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Name: Download Restrung
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   HardDance
Version: 28-Jan-2017
TMX id: 6820582
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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Author Comments


So i guess this is some kind of comeback, since i didn't upload a single track in 2016. I dont remember when i started this one, but its a while back, i do however remember i wanted a old school fs track. It's fairly simple to finish, got some smooth jumps and drops, some walls and a couple of loops. I tried making the scenery as 2008'ish as possible, same goes for the intro ^^

Thanks to   .Ornaiim for the screen
Thanks to   Sky.esu for testing

I hope you all like the track, every replay and feedback is much appreciated.

User Comments
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  HardDance 28-Jan-2017
Thanks SapphiroN I agree, super smooth tracks like the smoothness serie to Defacer is impossible to make in tmnf in my opinion :/

Thanks letreflenoir Not often i get compliments on my scenery, so thanks!

Thanks Sparco Haha, I cant get away from it!

Thanks AR »Trian Hmm... I guess im just to slow to fully judge what im actually building. Should've justed more beta testers i guess :/ Thanks anyway!

Thanks Fetzer/jonsta Perfect

Thanks Hitchy

Thanks mr.hubby Hehe, i guess i should stick with speedtech from now on -.-

Thanks .Ornaiim wow, another compliment on my scenery, amazing!

Thanks One. That's always good to hear, thanks!

Thanks nevier Great to hear!

Thanks Sky.esu So happy i finally managed to make a scenery people actually like. Thanks again for testing!

Thanks LeonHc You're so right!

Thanks Ili (Sam) Should be more of them!

Thanks wormi /r/isthissomeredditstuff?

Thanks DisGo.esu Means a lot, thanks!

Thanks Razo.'R |R4a Hahah, that sounds like a really good compliment to me, thank you!

Thanks sir B

Thanks MoonShadow

Thanks ZoggeR Glad you liked it!

Thanks xeqzion Yea, that kinda annoys me. Thanks anyway!

Thanks uetzer|R4a

Thanks xxlr8 Great!

Thanks meNtality

Thanks GSA|Cheet Haha, tmnf is worse than tmn -.-

Thanks »RtA«wally Good to hear!

Thanks awful maps Hopefully it will one day! Thank you B!

Thanks NitroGuy!

Thanks shortz.esu Perfect!

Thanks VomAdminEditiert

Thanks brainhead Yea it annoys me it that it dosen't work perfectly with SD, so im sorry! Glad you liked the scenery.

Thanks pascow.esu

Thanks Silver°

Thanks wopz
  AR »Trian 28-Jan-2017
the jump before the 1st wall doesn't quite work for me, I land a bit too far onto the ramp and it bugs, maybe you could make the inflatable before it one block shorter (and move the ramo one block back too)
  HardDance 28-Jan-2017
Straight on the jump and no airbrake... I'v honestly never had problems with it. Neither did sky
  shortz.esu 28-Jan-2017
will test this gem tonight
  AR »Trian 28-Jan-2017
I did that but I land a bit too far and get random nosedives
well I'll try it a bit more, maybe I'll find a way to make the jump constantly

e/ I still get the bug sound every time and a bit random behaviour but airbrake actually helps there
  Hitchy 28-Jan-2017
Straight on the jump and no airbrake?

This happen to me If it's this jump you talk about?
  Switch 28-Jan-2017
The drop to the last wall is bad, I either hit the top of the cp or land too far and hit the wall, also even when I get past that the wallride entry is just too short.. Otherwise I didn't have any major problems, it's not too exciting but it's a decent track, nice oldschool atmosphere too
  HardDance 28-Jan-2017
Trian: Hm, i guess its not suited for you fs pro's Like I said, I'v honestly never had problems with it.

Hitchy: Airbrake after the jump is ok, but i never did it after leaving the inflatable.

Switch: I kinda knew someone would dislike that part. Sky said it worked good, after he tested it i actually made the entry 1 block longer I really need to use more testers next time
  Hitchy 28-Jan-2017
I can be a beta tester if u want for ur next ones
  AR »Trian 29-Jan-2017
A good thing to remember when building is that someone will always find some little SDs and tricks to gain speed so you should build according to that. Example: instead of making some turn start immediately after a drop (works if the drop is smooth) add a little straight line long enough that the curve can be driven even if the player lands further than you
  HardDance 29-Jan-2017
I know Trian, but there's no more room after that drop
  AR »Trian 29-Jan-2017
in such cases I build sth else
  MoonShadow 31-Jan-2017
Pretty low LB.
  AR »Trian 31-Jan-2017
cause the player LB ratings are low, I have currently some 4k only
  brainhead 02-Feb-2017
my best is a 50.65, man im not even in the dedi top 10 with that....sadness
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User Awards
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User Award   uetzer|R4a 30-Jan-2017
Greta oldschool!
User Award   xxlr8 30-Jan-2017
nice oldschool feeling <3
User Award   meNtality 30-Jan-2017
its oki
User Award   GSA|Cheet 30-Jan-2017
Nice and buggy, as TMN used to be
User Award   »RtA«wally 31-Jan-2017
great track buddy, enjoyed my time on it
User Award   awful maps 31-Jan-2017
Everything about this one shouts 'OLD' but a Much better word would be 'Timeless'. I seriously think there should be one of those little gold 'Classic' lightning bolts next to the title of this one. Everything this style of track should be. Exceptional track 'M'
User Award   NitroGuy! 31-Jan-2017
User Award   shortz.esu 31-Jan-2017
straight outta 2007, love this track!
User Award   VomAdminEditiert 01-Feb-2017
User Award   brainhead 02-Feb-2017
its a little bit between love and hate for me about this track, i love the oldschool-feelings i get but i hate those typical TMN bugs. And sadly i have to agree with trian and switch here the ramp after the inflatable is rly not FS driver friendly, same with the 2 cp jumps before and after the inflatable, i've tried a complete SD till the cp drop after the inflatable but always drifted to much to the right (or im to bad) so i tried a shorter sd and it worked but then the drop kills u bcuz u r to fast to react to the instant going right to the wall entry

all in all im a bit undecided to award this or not but i rly love ur work here with the scenery, reminds me a lot of my early TMN-Days. And the track is completely fine if u just drive and dont try to do some tricks so...

here is your award -->

User Award   pascow.esu 02-Feb-2017
User Award   SunSurfer 02-Feb-2017
Very nice one
User Award   wopz 03-Feb-2017
have your award mate
User Award   .Wiinty 04-Feb-2017
It's certainly a great track, although the jump before the second wall is indeed a bit unsmooth.
And yes, it's really great to bring back some of the old stuff sometimes, it simply feels good.
User Award   Jasie NorkoTM 13-Feb-2017
I Love It!
User Award   OLDA_X 11-Mar-2017
Great one
User Award   chekov 15-Feb-2018
Good work - nice track !
User Award   'Twister 15-Jul-2019
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