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Name: Download CCP#19 - Touching The Stars
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Vønix!«
Version: 19-Dec-2016
Released: 19-Dec-2016
TMX id: 6781128
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 23,509
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night
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0:58.97   racehans+ 0:00.0023,509
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0:59.42   JakeRay+ 0:00.4522,432
1:01.00   DaeWoN+ 0:02.0318,653
1:01.15   Tarkkh+ 0:02.1818,294
1:01.33   Benbe.xT+ 0:02.3617,864
1:18.44   legigantesqueelephant+ 0:19.470
1:29.30   elaus43+ 0:30.330
1:02.64   AR »Trian+ 0:03.67-
4:22.73   Lovva+ 3:23.76-
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Author Comments

-| *CCP#19 - Touching The Stars |-

Hey !
I got to say at first now, I'm very proud to have the chance to upload a contribution for the CCP-16 and I hope that my map will be acceptable for this awesome event.

Important things i forgot :
- videos: Underlein & Shortz
- This map has an easter egg, finding will give you the chance to be a betatester for lifetime
- Updated
- AT is a joke, my PB is 59.48 ( the video hasn't used that replay, but that one is pretty good too^^ =)
- screenshot is made by Shortz

Never be like you by   shortz.esu

Bye bye, see you at my christmas map

User Comments
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  Vønix!« 19-Dec-2016
legit description after school
  meNtality.wp 19-Dec-2016
tmx smile is ": tmx :"
  Vønix!« 19-Dec-2016
  Lovva 19-Dec-2016
change that beginner away. or let your grandmama drive and see if she can finish this in 30 minute. i guess not.
this is expert map like all ccp maps. i dont get why "pro builders" cant do good and easy maps.
  5teasy.esu 19-Dec-2016
Oh lovva...
  ViN <3 19-Dec-2016
nice trial-replay lovva
  underlein 19-Dec-2016
Video here. (With some extra edit and stuff)
  shortz.esu 19-Dec-2016
  Hitchy 19-Dec-2016
Track looks good. I will drive a replay later
  Sparco 19-Dec-2016
speed tech intermediate or expert would fit better
  AR »Trian 19-Dec-2016
speedtech and definitely expert ^^

e/ are you kidding me with that platform ramp at around 32 secs? why not just use a normal platform block to give an average mortal the chance to make that jump without crashing into the block edge, this kind of stuff in speedtech tracks pisses me off :/

ee/ yeah I did it once...
  Vønix!« 19-Dec-2016
As i said i only wanted this to be upload es as early as possible, i will update it

e/ i'll change that rage point to a platform-ramp-block again but i'll use the one that uses half of the block, what Do u think about that?

ee/ @ lovva, you're as good as my grandma?
  AR »Trian 19-Dec-2016
much better
  elaus43 19-Dec-2016
Sorry vonix, but it would take too much time to send a better replay like this.(grandpa time^^) My asus can't hold it for long.
  wormi 19-Dec-2016
trian, go more left and it's easy ^^
  AR »Trian 21-Dec-2016
that's what I did wormi, and btw vonix already updated the track
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User Awards
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User Award   Lovva 19-Dec-2016
25 tries "beginner map" and this is my best time. good "beginner" map

but i really like gps and scenary and screen map also looks good but is playable only to tech pro players. expert+
User Award   underlein 19-Dec-2016
Great map again, but as always, its too much decoration imo ^^
Here is your for the work
User Award   »Paulmar|35| 19-Dec-2016
You know what I think about this map
Oh wait no you don't
Well I love it
You know what i think about this map
User Award   MR 19-Dec-2016
Like it
Great ideas and easy driveable transitions
Big plus for respawn-opportunity!

I just dont like the mod
User Award   DustBird 19-Dec-2016
As Lovva pointed out, "beginner" is pretty underestimated, but that's how it goes with well built transitional tech tracks . The route is incredibly creative, i love it
User Award   AR »Trian 19-Dec-2016
apart from this one unnecessary rage point I mentioned in the comments (yay fixed) it's a really cool and drivable map
I missed the last drift though, gotta practise it a bit if I can make it that far again
User Award   Zenit 19-Dec-2016
good one
User Award   simo_900 19-Dec-2016
User Award   elaus43 19-Dec-2016
Not my league but so cool on ideas in a row
Nice little surprises you placed like the over the hole jump (if you are fast enough) or that second fin^^
Hey there was some christmas feeling - could have been little more imo
This is for you
User Award   meNtality.wp 19-Dec-2016
great one :]
User Award   wormi 19-Dec-2016
last two turns aren't so cool imo, but the other map is damn brilliant
User Award   vneck 19-Dec-2016
The scenery looks great, but it's also painfully blocking your view and the signs are pretty shit. So nice looking but highly impractical, wihout memorizing where to go it's impossble to see where the fuck you're supposed to go, but oh well. It looks nice and the atmosphere of the track feels good
User Award   apX.Magik :3 20-Dec-2016
This map is so dope that im high on dopamine
User Award   Crashtestdummy 20-Dec-2016
really really good map, I love it
User Award   JakeRay 21-Dec-2016

I'm gonna award this one for it's creativity, even though I have minor issues with a lot of things in it. The learning curve is unusually high for a speedtech, in my opinion. I'm not unfamiliar with long, complicated speedtech tracks (just look at CCP#01), but this one took a lot more time to get used to. I base this mostly on flow, as I had a lot of trouble even with the simplest of slides in this. For exaple the drop to dowhill right-curved road-slide to uphill jump to platform. I believe it's somewhere in the middle of the track. That one I never got perfectly until my final record. I'm not gonna go all technical into your track, because that would take too long, so I'm just gonna sum it up:
Bad flow. Too many slides feels forced, which makes for a much harder track to master.
Actually, I take that back. I'm tired and that's not what I wanted to say. The flow isn't necessarily bad, and the slides aren't really forced, but the combination of some questionable transitions and high speed slides, makes for some uncomfortable flow. Looking back at the track after a little time, I feel I misjudged it a bit.

I hope you don't take my comment the wrong way, because I honestly really liked your track. I'm not even sure I could make anything as good as that anymore. I hope to see even better tracks from you in the future. Feel free to send me a message if you want, if you ever create something new again. I'd love to drive it.

And if you want to hear a little better explanation of my critique, I'd be happy to speak with you. I'm sorry for the vagueness above.

User Award   Marlon 08-Dec-2019
Fantastic work von
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