that time i think its speed tech and not tech,if you count this as tech map i think its a shit map : need a certain speed each turn or its a fail on a tech map its not like this i think on a tech map i think its not need certain speed for reach the other part only at end of map when there is 2 end and there is a end easy so this map is not tech,i guess your map was not made to be bad also but i think you need consider your map not tech because i think its not only the tech style its need speed also so i think its become speed tech,so when a map have 2 style at the same quantity each style mean i think its cant be tech, watch esl tech map and stc tech map and eswc tech map and you gonna see there is not jump every turn,if you considerate this as tech its a very bad shit map on tech map the only jump there is: is to reach the end of the map and i think there is always 2 end of the map when there is a jump but this map is jump closely every part so i think its not tech map but if you change the style of this map for speed tech map at that time i think the map could be very good for speed tech, its really the kind of speed tech map need speed and tech at same time so i think for me every tech map have not more jump than the jump at the end of the map and that jump need 2 finish when there is a jump a easy finish and a finish in the air, so for me if you put part that you need to be fast or you dont reach the other part its not tech if you think like this: '' i did the map easy and its was easy to me'' mean its not a tech map, you need be able to do all the map at the speed of the minimum speed for its be tech so at the speed of 1 kph and need be able finish the map (when there is 2 finish at 1 killometer per hour you can use the easy finish and finish that map) so if you cant do this like on this map i think its a speed tech and not tech map i vote --- if its tech and if its speedtech i vote +++.
  »Paulmar|35| 08-Nov-2016
Well first, thanks for sharing your opinion.
Then I totally disagree with you, it's indeed a tech map, just a transitional one, and harder than esl/stc tech maps. It's because you only play those types of maps that you have such a "precise" definition of what is tech. It's not speed tech neither, you don't have to be very fast with long drift. They are quite short, but yes you need enough speed to reach a jump, it's just because they are calculated with "normal nice drift", so yeah if you fail a drift you might not get the following jump. It's not because in esl and many other competition maps are finishable easily for everyone that means it's the only "tech style", it's just to give them a better hunt factor because you need this rounds competition. And if you really want to know what it a real tech map, that comes from "technical", I invite you to watch one of the latest Shortz Production video, you'll see that it's completly different from what we play. Anyway, my map is indeed a tech map by the definition of what we usually give to this style, it's just harder and less huntable because of transitions. That's style my point of view, you can agree with me or not, it's a tech map in my opinion. And the way that you vote +++ or --- just by changing the style is completly stupid, did you enjoyed this map? Yes --> + / ++ / +++ ; No --> - / -- / --- Depending of how much you like/hate this.
And btw what a comment, you repeat only 3/4 ideas a billion of times, wasted 5 minutes reading this.

  legigantesqueelephant 08-Nov-2016
i have play not only tournament tech map, i have already play tech map that are not tournament, i think i often play the tech map the most popular of each month and sometime the most popular of each week, and i have never see a tech map with jump, when there is jump i think its speed tech,normally the mtc map are most of the time with jump and its speed tech, if i vote --- when its tech its because i dont considerate this as tech but if you change the style as speed tech i could vote +++, anyway each our opinion about what kind of style is this, look this is tech:
"Gosh by   wormi" its not my map but i have want show you what tech is it, you can see my map also i have made some tech map but my map is i think little strange tech and there is other map, in the map in the link there is a small jump but very smooth more smooth than on your map, and even if we dont have the jump its still on the road so its ok, compare to your map that you need do the jump perfectly or its a fail , on your map i think its not that smooth for tech because i think when i was noob i couldnt even finish that map and i think a tech map all noob can finish it , but speed tech is not same so speed tech i think not mean all noob can finish it, anyway each our opinion but like you can see block with jump is not tech i think.
  »Paulmar|35| 08-Nov-2016
Well then you don't make the good difference between tech and speedtech, speed tech required a "very" high speed during the whole map or almost, and jumps/transitions aren't a factor to say what style it is, you can just add "transitional" before the still, it just change hunt factor. If jumps aren't all that easy, then the difficulty changes, not the style, that's why I put "Intermediate" for the style, and not beginner.
Well if you are on TMX, then transitional techs aren't so rare, but they are less common than basic tech because they are harder to build. You don't play this type of maps with transition because you play on server where big names of tech players play too, and those guys play "basic" tech because of the hunt factor. Also if you never saw such some transitional tech as this one, you should play this "Mind Vortex by   Joost»LT", probably the best mapper ever, style is tech and hard difficulty, but still tech. So my map is definitely a Medium/Hard Transitional Tech
  legigantesqueelephant 08-Nov-2016
on this map : there is jump on closely all turn for me tech map have not jump all turn,for me when its jump all turn its too fast for tech and i think its speed tech anyway each our opinion but i think for a tech its --- and for a speed tech is +++ because i think too much jump for tech map anyway each our opinion and each our taste about which map is more nice also the map you send me the link i think is also not a tech map, i think its also speed tech map not because of the block in the map but because its need too much speed for its be tech, i think tech is always around same speed when its about speed its not about difficulty i think its about style of map and when its about turn i think its about difficulty in the map like if a turn is easy its difficulty easy and if a turn is tight so its become hard map because the turn is hard, so there is map with block like this that are tech but its need a small speed for reach block, i think wormi made one, its very rare to made map with block like this that are tech most of this map is speed tech because its need to be very fast to reach that kind of block, i think you probably dont see it yourself because you maybe play alot of this kind of map so its become easy to you to reach that platform but i think its not tech because its need to be too much fast for reach platform, its not about difficulty because difficulty i think its about when the turn are wide or not wide and hard to do anyway each our opinion.
  SR.noobi>inactive 09-Nov-2016
all hail the great and mighty elephant guy. only the chosen ones can read and comprehend the wisdom he shares in his credos
  »Paulmar|35| 09-Nov-2016
I almost understand his logic, even if it's not logic at all
  One. 09-Nov-2016
Why you no cam2 in GPS m8?
  »Paulmar|35| 10-Nov-2016
Never thought to try this, is it better?
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User Awards
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User Award   Vønix!« 04-Nov-2016
User Award   Creep' 04-Nov-2016
encore du transitionnal au top ^^ je valide
User Award   elaus43 04-Nov-2016
very cool
good creation of different parts - a lot of signs that gives a nice blue touch.
strong entry
User Award   meNtality.wp 04-Nov-2016
nice one good work
User Award   Hitchy 04-Nov-2016
Little bit random, but it's okay
User Award   xXx The Rain Machine 04-Nov-2016
User Award   LeTrefleNoir 05-Nov-2016
Le circuit devient de plus en plus difficile! J'aime beaucoup, c'est un genre de circuit où l'on peut être heureux d'être arrivé à la fin!
User Award   hydro>>Adi 05-Nov-2016
Well done!
I really like that kind of tech!
User Award   Ryxsar 05-Nov-2016
Ouah, tellement bien mais tellement chaud !
User Award   Skopje14 06-Nov-2016
j'adore ce type de circuit, il me fait beaucoup pensé, en moins complexe mais plus techy à Mind vortex de Joost
tout ce que j'aime: transitions, et surtout re-uses! d'ailleurs à l'avenir je t'enverrais peut-être un message pour une idée de circuit, projet pour en discuter vu que ça rentre dans cette catégorie de tech

award bien mérité
User Award   Misak Koim 06-Nov-2016
Nice, very nice!

It was really awarding finish it, hope it scores high in the MTC.
User Award   Sky.esu 06-Nov-2016
someone stepped up his mapping game recently
User Award   Switch 09-Nov-2016
j'aime pas du tout le début, le premier drift est vraiment pas bien je trouve :/ Ça devient beaucoup mieux après, même si pour le coup autant sur ce genre de map d'habitude j'aime beaucoup hunt autant là pas tellement, je sais pas je galère beaucoup, après la map est quand même sympa à jouer, quelques bonnes idées
User Award   One. 09-Nov-2016
Good one, but because I don't find it that flowy/smooth I'm not hunting it..
User Award   grobec 11-Nov-2016
Comme tout le monde écrit en français, je vais faire ça aussi

Bon circuit.

En espérant que personne ne traduise
User Award   jakub972 18-Mar-2019
I like the map
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