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Name: Download [PL][1.1] Rotation curse
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Fwo Niro
Version: 16-Jan-2017
TMX id: 6810003
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 11,502
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: PressForward
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Beginner
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1:57.37   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.0011,502
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1:57.44   Nitro_____+ 0:00.0711,460
1:57.53   Fwo Niro+ 0:00.1611,408
1:57.55   Crooky :3+ 0:00.1811,396
1:57.91   PattuX+ 0:00.5411,184
1:58.00   vencju+ 0:00.6311,131
1:58.50   HardDance+ 0:01.1310,837
1:58.51   Mekh+ 0:01.1410,831
1:58.56   Igntul+ 0:01.1910,802
1:58.59   Quat+ 0:01.2210,784
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Author Comments

WARNING: This map requires TMUnlimiter 1.1 to work!
WARNING 2: I found out that the map can ban you from servers because of the small difference between cps. Better drive it offline!

Hey trackmania community,

have you ever been in the situation where you thought something like "what can i build, that noone has ever built before" or "wouldn't it be cool to try out something new"?

Thats what I thought some month ago, so i took a closer look to what is up there so far on tmx. After some researchs I got really impressed by "[PL] Physical Laws - Über Map by   Sebmagic" .. The route, those stunts,.. just wow.

So I decided to take it on a new level: "Press Left+Brake+Forward". At this point there was only one huge problem..where should I gain the speed from? Boosters maybe? Well that doesnt work well..
Then I realised that there is a new TMUnlimiter version so I gave it a try and started building. It took me really long to built the first few seconds, nothing seemed to work, nose brought me in bad angles, uber turned out to be a simple grassslide-bounce....horrible.
So I got bored after some minutes each day.

Suddenly from one moment to another every single nose worked, every grasslide was perfect and then i finally got the first uber at 39 seconds. Fromn this point on I was so fascinated in building more that I nearly can't stop. So some days I built on it from the afternoon in the late evening.
After I got the first uber I took a closer look to what I have done there so far. Everything that was built now could be also build with TMUnlimiter 1.0 which is - in relation to what 1.1 offers you - pretty nothing. So i dreamed from it and thought: "From block rotation, over portal cps to steering strength...this map should contain EVERYTHING!"

The only sad things are fps-based triggers, like gravity changes...if the drivers fps are less, than the MT trigger will count later, which ends with inconsistency. Somehow I managed to use "steering strength" changes anyway, they aren't 100% consistent when triggered in the air, but at least 99% which is enough to be consistent until the driver reachs the next checkpoint.

..Ok ..enough trackbuilder-insider for now for more insider take a look at "MT Usage" in the stats down here..
But for the majority i wrote down some stats for you:

Length: ~1'57'40
Map-size: ~15220C
Start of building: 01.10.2016
End of building: 14.01.2017
Unlimiter version required: 1.1
Block Usage: Stadium blocks only
Video by L4Bomb4
Video by Konde:

Some amounts:
Waterbounces: 2
Uber: 2
Respawns required: 5
Grasslides: 10
Nosebugs: 20
Rotations: Way too high ( more than 40 counted rotations over 180° )

MT Usage:
Yellow booster multiplier: 1000
Acceleration (new method): 1000
Steering strength: 100
Air deceleration: -50
+ Clear-all-values trigger
+ Respawn-text trigger

Special thanks to:
  Konde - Shittons of T.Hanks for this MASSIVE scenery, its so gud!

Maps from Konde that are more than only worth a look:

Idiomorphic by   Konde

Black Biscuits by   Konde

More maps from me:
»minefield! [RPG] by   Fwo Niro

[0.7] Kacky by   Fwo Niro

[0.7] Ytivarg by   Fwo Niro

User Comments
Showing 19 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Konde 16-Jan-2017
  ThunderClap448 16-Jan-2017
and they tell me im mad for making hw, the fuck
  Lovva 16-Jan-2017
that vid have worst music in entire universum
but map is insane
  GodofWar 16-Jan-2017
Music is like the Track!...Crazy!^^
  Fwo Niro 16-Jan-2017
You got it ^^
Anyway its not the kind of music i would prefer to hear all day long
Thanks everyone for their awards, it motivates me so much to build more maps!
  Konde 16-Jan-2017
Bout' the video and scenery…
  Quat 16-Jan-2017
banned .. fml
  Edge.Fwo 17-Jan-2017
I think the map would be better without respawns, I don't know why are they so overused on this kind of Px maps ^^
  Nixion #mot³ 17-Jan-2017
because it takes ages to fall down after an uber
  AR »Trian 17-Jan-2017
set gravity to 100, doesn't take long after that anything seems possible with 1.1
  Fwo Niro 17-Jan-2017
its fps based trian...if your fps are higher, the gravity trigger will trigger faster and that means different outcomes for different player
  AR »Trian 17-Jan-2017
really? the "same in every run" principle of tm physics has finally been broken
  meNtality.wp 17-Jan-2017
50 awards in less than 2 days. wp
  Vønix!« 18-Jan-2017
might this be botw?
  ThunderClap448 18-Jan-2017
vonix saying dumb shit again, kek.
it already is botw, and probably botm.
  brainhead 19-Jan-2017
what the fk is going on, im offline for some longer time and trackmania gets an free hack? the things i just saw the last few days making me wonder hard, dude the possibilitys with this unlimiter are huge, i can finally build a rollercoaster which goas straight up in the air and u can move sideways even if u drive 90 degrees upwards...holy fk dude xD better than Planet Coaster
  Mekh 22-Jan-2017
GG and NT everyone
  meNtality.wp 28-Jan-2017
@letreflenoir just change your brake/left/right buttons from arrows to some other keys like W A S D etc
  Mekh 29-Jan-2017
i just press Left Ctrl therefore goes to the bug. i just used changing input in trackmania games
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User Awards
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User Award   LeTrefleNoir 28-Jan-2017
Just awesome! But i can't play after cp cause my keyboard doesn't support i press 4 butts in same time...
User Award   blublu 05-Jun-2017
User Award   Lapelero 03-Jul-2017
Forgot to award
Awesome map ! I love the speed, the rotations, the water bounce, everything !
User Award   codeyt 23-Dec-2017
I got stuck on one of the checkpoints, nice track though.
User Award   grobec 05-Apr-2018
^ Same problem than above, but forget to award it seems
User Award   »Demon.vrg 05-Apr-2018
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